Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 725  Street: Wooster Name: Galloway House
Family: Cole (some land sold to Peter Lowry - story 5) Owner Info: Y
Built: (pre1840?) 1864/5 Sec: 29 Sub: Columbia Lot: IRR R2-T5-S29 SE
Architect:  Cont/Build: built "by hand"
#Owners: 2F? Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
Additions: upstairs sleeping porch; den now utility room; front porch;
Current Owner: Carol Buschbacher Cole Date Fr: 1992 Date To: 
Owner: Galloway - Uncle of Kate & Charlie Cornish Date Fr: 1864  Date To: 1907
Owner 1: Cornish parents of Kate & Charlie Cornish Date Fr 1: 1907 Date To 1: 
Owner 2: Charles W. Cornish (108) Date Fr 2: 1927 Date T. 2:
Owner 3: Charles W. 2/9, Samuel E. 2/9, Kate 2/9 & Harry E. 1/3 Cornish (107) Date Fr 3:  1936 Date To 3:
Owner 4: Kate 4/9 et al 5/9(107), & Samuel E. (108) Cornish Date Fr 4: 1956 Date To 4: 
Owner 5: James C. Rogers, trustee Date Fr 5:  Date To 5: 1981
Owner 6: Ronald & Carol Buschbacher Cole Date Fr 6: 1981 Date To 6: 1992
Owner 7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
Owner 8: Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
Owner 9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
Owner 10:  (compare this listing with the deeds index) Date Fr 10:  Date To 10: 
1975 Owner:  Kate Cornish et al & Samuel Cornish
Description: 2 story stone & siding American Farmhouse, gable roof.  Property originally a nursery.  Has a stone foundation with frame upper level.  10 rooms, 1 1/2 baths.  Root cellar.  Still usable cistern system not in use.  6 1/2 room barn with dirt cellar.  Originally no front porch.  Sleeping porch added in back. (Dusty Rhodes says house has 8 rooms, 3 bedrooms and 1 bath.)
Story 1: "Galloway House".  John L. Galloway, treasurer of the village (born KY 1824), married Hepzibah Highlands, daughter of William (1st son of William & Elizabeth Highlands) & Sarah Smith Highlands.  They had 3 (see below) sons, William, Elton and Frank and a daughter Stella who married Walter Boone, son of Thomas Boone (see 601 Wooster).  J. L. Galloway built this house in 1864(?).  J. L. planted a ginkgo tree (in 1858, according to Stella Galloway Boone's 1942 paper for the TP Garden Club),  which is still standing on the property in 2000.  Galloway sold c16 acres to George Corey for his subdivision in 1885(?).  Galloway had a nursery on Wooster Pike.  George Balhizer (Milford family) went to work for Galloway when he was 14 years old.  After the Spanish American War he went to Chicago where he became a commercial flower grower.  Eventually it became the biggest seed and forest supply company in the world, George Ball Co.
Story 2: Information from History of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio; Their Past and Present.  Cincinnati, Ohio; S. B. Nelson & Co., Publishers; 1894, p. 951 (book in TPHS archives).  

"J. L. Galloway was born in Paris Ky., February 6, 1824, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Kirkpatrick) Galloway, the former of whom was born in Paris, Ky., in 1794, and died in 1839.  He was a millwright by trade, a vocation he followed up to 1836, when he moved to Campbell county, Ky., and engaged in farming for two years, then removing to Hamilton county, Ohio, where he continued farming to the time of his death.  He was the father of nine children, four of whom are living: J. S., a physician at Montgomery, this State; T. K., a notary public, also of Montgomery; Mary, wife of William H. Collins, of Xenia, Ohio, and J. L.  Mrs. Elizabeth Galloway, our subject's mother, was born near Paris, Ky., in 1796, and died in 1867.  She and her husband were both members of the Presbyterian Church.  
