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Surname Given name Cemetery
MacEwen Howard Lee Greenlawn
MacKenzie Arthur G. H. Other Burials
MacKenzie Eleanor E. Rest Haven
MacKenzie Paul J. Rest Haven
MacMillan Bruce Oak Hill
Machnij Gregory Evan Sr. Indian Hill
Mackey John B. Jr. Other Burials
MacMillan Hugh W. Other Burials
Maddux Elizabeth Jean Fairhaven
Madewell James St Andrew
Maerki Wilda Spring Grove
Magee Mary Batavia
Magee Selina Quayle Greenlawn
Magee William J. Greenlawn
Magill Robert K. Indian Hill
Magrue Eliza A. IOOF Milford
Maier Jack C. Spring Grove
Maish Anne Bouscay Other Burials
Maish George (Jerry) B. Other Burials
Malott Hannah Marie Rest Haven
Malott Lewis L. Rest Haven
Manley Marjorie Johnson St. Thomas
March John P. III Indian Hill
Markham Georgia Spring Grove
Marquett Paul T. Greenlawn
Marriott John IOOF Milford
Marsh Birdo Greenlawn
Marsh Sarah Frances Greenlawn
Marshall Dennis Other Burials
Marshall Karen Rose Other Burials
Marshman Lillian Other Burials
Marshmann Frances Other Burials
Martin Albert Wade Linwood
Martin Elizabeth Ann Greenlawn
Martin Esther Volkert Greenlawn
Martin Marian J. Other Burials
Martin Oscar C. Greenlawn
Martin Robert A. Spring Grove
Martin Robert B. Other Burials
Mashburn Lydia Wyman Indian Hill
Mason Paul Other Burials
Mason Ruth Other Burials
Mason Wilma Joy Other Burials
Mason-Davis Rosina C. Greenlawn
Master Hazen Parks Other Burials
Matchette Robert H. St. Thomas
Mathis Ruth Greenlawn
Mathis Stanley F. Greenlawn
Matthews Albert Spring Grove
Matthews Ann-Patton Biddle Spring Grove
Matthews Gallatin Other Burials
Matthews Gallie V. Greenlawn
Matthews Iva F. Greenlawn
Matthews W. V. Greenlawn
Mauch William A. Indian Hill
Mauk Koan Eaton Indian Hill
Mauk Robert Morris Indian Hill
Maupin Addison Sr. St. Thomas
Mayer Frank Ernst Greenlawn
Mayleben Macel Zitta Other Burials
McAllister Margaret Other Burials
McCabe Ann E. Other Burials
McCash R. Neil Indian Hill
McCash Ruth C. Indian Hill
McChesney Charles V. Felicity
McChesney Ida Felicity
McChesney Irene Felicity
McClain Dorothy Louise Fisker Other Burials
McClelland David L. Greenlawn
McClelland Virginia Greenlawn
McDonald Caroline Meyer Spring Grove
McElroy Mary Fry Spring Grove
McFarlan Evelyn Thielen Indian Hill
McFarlan Hazel S. Indian Hill
McGee Clarence Greenlawn
McGee Frank S Greenlawn
McGee Harry W. Col. Greenlawn
McGee Lenore Belle McMullen Greenlawn
McGoron John R. Greenlawn
McGoron Lida Greenlawn
McGowan Delancy Edward Ashes Scattered
McIlwain Douglas E. Mt. Washington
McIntosh Thomas D. Other Burials
McKinney Betty "Princess" Indian Hill
McLoud Malcolm Other Burials
McMullen Anna Greenlawn
McMullen John D. Greenlawn
McNearny Alice Other Burials
Meas Agnes Betty Rest Haven
Meas Henry Rest Haven
Meguire Infant Greenlawn
Meier Clara E. Indian Hill
Meier Walter H. Indian Hill
Mercier Harold Sickles Spring Grove
