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Surname Given name Cemetery
Kahle Fred John Spring Grove
Kahuda George Other Burials
Kain Allan L. Other Burials
Kain Blanche Eunice Croley Other Burials
Kain Marguerite Cox Other Burials
Kain William S. "Bill" Other Burials
Kairn Infant Greenlawn
Kaiser Frederick S. Greenlawn
Kaiser Fred Jr. (Infant) Spring Grove
Kaiser Mabel Spring Grove
Kaiser Minnie M. Greenlawn
Kamuf Mary Indian Hill
Karpen Norma J. Other Burials
Kasson Marie Lyons St. Thomas
Kauffman Bethany Rounds St. Thomas
Kauffman Harry John St. Thomas
Kavany Luke St Andrew
Keller Henrietta D Spring Grove
Kelly Leslie G. Greenlawn
Kelly Ruth M. Other Burials
Kelly Stuart M. Other Burials
Kendall Robert F. Other Burials
Kennedy Edna M. Other Burials
Kennedy Edward M. Other Burials
Kennedy Mary A. Other Burials
Kern Mammie Kratzer Other Burials
Kerr Elizabeth Baptist
Kerr William Baptist
Kerr William Baptist
Kerr William S. Other Burials
Kiggen James Dunbar Indian Hill
Kind Florence M. (nee Ruf) Other Burials
Kind Hermann H. Other Burials
Kindl Rudolph Indian Hill
Kindt Joan G. Other Burials
King Harry B. Other Burials
King Harry C. Indian Hill
King Mary Ellis Indian Hill
Kinmonth Frank S. Jr. Gate of Heaven
Kinmonth John Richard St. Thomas
Kinmonth Theresa M. Nurre Gate of Heaven
Kipp Albert G Gate of Heaven
Kipp Allan Other Burials
Kipp Emma H. Gate of Heaven
Kircher Janet Lenora Greenlawn
Kite William McDougall Indian Hill
Kittredge Robert Leaman Spring Grove
Klei Irvin James Gate of Heaven
Kleiner Eugene F. Indian Hill
Kleiner Eugene Shippen Indian Hill
Kleiner Margaret Shippen Indian Hill
Kleiner-Berryhill Greta Indian Hill
Klemmt Jane C. Indian Hill
Klemmt Marshall M. Indian Hill
Klemmt Ray M. Indian Hill
Kneisley Flora Adalaid Schultis Other Burials
Kneisley Joseph H., Dr. Greenlawn
Kniffin Betty Payne Spring Grove
Kniffin Joseph D. Other Burials
Kniffin Sally Spring Grove
Knight Eva Other Burials
Knight Mabel Rebecca Greenlawn
Knight Russell Wherry Greenlawn
Kocher Gladys Miller Other Burials
Kocher Robert William Armstrong
Koczwara Rosalie Other Burials
Konold William G. Other Burials
Koppers Marguerite Crause Arlington
Koppers Marguerite Crause Arlington
Koreman Mady Steinmann Other Burials
Koren Fay S. Other Burials
Kouchy Frank Louis Blair IV Indian Hill
Kownig C. William Other Burials
Krall Marjorie A. Indian Hill
Krall W. George Indian Hill
Kramer Caroline Spring Grove
Kramer Pauline Other Burials
Kranz Charles Larry Other Burials
Kreeger John S. Indian Hill
Kreimer Elsa Other Burials
Krekeler Theodore Greenlawn
Kroetz Frances C. Other Burials
Krummert Shirley M. Gate of Heaven
Krummert William W. Gate of Heaven
Kruse Harold "Hal" W. Indian Hill
Kruse Harry George Spring Grove
Kruse Nancy Fletcher Indian Hill
Krusling Elizabeth U. Gate of Heaven
Krusling James Linus Rev. Gate of Heaven
Kuempel Olga Marie Spring Grove
Kugler John IOOF Milford
Kugler Matilda Caroline IOOF Milford
Kuntz Anna Ollberding St. Mary
Kurtz Henry Other Burials
Kurtz Sarah C. Other Burials
Kusel Helen M. Sterrett Other Burials
Kusel Norman "Doc" Other Burials
Kusel Norman S. Other Burials