     Our subject resided with his father until the latter's death.  His boyhood days were spent in Kentucky attending the common schools, and at the age of twenty-three entered college at College Hill, Hamilton county, remaining two years.  He then managed his mother's farm until 1851, when he was united in marriage with Miss H. S., daughter of William and Sarah S. (Smith) Highlands; her father, who was a professor of music, was born in 1799 in Pennsylvania.  Our subject was engaged in general farming until 1872, when he embarked in the nursery business, which has proved very remunerative.  He is now also extensively engaged in raising flowers, in which he is very successful.  For the past forty years he has lived in Terrace Park.  His marriage has been blessed with the following children: William E. resides in Newport, and for fourteen years has been city baggage master for the Little Miami railroad; Elton L. is train baggage master from Cincinnati to Columbus, and resides in Newport; Stella M. is the wife of Walter H. Boone, an insurance agent of Terrace Park, and Frank C., who resides in Linwood, is also a railroad man.  Mr. Galloway is a Republican, and in religious faith is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Milford, Ohio, in which he is an elder."
     J. L. Galloway lived in Terrace Park from 1854 on.  Frank C. Galloway moved from Linwood to Terrace Park since he appears in the 1910 census in Terrace Park.  
J. L. Galloway was born in Paris KY 24 February 1824 and died 2 January 1900, aged 75 years, buried in Section 2 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH.   William E. Galloway died 30 July 1936.  Frank C. Galloway was born 5 August 1866 and died 27 January 1949, aged 82 years.  They are both buried in Section 18 of  Greelawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Craver Funeral Home.   

Story 3: Galloway names mentioned in a deed involving Kate Cornish: Hepzibah S. Galloway  (wife of J. L., and mother of the 3 boys and Stella), William E. Galloway, Frank C. Galloway & Stella M. Boone.  Also Myra E. Bass (see 322 Harvard).
Story 4: According to the 1910 census, Lulu Galloway was the 16 year old daughter of Frank C. & Nellie E. Galloway.  In 1950 a letter was received in Terrace Park from Helen Virginia Simmons of 4110 Roseland, Apt. #3.  Houston Texas.  "In order to receive a certain death benefit, it is necessary to establish documentary proof that my mother, Lulu May Galloway, born October 8, 1893, is the legal daughter of Frank C. Galloway formerly of Terrace Park, Ohio.  I believe my mother was born in Terrace Park, Ohio.  Were birth certificates issued at that time?  If so, would you please tell me what is necessary to procure such a certificate, and the cost?  If no such certificate is available, could you tell me any other document that might have her name on it, also Frank C. Galloway's name, as her father?  My mother's married name was Mrs. James Raymond Simmons."  Someone in Terrace Park noted "No Record of birth in Terrace Park.  Records begin in 1909."
Story 5: The original structure had no "walls" over the central beams.  "Walls" were covered with wall paper over cheesecloth.  The Cornishes added some walls, probably 1940c and the Coles added the rest when they took down the wall paper in 1982.
Story 6: Conflicting dates in stories.  1971 scrapbook - story and pictures - Kate Cornish with horse.
Cincinnati Post, Friday, June 25, 1971: Miss Kate Cornish retires after 40 years teaching. By Mary McCarthy
Terrace Park:  Miss Kate Cornish is retiring after 40 years as a music teacher, the last 20 of them in the Madeira School District.
Retirement is not at the top of her list of mist popular things to do, but she shrugs off her feelings with, "I guess there comes a time."
Her favorite things to do involve horses, children and travel, in just about any order you want to place them.
   As a young girl she became interested in horses.  She owns Dapper Day, American saddle bred she rides daily, and she has a collection of more than 300 equine figurines that she has collected on her world-wide travels. 
She has visited all the major travelers'' goals except Central America and Australia, and she'll be filling those blanks within a year.  She leaves July 5 on a month-long tour of Central America.  She's prefacing this trip with a first stop in New Orleans, one of the few interesting cities in the U. S. she has missed
Miniature horses aren't the only things she has collected on her travels.
