Burials D

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Surname Given name Cemetery
Daniel Lewis B. Spring Grove
Daniel Marjorie Gibson Other Burials
Daniels Kathryn Greenlawn
Darling Doan Farr St. Thomas
Darr Bernard John Indian Hill
Darr John Amed Indian Hill
Davenport Ruth E. Indian Hill
Davenport William E. Indian Hill
Davidson Laura Brown Greenlawn
David none Indian Hill
Davidson Laura Brown Greenlawn
Davis Charles Other Burials
Davis Charles E. Other Burials
Davis Charlotte Nichols Indian Hill
Davis Elisha IOOF Milford
Davis Elizabeth "Betty" Louise St. Louis
Davis Eugene Other Burials
Davis Galen Greenlawn
Davis Gertie B. Other Burials
Davis Harriet Other Burials
Davis Hayden Jr. St. Thomas
Davis Herbert Eugene Greenlawn
Davis James Momor Greenlawn
Davis Jane IOOF Milford
Davis Joseph IOOF Milford
Davis Karl V. Other Burials
Davis Lawerence L. Indian Hill
Davis Lydia A. IOOF Milford
Davis Mary Ann IOOF Milford
Davis Phebe A. IOOF Milford
Davis Rebecca IOOF Milford
Davis Rosa Fruh Greenlawn
Davis Rosina Mason Other Burials
Davis Rowena Greenlawn
Davis Sophia Greenlawn
Davis Sydnor I St. Thomas
Davis William Greenlawn
Davison Embrson Spring Grove
Davison Hazel Spring Grove
Davison Robert L. St. Thomas
Dawes William Ohken Other Burials
Deadwyler Warnock Chamblee Baltimore Pike
Dean James S., Dr. Greenlawn
Dean Joseph W. Laurel
Dean Pearl Other Burials
Dean Velma C. Indian Hill
Deerwester Augusta J. Indian Hill
Deeter David Other Burials
Dehner Bess Spring Grove
Demar Delbert F. Spring Grove
Demar Elizabeth Spring Grove
Demar James Spring Grove
Denler Louis IOOF Milford
Dereniak Margaret Other Burials
Dereniak Steven N. Other Burials
Derman Emily O. Evergreen
Dettweiler Betty C. Indian Hill
Dettweiler Walter P. Indian Hill
Deupree Emily Powell Other Burials
Deupree Jean Clark Indian Hill
Deupree John Rule Indian Hill
Deupree Mary Harwood St. Thomas
Deupree Richard R. Jr. Spring Grove
Deuschle Frederick C. Other Burials
DeWeese Bernard G. Rest Haven
DeWeese Marion B Rest Haven
DeWeese Sherrill O. Rest Haven
Dewey James K. Other Burials
Dewey Olive Adam Other Burials
Dickson Ann Gordon Indian Hill
Diedrich Dawn M. Other Burials
Diedrich Edward F. Other Burials
Diefendorf Helen S. Other Burials
Diehl Jane Donaldson Other Burials
Diehl Thomas J. Rev. Other Burials
Diether John Greenlawn
Diether Sophia Greenlawn
Dietrich Gertrude M. St. Andrew
Dietrich Larry St. Andrew
Dillman Marcha M. Other Burials
Dimmitt Madison S. Spring Grove
Dimmitt Mary Ann Spring Grove
Dixon Brown A. Other Burials
Dixon Gregory J. Other Burials
Dixon Harry E. Other Burials
Dock Ann Other Burials
Doelling Beverly A. St. Thomas
Doelling Robert Frederick St. Thomas
Donley Edward W. Gate of Heaven
Doscher Charles F. Indian Hill
Doscher Martha Indian Hill
Doud Marian LaCour Other Burials
Dougherty Edward A. Indian Hill
Dougherty Elizabeth F. Indian Hill
Douglas Angela Fossitt St. Thomas
Douglas Edward Lewis Jr. Spring Grove
Douglas John Flach St. Thomas
Douglas Laura Willey St. Thomas
Dowd Fred A. Other Burials
Downey Bertha Spring Grove
Downey James Warren Flag Spring
Dozios Theodore F. Other Burials
Dracket Bolton S. Other Burials
Dravis Margo Plainview
Dreier Emma M. Other Burials
Droescher Albert Elmer Greenlawn
Droescher Lillian M. Spring Grove
Droescher Marie Shively Other Burials
Droescher Nola Marie Greenlawn
DuBois Anna M. Indian Hill
DuBois Tunis V. Indian Hill
Duell Cecil A. Evergreen KY
Duesing Clarence H. "Boots" St. Thomas
Duesing Clarence H. Sr. Other Burials
Duesing Doris St. Thomas
Duesing M. E. Other Burials
Duff Craig Norman Indian Hill
Duff Janet Smith Indian Hill
Duhme Robert William Spring Grove
Dunham Beverly G. Other Burials
Dunham Lillian Other Burials
Dunham Robert L. Other Burials
Dumford John Russell IOOF Stonelick
Dunlap Malinda McWhorter St. Thomas
Dunn Harry Allen IOOF Milford
Dunn John Colen IOOF Milford
Dunn Orville Other Burials
Dupree Margaret Ida Other Burials
Durham Annette Patricia Oak Hill
Durkee Stephen Albert Other Burials
Duwe James W Arlington