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Surname Given name Cemetery
Oberle Charles E. Greenlawn
Oberle Ruth Ann Everhart Greenlawn
Obermeyer Rose Other Burials
Oechler Helen Griffith Strong Indian Hill
Oechler William Franklin Indian Hill
Olberding Timothy J. Greenlawn


Lillian M. Spring Grove
Olinger Philip David Rest Haven
Olinger Stanton T. Spring Grove.
Olson Blanche Other Burials
Olson Pauline Smith Armstrong
Oroescher Marie B. Other Burials
Orton Henry S. Other Burials
Osborne Jessie Armstrong
Osenbaugh Dwight L. Greenlawn
Ostendarp Margaret M. Spring Grove
Othling William Lloyd Mt. Moriah
Overway Edna Other Burials
Owens Joy Altvater Indian Hill
Owens H. Raymond Other Burials
Oysler Audrey Batho Indian Hill