     She has many dolls, male and female, coffee spoons and plates, Hummel figurines, fine china and glass pieces from all over.  She can show you sterling silver buttons from South America, tapestries from Russia, music boxes from Austria and an exquisite marble model of the Taj Mahal of India. 
     She has a vast knowledge of all the countries she has visited and uses it in illustrated lectures to social, civic adn church groups.
     Despite the fact that she's approaching 70, Miss Cornish is sad at retiring.
     She hates to give up her association with children.
     "I've always talked to them on an adult level.  I've learned from them, I've kept young through association with them.  I'll baby-sit for free if the school administrators ask me. 
  (Two of the children were John Wilson, now Hamilton County superintendent of schools, and his sister, whom she taught to play the piano.)
She'll devote more time to the 130-year-old home that she shares with her brothers, Charles, a retired contractor and builder, and Sam, retired lawyer; she's going to join the garden club, and wants to study art (the profession that lost out in a photo finish to music); she hints at a romance in her life; and she'll have a couple of more suitcases to equip (she has one for each country she has visited and in then she keeps samples of the country's culture that she takes with her on lectures.)
     When this vibrant woman says "have suitcases, will travel," she isn't kidding. 
Story 7:      Charlie Cornish was a builder.  He owned 429 Elm 1929-1945 and the home in Milford where Bob Terwillegar now lives (2000).  This house (725 Wooster Pike) was bought by the Cornishes c1921 (according to deeds 1927) after it was damaged by a tornado. Charlie and his father were builders so could fix it up. (Ellis Rawnsley from Charlie Cornish)  Charlie Cornish was an excellent carpenter.
In Greenlawn Cemetery in Milford are buried: Harry E. Cornish, father, 1866-1953; Ida M. Cornish, mother, 1865-1936;  Charles W. Cornish, son, 1893-1985; Kate, daughter, 1901-11 August 1994.  Harry E. Cornish was born 13 May 1866 and died 10 April 1953, aged 86 years, buried in Section 4 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH
Story 8: Notice in file of Auction (October 25 - [1980?[) at Kate & Charlie Cornish Residence of household furnishings.
Story 9 107 & 108 in Cornish ownership refer to parcels of land.  Later this land was further subdivided (see Terrace Park maps).
Story 10: Kate Cornish was at one time a teacher at the Terrace Park school.  
Story 11: "The Milford W. T. C. U. will be entertained this Friday afternoon by Mrs. Harry Cornish, Wooster Avenue."  From the Milford Record, May 13, 1926.  Found in the attic of 429 Elm Avenue by David Lewis.  
Story 12: According to Peter H. Lowry the Cornish home was sold to Michael and Betty Buschbacher (410 Elm).  They divided the property between their son Mike (151 Wrenwood) and their daughter Carol.  Mike owned an acre of land to the rear  with no house on it while Carol owned the rest and lived in the house.  In 1996 Peter H. Lowry bought Mike Buschbacher's part of the property as well as 745 Wooster for rental.  In May 2001 a fence went up on those combined pieces of property to accommodate 2 horses.                                                                          In 1996 there was a permit issued for a new building for family residence - 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.  Architect: John Wallis.  Contractor: Curtis Brattle.  Owner: Carolyn Buschbacher.  Was this ever built?  Probably sold land to Peter Lowry instead. 
Story 13: Ronald Cole was born 22 March 1934 and died 2 December 2006, aged 72 years, buried in St. Thomas Church Columbarium, Section 3, Niche 83. 
1942 Map: Cornish
1951/3 Map: Cornish
1959 Directory: Kate Cornish
1960-80 Directories: Charles & Kate Cornish
1982-91 Directories: Ron & Carol Buschbacher Cole
1992-99 Directories: Carol Buschbacher Cole
2000-01 Direct: "        (Sold 2000)  (2000 - sold an acre of land to the rear- see Story 12?)
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