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Surname Given name Cemetery
Hadley Jarvis Bardwell Indian Hill
Haefferle Clara Rest Haven
Hageman Edward Morton Spring Grove
Hageman Robert P. Other Burials
Hagin Hannah Margett Indian Hill
Hahn Henrietta Other Burials
Haight Jenny Dean Other Burials
Haines Keith Eugene Other Burials
Hair Robert M. Armstrong
Hake Judith S. Spring Grove
Hake Stephen Standich Other Burials
Halbauer Edith P. Greenlawn
Halbauer Stewart E. Greenlawn
Hall David Reese Other Burials
Hall Ethel P Other Burials
Hall Gary Other Burials
Hall Ricky Gate of Heaven
Haller Mary Other Burials
Halley Mattie M. Other Burials
Hambrick Lola E. Other Burials
Hamilton Bessie Other Burials
Hamilton Orian Other Burials
Hamilton W. A. Other Burials
Hammond George B. Other Burials
Hammons John Douglas "Doug" Other Burials
Hanes Kimberly Ann Other Burials
Haney Joseph Daniel Other Burials
Hansen Richard Matthew Hillside Chapel
Harber William Owen Evergreen
Harbison Margaret Schulkers St. Thomas
Harding Louisa Mason Spring Grove
Harding Lyman Spring Grove
Hardy Joseph D. Other Burials
Hare Ruth Rest Haven
Hargrave Eugene F. Bubbles" Other Burials
Harmon Judson Other Burials
Harness Mary C. Other Burials
Harrier Stanley C. St. Thomas
Harris Louise M. Other Burials
Harrison Charles A. Other Burials
Harrison Charles Anderson Spring Grove
Harrison Charles L. Spring Grove
Harrison Charles "Lingy" Jr. Spring Grove
Harrison Jane Hummel Spring Grove
Harrison King Carson Spring Grove
Harrison Margaret Enid Other Burials
Harrison Mary H. Other Burials
Harrison Pauline C. Spring Grove
Hart Alfred John Indian Hill
Harth John E. Spring Grove
Harth Marjorie Udry Other Burials
Hartman Jack Bernard Greenlawn
Hartman Readine Other Burials
Hartman Ruth S. Spring Grove
Hartman Walter A. Evergreen
Haskell Florence M. Indian Hill
Haskell Leonard F. Indian Hill
Hasselbach Isabella Mae Rest Haven
Hathaway Guy Other Burials
Hattaway Anna McDonald Greenlawn
Hatton Rose Marie Greenlawn
Hauck Daniel Greenlawn
Hauenstein Myrtle Helmes Spring Grove
Hauenstein William G. Spring Grove
Havemann Florence May Laurel
Havemann Robert E. Laurel
Hawke George S. Greenlawn
Hawke Luella B. Greenlawn
Hawke Nancy Greenlawn
Hayward Gregory Todd Indian Hill
Hay George Spring Grove
Hazzard Mildred Greenlawn
Hazzard Stanley Greenlawn
Headley Marion Haffner Spring Grove
Hebble Edna Other Burials
Hebble Geogianna Livingston Greenlawn
Hebble Howard B. Sr. Greenlawn
Hebble Mr. Other Burials
Heidrich James Kramer III Indian Hill
Heil Philip R. (Bud) Armstrong
Heil-Hay Edna Armstrong
Heinhold William Other Burials
Helffrick Alfred V. Gate of Heaven
Helffrick Carie W. Gate of Heaven
Helffrick Ernest C. Gate of Heaven
Helffrick Mary Jane Gate of Heaven
Held John Friedrich Indian Hill
Held Mary Wren Indian Hill
Hemsworth Ann E. Indian Hill
Hemsworth Martin C. Indian Hill
Hendee Ruth Ann Other Burials
Hendel Hilda Greenlawn
Henderson Robert Foster Other Burials
Hendrick Alma Louise Greenlawn
Hendrick Samuel R. Greenlawn
Hendricks F. E. Mr. Greenlawn
Hendricks Robert W. Other Burials
Hendricks Robert Weston St. Thomas
Hendrigsman Anna Greenlawn
Hendrixson Lewis O. Other Burials
Henritzy Alys Lobaugh Indian Hill
Henritzy Owen Hoffman Indian Hill
Henritzy Sarah Mudge Indian Hill
Herbert John T. Other Burials
Herman Melvin O. Indian Hill
Herold Alta L. Other Burials
Herring Amelia H. St. Thomas
Herrmann Harold Greenlawn
Herrmann William Greenlawn
Herron Barbara Burdick Indian Hill
Herron Barbara Dieffenbach Other Burials
Herron Jean Wilkinson Indian Hill
Herron Richard W. Other Burials
Herron Scott W. Indian Hill
Herron Truman Aldrich Indian Hill
Hershberger Beth Keil Rest Haven
Hershberger Harry N. Rest Haven
Hershberger Richard W. Rest Haven
Hettrick Carl R. Other Burials
