Burials J

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Surname Given name Cemetery
Jaap Carol Ann Evergreen, KY
Jaap George W. Other Burials
Jaap George W. Jr. Other Burials
Jaap Ruth Blanchard Other Burials
Jackson Herman Greenlawn
Jackson Herbert T. Other Burials
Jacob Virginia M. Koppers  
Jacobs Betty A. St. Thomas
Jacobs Virginia Arlington
Jacobs Walter R. St. Thomas
Jacobus Charles Other Burials
Jacobus Herbert Other Burials
Jahns Daniel Harry Indian Hill
Jahns Nathaniel Patrick Indian Hill
James Christine Weber Other Burials
James Elizabeth Baptist
James Harry "Hank" Other Burials
Jansen Bernard Gate of Heaven
Jansen Johanna Gate of Heaven
Jarrett Lois O. Rest Haven
Jarrett Woodrow Wilson Rest Haven
Jefferies Elizabeth Spring Grove
Jeffre Frances MacNeil J. Other Burials
Jenkins Hildagarde D. Other Burials
Jenkins Robert D. Other Burials
Johanson Richard N. Other Burials
Johnson Elvira Greenlawn
Johanson Douglas

Other Burials

Johnson Frederick William Other Burials
Johnson Harvey Greenlawn
Johnson Robert Greenlawn
Jollis Graham Stephen Spring Grove
Jollis Margaret Ruth Other Burials
Jones Eleanor A. Indian Hill
Jones Elizabeth Hardin Indian Hill
Jones E. McGregor Other Burials
Jones Emily D. Indian Hill
Jones Evelyn L. Other Burials
Jones Jesse Bernard Ashes Scattered
Jones Juanita Margaret Lindsey Ashes Scattered
Jones Mabel Greenlawn
Jones Marcha Other Burials
Jones Marion Other Burials
Jones Mary Other Burials
Jones Mary Ann Baptist
Jones Michael Bernard Other Burials
Jones Nancy Jane Greenlawn
Jones Pearl I. Greenlawn
Jones Richard B. Other Burials
Jones Robert Howard Indian Hill
Jones Robert L. Other Burials
Jones Thomas L. Greenlawn
Jones Viola May Greenlawn
Jones Virginia Ann Evergreen
Jones Virginia Kunkle Indian Hill
Jones Wallace L. Indian Hill
Jones Walter Greenlawn
Jones William Wickliffe Indian Hill
Jordan John F. Jr. Other Burials
Jordan Mary Kahle Other Burials
Jordan Thomas Robert St. Thomas
Julnes Marilyn Wunker St. Thomas
Julnes Norval Stanley St. Thomas
Juvenile Freda Greenlawn
Juvenile Ralph W. Greenlawn