Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 601  Street: Wooster Name: Covalt/Taft/Traber House
Family: Yokel Owner Info: N
Built: circa 1810 Sec: 23 Sub: Columbia Lot: Irreg R2-T5-523
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 12+ Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
Current Owner: Stephen A. & Linda Yokel Date Fr: 1986 Date To: 
Original Owner: John Cleves Symmes (land only) Date Fr:  Date To: 1796
Owner 1: Cheniah Covalt (builds home) Date Fr 1: 1796 Date To 1: 1823
Owner 2: Lane Ready (& William G in 1843) Date Fr.2: 1823 Date To 2:1850
Owner 3: William Winters Date Fr 3: 1850 Date To 3: deed missing)
Owner 4: Peter R. & Judge Alphonso Taft (died 5/21/1891)  Date Fr 4: Date To 4: 1864
Owner 5: Jacob & Theodosia Traber  Date Fr 5: 1864 Date To 5: 1909
Owner 6: Harding Family (see story 6) Date Fr 6: 1909 Date To 6: 1914
Owner 7: Gilliland Family (long time prior to 1933c, at least by 1919) (see story 6) Date Fr 71914 Date To 71929
Owner 8: Harry C. & Edgar W. Boone & to Carmen D. Boone in 1946 Date Fr 8: 1929 Date To 81946
Owner 9: William Price Coomer Date Fr 9: 1946 Date To 91949
Owner 10: Ms. Mabel T. & Alice B. Culter (1958 just Mabel) Date Fr 10: 1949 Date To 10: 1962
Owner 11: Jean & Fletcher Knight (see story 12) Date Fr 11: 1962 Date To 11: 1986
Owner 12 Date Fr 12 Date To 12
1975 Owner:  H. Fletcher Jr. & Jean G. Knight
Description: 2 story, brick, stone & siding, hip roof.
Story 1: Home built of bricks made on the spot and stones from the abandoned Covalt Station.  Soldiers from Fort Washington were stationed in the back stone barracks to protect travelers from the Indians. (Conflicting story with 2) or was it soldiers from Cincinnati's Ft. Hamilton who were stationed to defend the trail from Indians?
Story 2: Built in 1810, this home was originally planned to serve as a defense post and a home, but actually it was never used for defense purposes.  The dwelling which stands today (Price Coomer owner) is the result of a remodeling scheme and therefore does not truly represent the original home that bordered the pike when it was only a rough dirt road and when Terrace Park was not even a village.  As it stands today, the dwelling is of brick and stone, with a center hall, dining room, breakfast nook, kitchen, library, two bedrooms, bath and a lavatory on the first floor.  A section, taking in two additional bedrooms and a bath is on the second floor.  (Note with Stan Millers archives.)
Story 3 There is much more information on this house in the Terrace Park Historical Society archives.
Story 4: "Built in 1810 - partially from stones from the Covalt Station.  At first a small detachment of soldiers was stationed there because the Indians did not exactly honor the treaty signed as far back as 1795.  This was to protect the increasing tide of white travelers along the Indian Trail which was the favorite war path of the Delawares, Shawnee and Wyandot braves on the road to raid the settlements in Kentucky.  This path (now Wooster Pike).  They forded the Little Miami at Montauk.  It led straight to Columbia over John Smith's property."  From a card perhaps written by Stan Miller.  It includes some notes in ink in Stan's handwriting.  
Story 5:      "Jacob & Theodosia Traber owned both sides of Wooster Pike from Elm to New St. & to the RR.  The property from New St. to the RR underpass & to the hill, where the 1st road is (left off Wooster Pike before entering the underpass.  This hill was the one that was terraced and planted in vineyards, the old home was at the top of the hill, and was destroyed by fire.  (This property was bought from Mrs. Gilliland by the Drewrys).  
     Mrs. Traber & her daughter, Mrs. Gilliland & granddaughter Frances Gilliland lived at the old stone house on Wooster & New St. (after the fire on the hill in 1893). "  Information from Lenore McMullin McGee (607 Wooster Pike & 416 Washington St.)
     Both Jacob Traber (1891) & Mr. Gilliland (1894) had died.   
Story 6:      The Trabers had at least 3 daughters:  Mrs. Gilliland, Mrs. Peebles & Mrs. Harding.  