Merkl George St Mary
Metz doris Other Burials
Meyers Blanche Bacon Greenlawn
Meyers Charles A. Greenlawn
Mileham Mervin C. Spring Grove
Millard Charles S. IV Spring Grove
Miller Carol Ann St Andrew
Miller David N. Greenlawn
Miller Donald E. Greenlawn
Miller Effie R. (Mrs. Stanley) Mt. Orab
Miller Helen Greenlawn
Miller Jessie Other Burials
Miller John H. St Andrew
Miller Joseph E. Other Burials
Miller Olga Other Burials
Miller Stanley L. Mt. Orab
Miller William J. Greenlawn
Mills Donald Other Burials
Milner Maria Davis IOOF Milford
Minnick Dale (Infant) St Andrew
Minnick Harry St Andrew
Minnick Helen Bessie St Andrew
Minturn C. Bruce Indian Hill
Minturn Kathryn R. Indian Hill
Mitchell Aubrey Greenlawn
Mitchell Clarinda Spring Grove
Mitchell Ted Other Burials
Mittendorf-Bare Mildred Other Burials
Moarn John Other Burials
Moarn Mary Brennan St Andrew
Moffett Margaret L. Rest Haven
Molinsky Dorothy (nee Fox) Other Burials
Molitor William R. St Andrew
Monroe James T. Other Burials
Mooney Florence M. Indian Hill
Moore Andrew B Indian Hill
Moore Anne Evergreen
Moore Catherine W. Baptist
Moore Catherine W. St. Thomas
Moore Charles E. Evergreen
Moore Charles Howard Evergreen
Moore Edna R. Evergreen
Moore Eugene Evergreen
Moore Francis John Indian Hill
Moore George Evergreen
Moore John Barnabas Indian Hill
Moore John Walter Greenlawn
Moore Judith Indian Hill
Moore Kenneth Evergreen
Moore Lucille M. Indian Hill
Moore Margaret Baptist
Moore Margaret Kershaw St. Thomas
Moore Mary Greenlawn
Moore Mary Amanda Baptist
Moore Mary Jane Evergreen
Moore Michael Greenlawn
Moore Nicholas Ray Evergreen
Moore Nicholas Williams Indian Hill
Moore Olive Greenlawn
Moore Patricia C. Evergreen
Moore Rebecca Baptist
Moore Robert Boyd St. Thomas
Moore Solomon Baptist
Moore Solomon St. Thomas
Moore Sophia Grace Diers Evergreen
Moore Sylvester Evergreen
Moore Thomas Evergreen
Moore Viola Henderson Evergreen
Moore William Roper Greenlawn
Moorman Cecelia Ann Greenlawn
Moran John A. St Andrew
Moran John Jr. St Andrew
Moran Julia St Andrew
Moran Mary R. (Maria) St Andrew
Moore Mary Caroline Batavia
Morgan-Jones Sandra M. Other Burials
More Marion Hill Indian Hill
Morris Ruth N. Other Burials
Mottern Evelyn B. Spring Grove
Moulton Barbara Jane Armstrong
Moulton James A. L. Armstrong
Mount Mary IOOF Milford
Mudge Kean Krekeler Other Burials
Mueller Edgar III Other Burials
Mueller Fred J. Spring Grove
Mueller Hazel G. Spring Grove
Muerer Charles Alfred Greenlawn
Muerer Daisy Greenlawn
Mulford Mary IOOF Milford
Mulhauser Harold Other Burials
Muller Edgar Jr. Spring Grove
Muller Guy Spring Grove
Mullikin Sprague Spring Grove
Mundy Mabel Eaton Spring Grove
Munro Helen Stuart Greenlawn
Munro James T. Other Burials
Munro Marguerite Greenlawn
Murdock Catherine M. Greenlawn
Murdock Harry E. Greenlawn
Murphy Lucena D. Baptist
Murray Isabella Deas Indian Hill
Meyers Chip Indian Hill