Burials A

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Surname Given name Cemetery
Achley Charles D. Greenlawn
Adams Clifford E. Greenlawn
Adams Florence E. Other Burials
Adams Kathryn Greenlawn
Adams Magee Other Burials
Adams Virginia F Other Burials
Addicott Gertrude Louise Ferree Other Burials
Ader Eugene E. Calvary
Ader Verian Calvary
Adrian Gertrude Anna Spring Grove
Aglamesis Peter T. Spring Grove
Aichholz Dorothy Martha Ingham


Aicholz Melvin C. Greenlawn
Aiken Ella Boone Greenlawn
Alamin Armin Andrew Indian Hill
Alamin Talat Indian Hill
Aldrich David Brent Other Burials
Aldrich Lucille Smith Evergreen, KY
Aldrich Ross R. Sr. Evergreen, KY
Allen Laura Spring Grove
Allen Marjorie M. Other Burials
Allen Rose Greenlawn
Allison Albert Other Burials
Allison Alice Other Burials
Allison Marjorie B. Spring Grove
Allison Ray Dixon Spring Grove
Alloway Rawle A. Jr. St. Thomas
Alter Elsa Other Burials
Alter Franklin III Spring Grove
Alter L. W. Scott Indian Hill
Alter Ruth Shippen Indian Hill
Alter Virginia Augspurger Spring Grove
Altvater Harry W. Indian Hill
Altvater Hilda M. Indian Hill
Anderson Dorothy Catherine Fenton St. Thomas
Anderson John Andrew Other Burials
Andrews Alice Other Burials
Andrews Helen V. Indian Hill
Andrews John L. Indian Hill
Andrews Joseph "Jack" Bolten Spring Grove
Andrews Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Spring Grove
Annan Edward Gerard St. Thomas
Annett Edward Budett Jr. "Ted" St. Thomas
Armstrong Mary Jeanne ("Suzie") Other Burials
Arnall Edna Chain Spring Grove
Arnall Paul M. Spring Grove
Arnold Hugh Robert Other Burials
Ash James L. Other Burials
Ash Rose L. Other Burials
Ash Rose L. Other Burials
Atchley Charles D. Other Burials
Atzel Frank W. Indian Hill
Atzel Ivah L. H. Indian Hill
Aubke Paul David Other Burials
Augspurger Chester B. Graceland
Augspurger Jeanne Other Burials
Austin Lorraine Other Burials