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Surname Given name Cemetery
Nagel Maynard Other Burials
Nash Dorothy I. Armstrong
Naylor Anna Greenlawn
Naylor Geraldine Rest Haven
Naylor Paul Oak Hill
Neal Rev. Deacon Emily G. St. Thomas
Neighbors Henry F. Spring Grove
Neighbors James Clark Spring Grove
Neihaus Clara Other Burials
Neilson Herbert Other Burials
Nelson Mary N. Spring Grove
Neu Rufus B. Other Burials
Neumann Nancy Other Burials
Nichols Harold Willis Jr. Indian Hill
Nichols Katherine Harkness Edwards Indian Hill
Niehaus Clara Other Burials
Nieman Fred Gary Other Burials
Nixon Ferrell Hopewell
Noble Charles Stolt (Stalt) Rest Haven
Noble Mary Rees Rest Haven
Nold Valentine IOOF Milford
Nordlah Elizabeth M. Gate of Heaven
Nordloh Helen C. Gate of Heaven
Nordloh John Leo Gate of Heaven
Norris Alva Greenlawn
Norris Charles Armstrong
Norris Edith Greenlawn
Norris Edith (dis-internmemt) Greenlawn
Norris Ella F. Greenlawn
Norris Helen E. St. Thomas
Norris Sarah Elizabeth Armstrong
Northrop Edward "Ted" Moore St. Thomas
Norton Anne Burt Spring Grove
Norvell Kenneth Armstrong
Norvell Mary Lake Armstrong
Nunn Mary Margaret Greenlawn
Nunn Ralph Douglas Greenlawn
Nyce Fletcher Ellis Indian Hill
Nyce Katherine Ellis Indian Hill