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Surname Given name Cemetery
Taft Blanca N. Indian Hill
Taft Lloyd Bowers Indian Hill
Taft Martha B. Indian Hill
Taft Robert A. Indian Hill
Taft Robert Jr. Indian Hill
Taft Virginia Stone Indian Hill
Taft William H. III Indian Hill
Tahse Louise Greenlawn
Tarvin Lulu E. Evergreen KY
Tate Benjamin Ethan Indian Hill
Tate Benjamin Ethan Jr. Indian Hill
Taylor John Rex Indian Hill
Taylor Rhoda Greenlawn
Taylor Ruth G. Other Burials
Teeter Elizabeth (Betty) Louise Spring Grove
Terwillegar Deborah Ann Greenlawn
Terwillegar Helen Spring Grove
Terwillegar Robert C. Greenlawn
Terwilligar Rankin P. Baptist
Thayer Richard Spring Grove
Thielen Arthur C. Indian Hill
Thoman Richard B. Spring Grove
Thomas Mary E. Greenlawn
Thomas William B. Greenlawn
Thompson Genevieve L. Indian Hill
Thompson George L. St Andrew
Thompson Patricia Smith Indian Hill
Thomson Betty Bullock St. Thomas
Thomson Jackie Spring Grove
Thomson Jane W. Spring Grove
Thomson Lewis Clark Spring Grove
Thorndike William Baptist
Tingley Frank L. Rest Haven
Tobergte Nancy R. Other Burials
Todd Barbara Herick Hopewell
Todd Hawley Hopewell
Tollefsen Sarah Elizabeth Rest Haven
Tombaugh Simon Other Burials
Toon Helen St. Thomas
Toon Willis Ernest St. Thomas
Town Robert John Jr. Other Burials
Townsend Rebecca J. E. IOOF Milford
Traber Jacob Spring Grove
Traber Theodocia B. Spring Grove
Troescher Wilbur L. St. Thomas
Tryon Harry K. Other Burials
Tryon Jack O. Other Burials
Tucker Josephine Pullman Indian Hill
Tucker Luther Indian Hill
Tucker Nancy Jones Indian Hill
Tudor Rebecca Greenlawn
Turnau Robert Indian Hill
Turnau Virginia Indian Hill
Turner Albert C. Indian Hill
Turner Catherine L. Greenlawn
Turner Isaac Baptist
Turner Michael Sr. IOOF Milford
Turner Sarah Baptist
Turner Virginia (Fullen) Greenlawn
Turner William Baptist
Tuttle Betty V. Spring Grove
Tuttle Walter Harry Jr. Spring Grove
Twiss Comfort E. Greenlawn
Twombly Gertrude S. Greenlawn
Tyner Jack O. Other Burials
Tytus Francis Jefferson Indian Hill
Tytus Patricia Verdi Indian Hill