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Surname Given name Cemetery
Sachs Annamary Rest Haven
Sachs Milton Rest Haven
Saladin Thomas A. Jr. Other Burials
Sammis Patricia P. Other Burials
Sammis Robert E. Armstrong
Sanker Jennie Other Burials
Sari T. Crone Other Burials
Sasser Angela Merriam Other Burials
Sasser Travis M. Other Burials
Sater Martha Baptist
Saunders Lucille Bowers Other Burials
Saunders Marvin Henry Other Burials
Sauter Benjamin F. Other Burials
Sayles Roseanne V. St. Thomas
Scallan Elizabeth Wirthlan Spring Grove
Scallan Robert Andrew Other Burials
Schafer Jemie Storch Other Burials
Schatzman Inger N. Spring Grove
Schildering Fern Titus Indian Hill
Schildering Louis Hudepohl Indian Hill
Schilling Elmore C. Spring Grove
Schloss David R. Other Burials
Schlosser Paul Other Burials
Schmidt Albert J. St Andrew
Schmidt Dee Graceland
Schmidt William P. St Andrew
Schmithorst Alvin Indian Hill
Schmithorst Jean L. Indian Hill
Schmidthorst Ruth Other Burials
Schmitt Werner F. Spring Grove
Schneebeck Dorothy Mathis Indian Hill
Schneebeck Hilda L. Indian Hill
Schneebeck Walter William Indian Hill
Schneebeck William F. Indian Hill
Schneider Philip Vanderbilt Indian Hill
Schonberg Joan W. Indian Hill
Schonenrock Larry D. Indian Hill
Schoot Joseph E. Other Burials
Schott Christian W. Jr. Other Burials
Schott Jeannette S. Other Burials
Schott Martha R. Other Burials
Schrader Edna G. Spring Grove
Schreiber Thelma Greenlawn
Schreiner Anna Greenlawn
Schrimper John L. Greenlawn
Schrimper Lenora B. McMullen Other Burials
Schubert Kathleen A. Spring Grove
Schuessler Erwin Other Burials
Schuessler Flora Other Burials
Schuessler Oscar Other Burials
Schulkers John Randolph St. Thomas
Schulkers Julia Darnell Spring Grove
Schulkers Suzanne Grove St. Thomas
Schulte Agnes Other Burials
Schultz Thelma Other Burials
Schumard Abigail K. Greenlawn
Schumard Benton Other Burials
Schumard Bertha E. Greenlawn
Schumard Eliza M. IOOF Milford
Schumard Thomas B. Greenlawn
Schwartz Carlotta Other Burials
Scifres Martina Hum St. Thomas
Scifres Robert DeBruce St. Thomas
Scott Goldie Other Burials
Scott Harry Other Burials
Scott John Gerald Mt. Moriah
Scott Robert M. Greenlawn
Seabold Homer E. Indian Hill
Seabold Katherine Indian Hill
Seaman George R. Indian Hill
Sederberg Charles Greenlawn
Sederberg Ella D. Greenlawn
Seep Evon S. Gate of Heaven
Seely Gregory C. Greenlawn
Seibert Walter J. Greenlawn
Seiter Raymond J. Sr. Gate of Heaven
Self David Lyman Spring Grove
Sellars Florence A. Greenlawn
Sellars George Greenlawn
Selman Shirley A. Startsman Greenlawn
Semple Harry Devers Spring Grove
Serena Margaret (Hungelman) Spring Grove
Shadduck Josephine Other Burials
Shanafelt Eva C. Other Burials
Shank Florence Other Burials
Shank Otto Other Burials
Shank Reed Albert Jr. Arlington
Shaw Anne Belle IOOF Milford
Shaw Daniel Baptist
Shaw Sarah Elizabeth Baptist
Sheridan Angela Other Burials
Sherrill Bruce Elgin Indian Hill
Sherrill Elisabeth A. Indian Hill
Sherrill Josephine Indian Hill
Shields Amanda IOOF Milford
Shields Anna M. Greenlawn
Shields John H. Greenlawn
Shields Mary Greenlawn
Shields Zachariah IOOF Milford
Shick Anne N. Indian Hill
Shick Harry R. Indian Hill
Short Dwight H. II Dr. Ashes Scattered
Short Dwight H. Ashes Scattered
Short Lola Juanita Ashes Scattered
Shundich Mirka Greenlawn
Sibley Harriet West Spring Grove
Sibley James H. Spring Grove
Sibley James W. Spring Grove
Sibley James W. (2nd) Spring Grove
Sidenstick Harry L. Gate of Heaven
Sidenstick Mary Ann Gate of Heaven
Siebert Catherine Greenlawn
Siebler Edward J. Indian Hill
Siegel Grace Lorraine St. Thomas
Siegel Gertrude Other Burials
Siegel Louis Francis St. Thomas
Siegman Alice A. Gate of Heaven
Siegman John (Jack) Carl Gate of Heaven
Stieringer Audel Rest Haven
Stieringer Minnie Rest Haven
Srieringer Orison F. Rest Haven
Simonton Edna Ethel Greenlawn
Simmons Virginia Clippinger Indian Hill
Sims Kyle O. Other Burials
Singleton Philip Other Burials
