Burials I

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Surname Given name Cemetery
Ida E. IOOF Milford
Ilhardt Frora Other Burials
Imbus Edward J. St Andrew
Ingeman Robert L. Spring Grove
Ingeman Ruth J. (E) Spring Grove
Irion Arthur Lloyd Other Burials
Irion Charles P. Other Burials
Iuen Anna Rosa Greenlawn
Iuen Augustus C. Oak Hill
Iuen Edith Elizabeth Other Burials
Iuen Elizabeth Oak Hill
Iuen John Allen Greenlawn
Iuen John B. Greenlawn
Iuen James Winfield Greenlawn
Iuen Joseph F Spring Grove
Iuen Joseph L. Sr. Greenlawn
Iuen Margaret Rimpler Spring Grove
Iuen Maria Theresa Other Burials
Iuen William James Greenlawn