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Surname Given name Cemetery
Radcliffe E. B. Other Burials
Radcliffe Katherine Mundy Other Burials
Rahn Myrtle Davis Camp Dennison
Randolph Charles Henry Spring Grove
Ranseen Robert Eugene St. Thomas
Rauscher E. J.  St Andrew
Rauscher Emil M. Spring Grove
Rauscher Fannie Spring Grove
Rauscher Johan Other Burials
Rauscher Sue St Andrew
Rauth Ruthann B. Spring Grove
Rawnsley Bonita W. St. Thomas
Rawnsley David E. Other Burials
Rawnsley Ellis Spring Grove
Rawnsley Eliza Greenlawn
Ready Jessie B. Baptist
Ready Little Calla IOOF Milford
Ready Mary Baptist
Ready William IOOF Milford
Regan Michael Thomas St. Thomas
Reid Augusta F. Indian Hill
Reid Horace Withers Indian Hill
Reilage Bernard Other Burials
Reinhardt Harriet Deane (Willis) Other Burials
Reisenberg Claire Margaret Reading
Reiser Ella N. Armstrong
Reising Joseph Martin Jr. Other Burials
Reiter Ruth Norma Other Burials
Reiter Wilnett A. Other Burials
Remke Joyce Dix Indian Hill
Remke Robert Lang Indian Hill
Rendler John E. Mt. Moriah
Rendler John E. Mt. Moriah
Reynolds Charles E. Jr Indian Hill
Reynolds Ida Marie Greenlawn
Reynolds John Merriman Ashes Scattered
Reynolds Margaret H. Other Burials
Reynolds William Greenlawn
Rhoades Lafreda Vanderbilt Indian Hill
Rhoades Peter Folger Indian Hill
Robbins Howard E. Other Burials
Rodenberg Vera E. Other Burials
Richardson Geneva Oak Hill
Richardson Jayne R. Oak Hill
Richardson Marian S. St. Thomas
Richelieu Edwina Sue "Minnie" St. Thomas
Richelieu Winnie Kng Other Burials
Ries Paul Neil Indian Hill
Rietman Edward Charles Other Burials
Riffle Paul E. Greenlawn
Rimpler Cornelia Greenlawn
Rimpler Fred Spring Grove
Rimpler Henry Greenlawn
Rimpler Rosina Spring Grove
Ring Duane Jordan Indian Hill
Ringsby Christopher Baptist
Ringsby Ufemay Baptist
Ringwald Gregory Scott St. Thomas
Ringwald Stephen Bruce St. Thomas
Ringwald Vedah Lawson St. Thomas
Ritchie Edward C. St. Thomas
Ritchie Inga N. St. Thomas
Ritz James William Arlington
Ritz Robert Allan Arlington
Rixey Dorothy Meyers Greenlawn
Rixey Eppa III St. Thomas
Rixey Eppa Jr. Greenlawn
Robbins Emily Hutton Other Burials
Roberts Elsie Elizabeth Arlington
Robertson Oliver T., Dr. Greenlawn
Robertson Charles Noble III Rev. Other Burials
Robertson Female Infant Spring Grove
Robertson Katherine Greenlawn
Robertson Marguerite Foshay Spring Grove
Robertson Marjorie Other Burials
Robinette Jesse Walter St. Thomas
Robinette Ruby E. St. Thomas
Robinson Blanche L. Spring Grove
Robinson Caroline Haywood Spring Grove
Robinson Charles M. Spring Grove
Robinson Elizabeth Spring Grove
Robinson Elizabeth Frances Bloomer Spring Grove
Robinson Evelyn K Other Burials
Robinson Evelyn Knox Evergreen
Robinson Frank M. Spring Grove
Robinson Gilbert N. Spring Grove
Robinson Grace Bye Indian Hill
Robinson Harry Greenlawn
Robinson Harry Buckingham Evergreen
Robinson Harry Shields Indian Hill
Robinson Isabel Mackoy Indian Hill
Robinson James H. Spring Grove
Robinson John Spring Grove
Robinson John A. Spring Grove
Robinson John F. Spring Grove
Robinson John G. Spring Grove
Robinson John Gilbert IV Spring Grove
Robinson Leonora Smith Spring Grove
Robinson Maude Logan Spring Grove
Robinson Maude Virginia Spring Grove
Robinson Minnie Booker Spring Grove
Rockaway Col. John Dobbling Walnut Hills
Rockaway Dorothy Doan Hussey Walnut Hills
Rockel Charles Stein St. Thomas
Rodger Arthur T. Indian Hill
Rodger Roselyn Leonard Indian Hill
Rogers Joseph Fowler Indian Hill
Rogers Vincent Post Indian Hill
Roe Henry W. Greenlawn
Roe Robert T. Camp Dennison
Roehrich William Rest Haven
Rohlfing Ralph Walter St. Thomas
Rohlfing Shirley A. St. Thomas
Rohrig Katherine Sederberg Greenlawn
Romhilt Mabel K. Other Burials
Roose Robert Dewey IOOF Blanchester
Roose Virginia Neal IOOF Blanchester
Rose Angelina Gate of Heaven
Rose Charles T. Greenlawn
Rose Earl W. Gate of Heaven
Rose Mary Elizabeth Rose Hill
Rose Myrtle K. Greenlawn
Rubenkoenig Erma R. Arlington
Rubenkoenig Ruth A, Other Burials
Rosencrantz Genevieve R. Indian Hill
Rosencrantz Jens Georg Indian Hill
Rosencrantz O. P. Arild Indian Hill
Ross Maude Other Burials
Rostek Lillian R. Other Burials
Roudenbush Hellen L. Other Burials
Rounds Maude Other Burials
Rotunno Ruth Foley Indian Hill
Rubenkoenig Harry L. Arlington
Ruck Persis Fredericka Hillside Chapel
Rugh Edna Other Burials
Rugh Lillian T. Other Burials
Runyan Henry Earl Other Burials
Runyan Wilbur Keen Greenlawn
Runyon Patricia Other Burials
Rush Elsie Molitor Greenlawn
Rush Lovel F. Greenlawn
Rush William E. Spring Grove
Russell Donald M. Mt. Moriah
Russell Helen Moore Evergreen
Ruxton Elsie Y. Spring Grove
Ruxton William H. Spring Grove
Ryan Anna Rebecca Spring Grove
Ryan Harriet S. Greenlawn
Ryan Mary R. Other Burials
Ryan Sean Foley Indian Hill
Ryan Thomas S. Greenlawn