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General Information

No:  619
Street:  Amherst
Name:  N
Family:  Fine
Historic Plaque:  N
Owner Info:  Y
Built:  1952
Sec  23
Sub  Sibley
Lot:  1-4

Description:  1 story brick ranch, gable roof. 7 rooms (living & dining rooms, kitchen, family room, 3 bedrooms - also laundry room and screen porch). Block foundation. Landscaping by Danny McKeown.
#Owners:  9
Original Use:  Commercial (earlier store)
Current Use:  Residential

CHANGES - As Built:  N
Add To:  Y
Sub From:  N
Replace:  Y

Changes Description:  1965 - Braggs added a bedroom and bath. 1967 - Braggs put on a new roof (Franklin Laugel, contractor). 1981 - Richard McCormick added a family room and deck (Norval Julnes). 1998/9 - Jack Myslik added a screened porch in back and a small portico over the front door (also lots of updates indoors).


Current Owner:  Date Fr: 2014 Date To: 
Original:  Matthew W. & Mary L. Meldon (fr TPB&L) Date Fr : 1952 Date To: 1965
1: William J. Jr. & Lynn P. Bragg Date Fr 1:1965 Date To 1: 1969
2: Charles J. Jr. & Patricia M. Goetz Date Fr 2:1969 Date To 2: 1973
3: Richard E. & Linda L. McCormick Date Fr 3: 1973 Date To 3: 1983
4: Employee Transfer Corp Date Fr 4: 1983 Date To 4: 1983
5: Joe Herbert & Candace Kay Smeltzer (see below) Date Fr 5: 1983 Date To 5: 1986
6: John R. Fletcher TR, Mariemont Community Church  Date Fr 6: 1986 Date To 6: 1986
7: Paul F. & Esther H. M. Power  Date Fr 7: 1986 Date To 7: 1997
8: John L. & K. Diane Myslik Date Fr 8: 1997 Date To 8: 2003
9: Lori Shafer Date Fr 9: 2003 Date To 9: 2009
10: Wells Fargo Bank National Association Date Fr 10: 2009 Date To 10: 2010
11: Don Gerred Date Fr 11: 2010 Date To 11: 2014
12: Date Fr 12: Date To 12: 1975


Story 1   H. Beck's store was on this corner at the turn of the century. A cellar hole remained on the site for a number of years following a fire. Council pressured the landlord to fence the hole as it was a hazard to children passing by on their way to school. From the deeds we know that H. M. Beck made his purchase from James W. Sibley for a store on the 19th of August 1891. He sold it to Frznziska Tillner in 1897. It was sold to Elizabth Krusling in 1909. She held the land until 1927 when it was sold to the Terrace Park Building and Loan. When the fire occurred and the original store building was torn down is not know at this time.
Story 2   Mat Meldon was a Cincinnati detective and known as quite a dresser. He was the 1st owner of the present house.
Story 3   Joe E. Smeltzer was assistant minister at the Mariemont Community Church. The deeds show that the Smeltzers owned the house but after them the church owned it and others rented it.
Story 4   There are deeds relating to this house in the Building Survey file in the T. P. Historical Society archives. There is also information concerning the vacating of an alley, which ran from Amherst S to the end of Sibley's 4th subdivision. 15 ft. - by ordinance 6, 1949.
Story 5   Information about Esther E. M. Power written by Carol Cronk Cole for the Tracker Fall 2007.


1962-66 Directories Matthew & Mary Meldon 619 Amherst

1967-68 Direct: Spike & Lin Bragg

1969-72 Directories: Charles & Pam Goetz (1969 from New Jersey)

1973-76 Directories: Richard Dick & Linda McCormick

1978-80 Directories: Harold J. & Jetta Lou Lewis

1982 Directory: Richard & Linda McCormick (Sold 1983)

1984 Directory: Joe E. & Candace Smeltzer

1986 Directory: Clare & Margaret Allen - renters from church

1988-97 Directories: Paul & Esther Power (bought from Mariemont Church)

1998-2001 Directories: Jack & Diane Myslik

2002-03 Direct: (Sold 2003)

2004-05 Direct: Charlie & Lori Shafer

2006-09 Directories: (Sold 2010)

2011-12 Directory: Don & Lori Gerred

2015 -17 Directories: David and Molly Fine