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Surname Given name Cemetery
Caldwell Elmer Graceland
Caldwell Patricia Grambo Gate of Heaven
Calvert Betty Jane St. Thomas
Calvert Betty Jane (Mrs. E. J.) Other Burials
Calvert Elmo T. (Buck) St. Thomas
Calvert Thomas Mathews Other Burials
Campbell Bruce Becker Other Burials
Campbell Bruce Sayles St. Thomas
Campbell Helen Sayles St. Thomas
Campbell John Carter St. Thomas
Cannon John Other Burials
Carman Emma Boone Evergreen
Carlisle Kaye B. Indian Hill
Carlisle M. Eugene Indian Hill
Carlson Robert Crawford Other Burials
Carmen Herbert Other Burials
Carothers Jane Ellen (S) Spring Grove
Carothers John Benjamin Jr. Spring Grove
Carp Elizabeth Baptist
Carr Beth Hawley St. Thomas
Carr George Other Burials
Carr Jerusha Busken Neff St. Thomas
Carr Lois H. Greenlawn
Carr Lois Hawley Evergreen
Carr Robert John Jr. St. Thomas
Carroll Catherine M. (Busken) Other Burials
Carter Helen Fruk Greenlawn
Cassidy Agnes Prizer Greenlawn
Cast Ruby Hesler Other Burials
Castetter Norma J. Other Burials
Chabut David C. Indian Hill
Chabut Lewis de'O Indian Hill
Chabut Myra M. Indian Hill
Chace Suzzara Verdi Indian Hill
Chambers Austin Spring Grove
Chambers Martha Cross Spring Grove
Chambers Robert C. Spring Grove
Chandler Alfreda Rose Other Burials
Chandler Dustin L. Other Burials
Chandler James Edmund Other Burials
Chandler Louis Joseph Other Burials
Chandler Mary Eleanor Other Burials
Chandler Mary Joseph Other Burials
Chaney Marie Armstrong
Channels Edward Other Burials
Chapman David B. Armstrong
Chapman George C. Greenlawn
Chapman Henry S. Jr. Greenlawn
Chapman Henry Stanley St. Thomas
Chapman James L. Jr. Greenlawn
Chapman Joe L. Sr. Other Burials
Chapman Laura R. Other Burials
Chapman Mary Lou Other Burials
Chapman Mary Lucille Greenlawn
Chapman Sidney Ann (Hornkamp) Other Burials
Chatfield David E. W. Spring Grove
Chatfield Henry Houston Spring Grove
Cheng Hou S. Other Burials
Cherry Douglas MacMillan St. Thomas
Cherry Douglas Starr St. Thomas
Christensen Marianne "Babe" Orr Spring Grove
Christopher Arthur C. Sr. Greenlawn
Christopher Charles Franklin IOOF Milford
Christopher Emma Bacon Greenlawn
Christopher Jack Breiling Spring Grove
Christopher Pearl Ida Rest Haven
Christopher Raymond B. Rest Haven
Christopher Til Besuden Spring Grove
Christopher William Greenlawn
Church Esther Other Burials
Churchill Eleanor "Bunny" Graceland
Clancey Elizabeth "Libby" St. Thomas
Clancey Harrison B. Spring Grove
Clancey Janet Johnson Other Burials
Clark Charles Clive Greenlawn
Clark E. Vance Indian Hill
Clark Florence Mae Greenlawn
Clark Ichobod Baptist
Clark Jennie S. Greenlawn
Clark Lillian G. Indian Hill
Clark Marcella N. "Marcy" St. Thomas
Clark Marie DeGolyer Indian Hill
Clark Robert W. Indian Hill
Clark Woodruff C. St. Thomas
Clarke Amelia Ashton St. Thomas
Clarke Kenneth E. Rev. Cannon St. Thomas
Clarke Walter H. Other Burials
Clayton Robert Greenlawn
Clennin Emil F. (Tex) Greenlawn
Clennin Marguerite Gerald Iuen Greenlawn
Clippinger Carl Armstrong Indian Hill
Clippinger Ruth Helen Indian Hill
Clopton Charles V. Other Burials
Closson Alfred Burton Spring Grove
Cloud Estal C. Indian Hill
