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Surname Given name Cemetery
Palipchak Joseph Other Burials
Palm Grace Other Burials
Palm Max Jr. Other Burials
Palmer Esther T. Other Burials
Pancoast Enoch IOOF Milford
Pandorf Victor Henry Mt. Moriah
Parker James B. Jr. Indian Hill
Parker Sophia "Soap" Indian Hill
Parr Helen F. St Andrew
Parry Will Taylor Indian Hill
Parter Violet Catherine Rest Haven
Patrick Charles Other Burials
Pattison John (Governor) Greenlawn
Patton Dorothea Ehle St. Thomas
Patton John L. St. Thomas
Paul Beverly Jean Katherine St. Thomas
Pauly David Bruen Other Burials
Pauly Elizabeth "Diddie" Leyman Other Burials
Payne Charles F. Gate of Heaven
Payne Frances Staub Spring Grove
Payne Frank Spring Grove
Payne Una W. Other Burials
Pechstein Ann H. Other Burials
Peck Barbara V. Indian Hill
Peck Warner Arms Indian Hill
Peckingpaugh None given IOOF Milford
Peebles Edwin C. Spring Grove
Peery Esther E. (nee Cole) Rest Haven
Peery Francis E. Rest Haven
Pendel Jane Dorner St. Thomas
Perbix Janet Lee Indian Hill
Pereira Kathryn E. Indian Hill
Pernice John C. Spring Grove
Pernice Sue Spring Grove
Perry Frances Sortwell Indian Hill
Perry John Hazen Indian Hill
Perry Walter G. S. Other Burials
Peteler Frank Evergreen
Peterson Arlene Other Burials
Peterson Carol Stoecklin St. Thomas
Peterson Dolores Cuthbert Other Burials
Peterson Howard (Bud) St. Thomas
Peterson Vernon Other Burials
Pettit William R. St. Thomas
Petrov Anna M. Indian Hill
Petrov Lionel A. Indian Hill
Petry Leonora Z. Rest Haven
Pfeiffer Waunita Nida Other Burials
Pfeil Victoria Magro Indian Hill
Phares Jane Baker Other Burials
Philhower Rachel Rest Haven
Picton Pendleton O. Spring Grove
Pierce Florence Highlands
Pinkvoss Henry F. Camp Dennison
Pinkvoss Norma J. Camp Dennison
Poff Virginia A Maple Grove, OH
Pollak David Indian Hill
Pollak Gertrude Fesker Spring Grove
Pond Lillian Greenlawn
Pope Marjery L. Indian Hill
Porter Violet C. Rest Haven
Portman Arthur Ball Indian Hill
Portman Joan Jones Indian Hill
Portman Marian Peavler Indian Hill
Post Samuel P. Greenlawn
Powell Harriet Eigner Greenlawn
Powell Joseph William Oak Hill
Powers Ella Spring Grove
Present Philip Selling Gate of Heaven
Preston Mary "Betty Lou" St. Thomas
Preston Newell Thomas III St. Thomas
Preston Newell Thomas Jr. St. Thomas
Prior Lillian I. Other Burials
Pritz Caroline"Patty" F. Moore St. Thomas
Proctor Lucille W. Greenlawn
Proctor Voight Greenlawn
Prues Joseph Edwrd Greenlawn
Prues Virginia Elaine Shepard Greenlawn
Pruiss Carl E. Oak Hill
Pschesang Paul Greenlawn
Pschesang Sarah (Sally) St Andrew