Skavlem John Harvey M. D. Indian Hill
Skavlem Winifred Titus Indian Hill
Skidmore Catherine D Indian Hill
Skidmore James E. Indian Hill
Slater Marguerite Other Burials
Slifer Roy P. Greenlawn
Slone Mae Armstrong
Sloneker John Goodman Indian Hill
Small John Sr. Indian Hill
Small Ruth H. Indian Hill
Smith Bertha L. Other Burials
Smith Elizabeth B. Other Burials
Smith Eugenie Other Burials
Smith Flora Gate of Heaven
Smith Harold Other Burials
Smith Jessie Louise Indian Hill
Smith Laura (Miss) Spring Grove
Smith Lawrance Spencer Spring Grove
Smith Mary Francis Spring Grove
Smith Mary L. Spring Grove
Smith Nancy Lee St. Thomas
Smith Robert A. St Andrew
Smith Ruby Armstrong
Smith Samuel Cargill Other Burials
Smith Terry Bernard St. Thomas
Smith Warren Other Burials
Smith William Other Burials
Smithy Mark Spring Grove
Smizer Philip IOOF Milford
Smoot Clara B. Other Burials
Smoot William E. Other Burials
Smysor Abram IOOF Milford
Snowball Virginia V. St. Thomas
Sole Janet Other Burials
Sommer Antolia Other Burials
Sommer William Lewes St Andrew
Sommers George W. Greenlawn
Sommers Rose L. Greenlawn
Sonneman Henry O. Indian Hill
Sonntag Dorothy Other Burials
Sonntag Edna Marie Other Burials
Sonntag Edwin J. Other Burials
Spain Jayne B. Indian Hill
Spain John A. Indian Hill
Sparrow Rhea M. Condit Spring Grove
Sparrow Richard J. Spring Grove
Sperry Robert W. St. Thomas
Sperry Walter G. S. Other Burials
Sprau Janette Marjorie St. Thomas, Other Burials
Sprau Milton Kenneth St. Thomas, Other Burials
Spurling Lucille Rose Hill
Spurrier Mary F (McDonald) Other Burials
Stabler Selina Greenlawn
Stabler Truman R. Greenlawn
Staggers Mabel Other Burials
Stalder Virginia G. Greenlawn
Stalder Watson K. Greenlawn
Stapleton Mary St Andrew
Starr Stanley Erwin Greenlawn
Startsman Daniel B. Spring Grove
Startsman Daniel H. Evergreen
Startsman Deborah Other Burials
Startsman Deborah Boone Evergreen
Startsman Guy Greenlawn
Startsman Helen Regina Greenlawn
Startsman Kathryn B. Spring Grove
Stauft Harrison Berkey Indian Hill
Steele Garfield Hugh Greenlawn
Steer Betty S. Indian Hill
Steer Paul Watson Indian Hill
Stefani Michael S. Spring Grove
Stegemeyer Pearl Hover (E) Spring Grove
Stegemeyer Philip Enders Jr. Other Burials
Stegemeyer Philip Enders Sr. Spring Grove
Steigerwald Delbert "Del" Other Burials
Steigerwald Kay Other Burials
Steinman Jean Marion Waldhauer Indian Hill
Stephen Bernard W. Other Burials
Sterrol L. Roe Greenlawn
Stevens Margaret Other Burials
Stevens Mary Elizabeth Armstrong
Stevens Robert Louis Evergreen KY
Stevens William B. Gate of Heaven
Stevenson Charles Leslie, Dr. Spring Grove
Stevenson Helen Lunken Indian Hill
Stevenson Justin Jason Indian Hill
Stewart Helen Other Burials
Stewart Louise St Andrew
Stewart Mary Greene Other Burials
Stieringer Minnie Rest Haven
Stieringer Orison F. Rest Haven
Stirsman Susan Morris Other Burials
Stoecklin Marie Louise St. Thomas
Stoecklin Raymond K. St. Thomas
Stoehr James Harkness Spring Grove
Stollmaier Arthur C. St. Thomas
Stollmaier Betty Grau St. Thomas
Stollmaier Cora Marie Spring Grove
Storch Walter C. Spring Grove
Storch William Walter Other Burials
Story Edward B. Spring Grove
Story Ella Spring Grove
Stout Erma Katheryn Graceland
Strathman Robert William Evergreen
Strathmann Walter A. Greenlawn
Strauchen Amelia G. Indian Hill
Strauchen David M. Indian Hill
Strauchen Edmund R. M. Indian Hill
Strauchen Nancy Cramer Indian Hill
Strider Rutheva K. Other Burials
Stroud Chester B. Indian Hill
Stroud Susan Alice Indian Hill
Struke Mary Sue Spring Grove
Stuckey Blanche E. Other Burials
Stugard George Spring Grove
Stugard Lydia K. Spring Grove
Stump Mary Greenlawn
Stuntz Chauncey Greenlawn
Stuntz T. M. Other Burials
Sturgeon Lloyd Evelyn Greenlawn
Sullivan Cornelius St Andrew
Sullivan Edward A. Greenlawn
Sullivan Georgia M Greenlawn
Sullivan Mary St Andrew
Swan Marianne Jordan St. Thomas
Swenson Leona MCC Other Burials
Swensson Stuart J. Jr. "Ted" St. Thomas
Swindler Mary Elizabeth Baptist