Hibbard Gerry Bishop Indian Hill
Hibbard Leslie Ann Indian Hill
Hickenlooper Gordon W. St. Thomas
Hickenlooper Mrs Other Burials
Hickenlooper Ruth O. St. Thomas
Hicks Cicely L. Greenlawn
Hicks Gilbert H. Greenlawn
Higgins John Andrew Indian Hill
High Birdie Greenlawn
Highlands A. W. Other Burials
Highlands Albert Wilmer Indian Hill
Highlands Albert Indian Hill
Highlands Anna E. IOOF Milford
Highlands Catherine Elizabeth Indian Hill
Highlands Elizabeth Baptist
Highlands George W. IOOF Milford
Highlands Joseph C. Greenlawn
Highlands Josephus Sr. Other Burials
Highlands Josephus Greenlawn
Highlands Lot L. IOOF Milford
Highlands Mary E. IOOF Milford
Highlands William IOOF Milford
Highlands William St. Thomas
Highlands William J. Sr. Baptist
Hill Benjamin A. G.  IOOF Milford
Hill Eliza IOOF Milford
Hill Ellen Indian Hill
Hill George E. IOOF Milford
Hill Honas J. U. IOOF Milford
Hill Jane IOOF Milford
Hill Joseph IOOF Milford
Hill Marjorie Nelson Greenlawn
Hill Mary A. IOOF Milford
Hill O. M. Other Burials
Hill Samuel M. IOOF Milford
Hill Samuel M. IOOF Milford
Hill Sarah A. IOOF Milford
Hill Sarah E. IOOF Milford
Hill W. Webb Indian Hill
Hinckley Holly Ann Indian Hill
Hinckley Lorna C. Indian Hill
Hines Bernadine S. Indian Hill
Hnes Leonard R. Indian Hill
Hobson Henry W. Spring Grove
Hobson Lawrence B. Dr. St. Thomas
Hobson Shirley D. St. Thomas
Hobson Shirley Elizabeth Other Burials
Hodges Alvin Henry Greenlawn
Hodges Julia G. Greenlawn
Hodges Ralph E. Greenlawn
Hoeb William R. Sr. Arlington
Hoff Edward J. Other Burials
Hoff Edward W. Other Burials
Hoffman Anthony Other Burials
Hoffman Clara Stander Spring Grove
Hoffman John H. Greenlawn
Hofstetter Albert Rest Haven
Hokanson Allan Edwin Other Burials
Holman Sarah Other Burials
Hollingsworth Mary Martin St. Thomas
Hollingsworth Samuel Rinehart St. Thomas
Hollister Robert Branch Other Burials
Holmes Elsie Indian Hill
Holmes Erastus IOOF Milford
Holmes Joyce Other Burials
Holmes Mary A. IOOF Milford
Hood Robert J. Gate of Heaven
Hookom Donald William Greenlawn
Hookom Helen Reed Greenlawn
Hopkins Edna Mae Spring Grove
Hopping Paul Other Burials
Hopple Janet Meyers Greenlawn
Hopple Mary Ritchie Other Burials
Hopple Sarah Hopple Coleman Other Burials
Hopple William Andrew III Spring Grove
Hopple William Hanna Spring Grove
Hornnebrooke John Other Burials
Horton Elmer C. Other Burials
Hotlke William C. Other Burials
Houch Daniel Greenlawn
Hough Sarah A. Other Burials
Houghton Rueben William Rest Haven
House Harry Coombe Indian Hill
House Richard M. St. Thomas
Howard Libby Thalman Other Burials
Howard Michael IOOF Milford
Howard William Other Burials
Howe Charles B. Other Burials
Howe Dennett Farwell Indian Hill
Howe Infant Greenlawn
Howe James Donald Indian Hill
Howe Jane Ross Spring Grove
Howe Charles B. Other Burials
Howe Perry Allen Spring Grove
Howe Rosamond Brown Indian Hill
Howenstein Myrtle Other Burials
Hubbard John R. Jr. Other Burials
Huber Frederick Greenlawn
Hudnall Doris Gardner Billings Other Burials
Hudnall James Upton Other Burials
Hudnall John Gardner Other Burials
Hudzik Robert Other Burials
Hugger Barney J. Other Burials
Hugger Susan Frances Other Burials
Hughes Edith Monica Greenlawn
Hughes Edward Seneca Spring Grove
Hughes Harry E. Greenlawn
Hughes Kenneth R. Other Burials
Hughes Minnie Dauman Spring Grove
Hulton Mildred B. Spring Grove
Hume Mabel Hawke Evergreen KY
Hummel Michele Wallace Other Burials
Hummel Virginia Rest Haven
Humphrey Deborah Boone Evergreen
Hungelman Mary J. Spring Grove
Hunt Clifford Spring Grove
Hunt Emma L. Greenlawn
Hunt E. W. Other Burials
Hunt Helen Spring Grove
Hunt Marshall C. Spring Grove
Hurley Helena R. Other Burials
Husen Clara L. Other Burials
Husen Stowe Other Burials
Hussey Mary Margaret Compton St. Thomas
Hylands Electa Greenlawn