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Surname Given name Cemetery
Fahnestock Edna Spring Grove
Fahnestock Louis T. St. Andrew
Fahnestock William Allen Spring Grove
Falk Frank Stephen Goshen
Farnam Dorothy Russell (Lindsey) St. Thomas
Farnam W. Raymond St. Thomas
Fay Agnes Prizer Greenlawn
Fay Joseph Frencis Other Burials
Fay William Erne Greenlawn
Fedders Jeffrey Patrick St. Thomas
Feeney Ruth Jewell Other
Fehl Gertrude M. Mt. Moriah
Feldon Candice R. Other Burials
Fehl Nolan Mt. Moriah
Fehl Norman Mt. Moriah
Feldkamp Melvin H. Indian Hill
Felsburg Carolla Other Burials
Femino Angelo Spring Grove
Fender Anna Rosemary St. Thomas
Fender Letia Irene Other Burials
Fender Virgil Woodrow St. Thomas
Fenton Henry Bass Evergreen KY
Fenton Jane Charlotte Evergreen KY
Fenton Lola K. Evergreen KY
Fenton William B. Evergreen KY
Fenton William Conner St. Thomas
Ferguson Beudie Greenlawn
Ferguson Charles A. Other Burials
Ferguson Ronald A. Other Burials
Ferriel Catherine Other Burials
Ferriel Rpbert D. Other Burials
Ferris Catherine E. Spring Grove
Ferris Harriet Riddle Mt. Washington
Ferris Helen Smarr Other Burials
Ferris William E. (Gott) Other Burials
Fields Frank J. Indian Hill
Fields Lilliam B. Indian Hill
Fille Infant Greenlawn
Fille Marie Theresa Iuen Greenlawn
Fillmore Clarence P. Greenlawn
Fillmore Frederick A. Greenlawn
Fillmore Hannah L. Greenlawn
Finkbeiner Donna Marie St Andrew
Finnegan Grace Other Burials
Fisher Lillie Fry Evergreen
Fitch Stona James Indian Hill
Fitzgerald Gerald William Greenlawn
Fitzsimmons Anna St Andrew
Fitzwater Henrietta M. St Andrew
Fjord Elizabeth Cole Gate of Heaven
Fjord Gertrude Noble Gate of Heaven
Fjord Hope J. Spring Grove
Flach Walter J. Other Burials
Fletcher Doris Calderwood Indian Hill
Floto Carl Other Burials
Floto Julius Other Burials
Floto Richard A. Other Burials
Fluke Leah Elizabeth "Pat" Other Burials
Fluke Richard A. Other Burials
Fogg Marjorie K. Indian Hill
Foley Harriet Langlais Indian Hill
Foley Jessie Spring Grove
Foley William T. Spring Grove
Forber Grace V. Other Burials
Forbes Hazel Other Burials
Forbes Mary Spring Grove
Forbes Richard Spring Grove           
Forste Frederick W. Pleasant Ridge
Forste Thomas B. Rev. Other Burials
Forste Wallace W. "Wally" Other Burials
Fossit Mary Rogers Highlands
Foster Thomas B. Rev. Other Burials
Fowler Mack Other Burials
Fox Carol Easton Other Burials
France Ruth Neely Arlington
France William Cook Arlington
Frank Marie B. Other Burials
Franke Marilyn Elizabeth Mt. Washington
Frazee Charles D. Other Burials
Frazee Charles L. Greenlawn
Frazee Louise Greenlawn
Frazee Paul Lerou Greenlawn
Frazer Clara Greenlawn
Frazer Richard M. Other Burials
Freeny Ruth Jewell Other Burials
Freisens Anna E. Greenlawn
Freshley Wendell, Rev. Armstrong
Froehlich Brett Edward Other Burials
Froehlich Margaret Caroline Other Burials
Fruh Ann Maria Greenlawn
Fruh Fray Greenlawn
Fruh Henry Greenlawn
Fry Arthur Duhme Spring Grove
Fry Infant Evergreen
Fry Laura A Evergreen
Fry Mary A. Evergreen
Fry Rosa M. Evergreen
Fry Virginia Price Spring Grove
Fry Wilfred M. Evergreen
Fry William H. Evergreen
Fryman Joe J. Other Burials
Fullen Aaron Greenlawn
Fullen Arthur M. Greenlawn
Fullen Clara Greenlawn
Fullen Mary Greenlawn
Fullen Melvin Greenlawn
Fullen Minnie Greenlawn
Fullgraf Charlotte Stone Indian Hill
Fuller William Johnson Spring Grove
Funk Elsie Other Burials
Funke Carl August Laurel
Funke Carole L. Laurel
Funke Charlotte Kreidler Laurel
Funke William F. Laurel