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Surname Given name Cemetery
LaCrone Frederick Thomas Other Burials
LaCrone Peggy Atlee St. Thomas
Lacy Vivian D. Other Burials
Ladrigan Dorothy Jane Greenlawn
Ladrigan Nicole Jeannette Greenlawn
Lahusen Clara C. Spring Grove
Lahusen Stowe Spring Grove
Laird David E. Other Burials
Lambert Rueben S. Spring Grove
Lampson George Other Burials
Lamson Janet W. Spring Grove
Lance Virginia Other Burials
Land Helen Jeanette Other Burials
Landrey Child Baptist
Landrey Rachel Baptist


Fearn L. Rest Haven
Langlois Edmond Other Burials
Langhorst Evelyn A. Indian Hill
Langhorst Fred A. Indian Hill
Lanner Arthur W. Other Burials
Lapple Charles Other Burials
Larkin Anna St Andrew
Larkin Clara M. Gate of Heaven
Larkin Edward P. Gate of Heaven
Larkin Mary Frances Spring Grove
Larkin Maxine Other Burials
Lawrence John T. Jr. Indian Hill
Lawrence Lisa Louise H. Indian Hill
Lawson Glen Waldo Greenlawn
Leaf Albert Elmer Greenlawn
Leaf Issac A. "Ike" Greenlawn
Leaf Laura A. Greenlawn
Leaf Michael T. Greenlawn
Leaf Oma Greenlawn
Leaf Opha Greenlawn
Leaf William Edwin Greenlawn
Lee Edmund S. Other Burials
Lee Peggy (Mrs. Edmund) Other Burials
Leming Bessie Erion Greenlawn
Lemming Jay C. Union
Lemming Omar Lee Greenlawn
Lemming Rita O. Gate of Heaven
Lemming Robert O. (or B) Other Burials
Lemmon Catherine Greenlawn
Lemmon Charles B. Greenlawn
Lemmon R. Greenlawn
Lemmon William Greenlawn
Lemon T. H. Other Burials
Lemon W. B. Other Burials
Leonard Evelyn Marsh Other Burials
Lepple Charles J. Other Burials
Lepple Tillie Other Burials
Leser Anne J. Indian Hill
Leshner Don Bene Israel
Lewis Mildred E. Other Burials
Lillard Marquerita F. Spring Grove
Lilley Robert O. Other Burials
Liming Lydia Other Burials
Lindell Betty Person Other Burials
Lindell Carl Halger Other Burials
Lindell Frances Laura Other Burials
Lindell John Other Burials
Lindesmith H. Romma Other Burials
Lingle Alice Lewis Indian Hill
Lingle Walter Lee Indian Hill
Lingo Richard Lyle Other Burials
Linnemann Timothy Calvin Indian Hill
Lipton Francesca Other Burials
Livengood Charles J. Other Burials
Livingston Katherine Other Burials
Lloyd Allen Huber Greenlawn
Lloyd Anna West Greenlawn
Lloyd Dorothy F. Greenlawn
Lloyd Elizabeth Evergreen
Lloyd Evelyn Sturgeon Greenlawn
Lloyd Mary Durham Other Burials
Lloyd Samuel W. Greenlawn
Lloyd Thomas S. Other Burials
Lloyd William T. Greenlawn
Lock Gregory W. Other Burials
Lodwick Edward Donald Indian Hill
Lodwick Virginia Foy Indian Hill
Lohrum Jean E. Other Burials
Long Dorothy C. Indian Hill
Long Janice McHugh Indian Hill
Long Paul R. Sr Indian Hill
Lotspeich Edgar Sevier Jr. Other Burials
Louder William L. Jr. Indian Hill
Loving Rolla A. Greenlawn
Lowry Barbara Other Burials
Ludtke America Other Burials
Ludwig George G. Greenlawn
Ludwig George G. Greenlawn
Ludwig Lulu Greenlawn
Luedeker Jeannette Greenlawn
Lukea Frank M. Greenlawn
Lukea Gertrude H. Greenlawn
Lull Grace L. Indian Hill
Lull Raymond Mills Indian Hill
Lumley Gordon F. IOOF Blanchester
Lumley Maurice Rest Haven
Lundblad Gloria Marie Spring Grove
Lunken Dorothy Backus Indian Hill
Lunken Edmund P. Indian Hill
Lyle Lucille Moran Indian Hill
Lyon Marselena Shelton Other Burials
Lyons David R. Other Burials
Lyons Lawrence B. "Larry" St. Thomas