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Surname Given name Cemetery
Wade Lewis M. Indian Hill
Wagner William Greenlawn
Wainwright Charles William St. Thomas
Wainwright Janet Florence St. Thomas
Waite Lavina Greenlawn
Waldhauer Charles H. Indian Hill
Waldhauer Emma R. Indian Hill
Walker Fullen Inez Greenlawn
Walker Janet Greenlawn
Walton Edna Lee Treat Other Burials
Walton Lucy C. Greenlawn
Walton Velma M. Greenlawn
Wandell Gene Other Burials
Walton Ralph Other Burials
Ward Clemon C. Spring Grove
Ward Frank Smith Indian Hill
Ward Helen R. Greenlawn
Ward Joan Grove St. Thomas
Ward Mildred Greenlawn
Ward Richard Elliott St. Thomas
Ward Roger B. Other Burials
Warner Mildred M. Other Burials
Washburn Dantzilla Other Burials
Watkins Frank D. Other Burials
Watkins Mildred E. Other Burials
Weathers Charles P. Greenlawn
Weathers Rosemary Greenlawn
Weber Louise Spring Grove
Weber Mildred E. Spring Grove
Weber Ralph J. Other Burials
Wehrung Edward G. Greenlawn
Wehrung Emma M. Greenlawn
Weigel Frances Perry St. Thomas
Weigel William Frederick St. Thomas
Weingartner Ralph B. Armstrong
Weiskopf William Greenlawn
Weiss Amy Berry Other Burials
Weiss Harry W. Spring Grove
Weiss Jean A. Spring Grove
Wendel John Jr. Greenlawn
Wendel Lula (Carmen) Greenlawn
West Alice M. Greenlawn
West Elizabeth H. Greenlawn
West Samuel P. Greenlawn
West Samuel R. S. Greenlawn
West Walter William Other Burials
Weston Charles Arthur Other Burials
Wettig Jane E. Indian Hill
Wheatley Ruth Ardella Oak Hill
Wheatley William Franklin Sr. Oak Hill
Whering Emma H. Other Burials
White Alice Other Burials
White Alpheus Wray Rest Haven
White Lee Lawrence Greenlawn
Whiting Kenneth John Evergreen
Whitehouse Margaret L. Other Burials
Wichman William John St. Thomas
Wiebold Catherine Whittaker Jones Indian Hill
Wiebold Charles C. Gate of Heaven
Wiebold Charles Lewis William Indian Hill
Wiebold George Other Burials
Wilcox Cordelia S. Indian Hill
Wiley Mary Greenlawn
Wilkinson Grace S. Indian Hill
Wilkinson Ralph R. Indian Hill
Willhelm Susan Konold Other Burials
Williams Earl John Other Burials
Williams Frances Greenlawn
Williams Ida Other Burials
Williams Lutie T, Indian Hill
Williams Norma Behymer Greenlawn
Williams Robert Allen Greenlawn
Williams Seven Other Burials
Williamson Retta Stoughton Spring Grove
Willis Jeffrey Wheeler St. Thomas
Wilson Alton Greenlawn
Wilson Herbert E. Indian Hill
Wilson Theresa V. Indian Hill
Winn C. Brent Indian Hill
Winn Patsy Indian Hill
Winchester Elinor Louise Spring Grove
Winkler Robert Frederick Other Burials
Wise Paul Other Burials
Wolsey John Baptist
Wood Leroy Other Burials
Wood R. Other Burials
Woodruff C. Clark Other Burials
Woods John F "Jack" Greenlawn
Woodmansee Afred M. Greenlawn
Woodmansee Afred M. Greenlawn
Woodmansee Anna Greenlawn
Woodmansee Ruby Greenlawn
Woodmansee Ruby M Greenlawn
Woodmansee Stella Greenlawn
Woodward Robert Spring Grove
Worz Edward M. Greenlawn
Worz Eva Greenlawn
Worz Gustav A. Greenlawn
Worz Helen E. Greenlawn
Worz Howard M. Greenlawn
Wright Frank Other Burials
Wright Mildred Other Burials
Wulsin Eugene Indian Hill
Wulsin Jane Stewart Indian Hill
Wunker George Vine Street Hill
Wunker Margaret Ray Vine Street Hill
Wyman Hazel Radcliffe Indian Hill
Wyman Kendall Indian Hill
Wyman Laurence A. Indian Hill
Wyman Lois Harper Indian Hill