Coaney Infant Greenlawn
Codling Aldred Burdsall Indian Hill
Codling Alma K Holzwarth Indian Hill
Cole Ronald St. Thomas
Colebrook Theodore M. Indian Hill
Colebrook Theodore Perry Indian Hill
Coler Asa Alice Other Burials
Coleman Helen Huber Rest Haven
Colgan Edgar H. Greenlawn
Collman Sophie Marie Spring Grove
Collmann Charles A. Other Burials
Colston Gabriella Forest Lawn
Combs Anna E. IOOF Milford
Combs Catherine IOOF Milford
Combs James B. IOOF Milford
Combs Mary IOOF Milford
Comey David Dinsmore Indian Hill
Comey Harold Dean Indian Hill
Comey Marie Thomas Indian Hill
Comfort Mary Lou Lyons Other Burials
Compton Lathrop "Bud" St. Thomas
Compton Mary Margaret St. Thomas
Cone Frank Keyes Spring Grove
Cone H. Samuel Greenlawn
Cone Philip Henry Spring Grove
Conkling J. L. IOOF Milford
Conkling John Richard Greenlawn
Conkling Lucius W. Greenlawn
Conkling Wilmer D. IOOF Milford
Conlan Brian C. Indian Hill
Conlan-Spielman Kelly Indian Hill
Connell Gwynnedd Smith Other Burials
Connell Paul V. Other Burials
Connell Priscilla Other Burials
Conover Andrew Elliott Other Burials
Cook Catherine Other Burials
Cook Edith Elizabeth Greenlawn
Cook Matthew Edward Greenlawn
Cool Pierson Douglas Hopewell
Cook Levin R. Baptist
Cook Nancy D. Baptist
Cook Rees G. Baptist
Ciik William J. Baptist
Cooke Donald Crosby Union
Cooke Margaret Union
Coons Frank B. Other Burials
Coons Freda Other Burials
Cooper Evelyn S. Greenlawn
Cooper Grace C. Indian Hill
Cooper James A. Indian Hill
Cooper Naomi L. Greenlawn
Cooper Revae J. Indian Hill
Cooper Robert K. Indian Hill
Cope Katherine Other Burials
Corey Clifford M. Greenlawn
Corey George W. Spring Grove
Corey Helen C. Greenlawn
Corey Rachel Ann Spring Grove
Corey Robert Bruce Other Burials
Corey Ruth E Spring Grove
Corey Sarah Spring Grove
Corken Dorothy M. Other Burials
Corken Ruth Coulter Arlington
Cornish Charles W Greenlawn
Cornish Ethel Greenlawn
Cornish Harry E. Greenlawn
Cornish Ida M. Greenlawn
Cornish Kate Greenlawn
Cornish Rose Fisher Laurel
Cornish Samuel E. Greenlawn
Corwin Hume H. Greenlawn
Corwin Richard F. Greenlawn
Corwin Velma N. Greenlawn
Cosby Charles Nicholas Other Burials
Cosby Myrtle Other Burials
Cost Reba Other Burials
Cost Walter D. Other Burials
Costello Emma St. Andrew
Costello John B. Spring Grove
Coughlan Edmund B. Indian Hill
Coughlan Lois Indian Hill
Covalt Abraham Other Burials
Cox Frances Other Burials
Cox Mary Louise Greenlawn
Crabbs Robert W. Other Burials
Crabtree Thomas Other Burials
Crane Henry Clay Greenlawn
Crawford Kenneth J. Greenlawn
Crawford Margaret Henderson Greenlawn
Creed Betty D. Indian Hill
Crim Mildred Vine Street
Critchell Edith Marie Greenlawn
Critchell Ferdinand B. Jr. Greenlawn
Critchell Ferdinand B. Sr. Greenlawn
Critchell Katherine Greenlawn
Critchell Robert M. Other Burials
Crone Kate Mae Spring Grove
Crosby Dorothy Bartlett Other Burials
Crosset Mary Elizabeth Indian Hill
Crossett Richard Burns Jr. Other Burials
Cruse Joseph R. Other Burials
Cunningham Anna House St. Thomas
Cunningham Ian B. Indian Hill
Curtin Mary J. Greenlawn
Curtiss Dwayne H. Other Burials
Cutler Dorothy Johnson St. Thomas
Cutler Mable Other Burials