Burials V

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Surname Given name Cemetery
Vance James W. Other Burials
Vanderbilt Emmy Augusta Indian Hill
Vanderbilt Louise Indian Hill
Vanderbilt Madelon Weir Indian Hill
Vanderbilt O. Degray Jr. Indian Hill
Vanderbilt Oliver Degray Indian Hill
Vander Laan Isabel R. Indian Hill
Vander Laan Robert H. Indian Hill
VanFrank Florence B. Greenlawn
VanEpps Joyce I. St. Thomas
VanFrank Milton E. Greenlawn
VanWye John (Jack) R. Other Burials
VanWye Ralph Other Burials
Vehr Roy K. Other Burials
Verkamp Rose Other Burials
Vickers Emer Fred Greenlawn
Vogele Jack V. Other Burials
Vogt Frances Emma Greenlawn
Voige William H. Other Burials
Volkert Alice A. Greenlawn
Volkert Mabel B. Greenlawn
Volkert Nora E. Greenlawn
Von Luehrte Hazel M. Evergreen
Von Luehrte John V. Evergreen