     Hardings in Milford.  (This needs revision.  3 daughters may be Florence (m Campbell,) Jane & Alice (m Gilliland).  Hardings were Theodosia's family according to 1900 census - or was her maiden name Burns?  Theodosia Austin Burns Traber was born in 1839 and died in 1914 according to a memorial at St. Thomas Church.  
     Description of Mrs. Gilliland at the time of her death in the TP Woman's Club archives, written by Blanche B. (Bacon) Meyers & Clare C. Carothers : "In her rare personality she combined a noble dignity of character, a widely cultivated mind, a sympathetic heart and was a loyal friend, a tireless worker for the welfare of others, a delightful hostess, who in the years she had spent among the residents of the Park, had endeared herself to all."  
Story 7: ??? Stella Galloway, daughter of J. L. Galloway (725 Wooster Pike) lived here (also at 410 Elm).  She married Walter Boone, son of Thomas Boone.
Story 8:      Virginia Marquett remembers brothers Harry & Ed Boone living here.  A cousin and her husband also lived there to manage the house.  Harry Boone owned the barn across the street that had belonged to the McMullens at 607 Wooster Pike.  He also had a team of horses.  Ed had a riding horse that Virginia often rode after Ed died.  After the cousin and her husband were no longer living there, Clarence and Mildred Beekley and daughters, Doris & Ginny (Virginia Ann), moved in.  They lived there until Harry Boone died.  
     In 1933 Harry Boone's brother Clifford Boone visited for a weekend from Chicago.  This was after brother Ed died. 
Story 9:      Edgar W.  Boone was born in 1882 and died 29 December 1931 and was buried in Section 15 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, C. T. Johnson Funeral Home.  Harry Conkling Boone died 9 June 1945 and was buried in Section 15 Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, John Craver Funeral Home. 
     Other Boone burials in Evergreen Cemetery, Miami Township OH according to their records: 
     Thomas Boone was born 25 February 1826 and died 3 April 1906, aged 80 years, Wm. Motsinger Funeral Home. 
     His wife, Nancy S. Boone was born 21 August 1831 and died 12 February 1911, aged 79 years, Wm. Motsinger Funeral Home. 
     Ira Joseph Boone, a son of Thomas and Nancy Boone, was born 10 November 1860 and died 20 March 1927, aged 66 years. 
     Clarence D. Boone, a grandson of Thomas and Nancy Boone, was born 1 November 1887 and died 5 November 1948, aged 61 years. 
     Blanche Brenner Boone (listed with Clarence D. Boone in deeds to 407 Elm) was born 13 October 1886 and died 30 June 1947, aged 60 years.  Is she his wife? 
     Deborah Boone Humphrey is probably a daughter of Thomas and Nancy Boone.  She died 26 January 1950, aged 85 years. 
     Emma Boone Carman was born 21 November 1867 and died 5 September 1943, aged 75 years.  Who is she?
Story 10: Terrace Park Historical Society has (with house pictures) 3 tax bills from 1899 & 1900 for Jacob Traber Jr. Lot 62 of Camden City.  Lot 62 of Camden City is about half way between New Street and Elm - 613 Wooster, not 601 Wooster.   
Story 11: There is no substantiated historical documentation that this house was ever used as a station on the Underground Railroad.  However, the Knight family took a sledge hammer and broke through a cellar wall to find a small hidden chamber.  It was empty but  ran from its dirt floor up to the underside of the first floor and was just large enough for a few people to sit down (maybe 4 feet deep and 6-10 feet long).  It's on the right hand side of the cellar if you stand looking at the house from Wooster Pike.  We do not know its use.  (The Knights did not repair the wall.)
Story 12: Mable T. Culter to Jean G. Knight 8/7/1962; to H. Fletcher Knight Jr. & 8/7/1962; to Terrace Park Charitable Trust (Pat Henley President, Louise Halley Secretary) 2/11/1980; to Jean G. Knight 7/9/1980; to H. Fletcher Knight Jr. & 7/9/1980; to Steven A. & Linda M. Yokel 9/5/1986.  
1939 Map: Boone-Beekley 
1942 Map: Boone-Beekley
1951/3 Map: Cutler (Mabel Cutler died in 1963) (is it Culter or Cutler?)
1959 Directory: Mrs. Maude N. Ross (moved from 300 Rugby to 610 Floral and here) (did she rent here?)
1960 Directory: ''     (moved to 210 Rugby which she had built)
1962-86 Directories: H. Fletcher & Jean Knight
1988-2015 Directories: Steven & Linda Yokel