Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 409  Street: Terrace Place Name: 
Family: Miller leased to U. S. Post Office  Owner Info: Y
Built: 1953 Sec: 23 Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City Lot: 111
Architect: Post Office Department of the US Cont/Build: Walter Gingrich
#Owners: 1F Original Use: Commercial - Post Office Current Use: Commercial
CHANGES As Built: Y Add To: N Sub From: N Replace: N
Current Owner: Dale L. Miller Date Fr: 1983 Date To: 
Original Owner: Effie R. Miller Date Fr: 1952 Date To: 1983
Owner 1:  Date Fr 1:  Date To 1: 
Owner 2:  Date Fr 2:  Date To 2: 
1975 Owner:  Effie R. Miller. Ir 111 Sib 1 (listed at 407)
Description: 1 story brick and siding building with gable roof, built as specified by the Post Office Department to be leased by them.
Story 1: The present post office was built in 1953 on an empty lot purchased by Stan Miller in 1952 from Stella C. Cole.  Walt Gingrich built the post office to Post Office Department specifications and Effie Miller still held the lease to the postal service in 2000. Until 1971 the U. S. Postal Service did not exist.  "It is a private corporation with authority from Congress to transport the U. S. mail.  Previously and since the inception of the United States of America, there was the Post Office Department, an arm of the federal government"  Our Post Office was built after talks with the Post Office Department (clarification by Lee Stegemeyer).  
  According to Stan Miller (Effie's husband) the first Post Office was in the grocery store (corner of Terrace Place and Harvard).  The 2nd was in a small building on what became the Village Green.  The third was in a building now torn down  (411-1 Terrace Place, Gegner, Droescher) from 1925 to 1953 when the present Post Office was built. See Story 2 411-1 for a slightly different beginning to the story.  
Story 2:

There seems to be a controversy about when home delivery of mail started in Terrace Park.  There's an interesting and informative article in The Milford Advertiser, Thursday February 4, 1960. 
Door-To-Door Mail Delivery Is Due To Start In Terrace Park March 5.            Door to door mail delivery will begin in Terrace Park on March 5, 1960, for all but outlying areas.  The Park will retain its own post office and its Terrace Park, Ohio, mailing address instead of becoming a Cincinnati zone as many communities have done.
     The move comes some 15 years after the first petition for door to door service was circulated.  In May 1959, a petition bearing the names of 70 percent of the Terrace Park residents was filed with the Post Office Department. 
     Since the petition was filed, Post Office inspectors visited the village several times.  Confirmation that the petition had been okayed came last weekend. 
     Two foot routes have been established and six collection boxes will be placed about the village.  They will be on the corners of Lexington and Stanton, Myrtle and Stanton, Poplar and Franklin, Wrenwood Lane and Wooster Pike, Wooster Pike and Old Indian Hill Road and Oxford and Miami Avenues. 
     Residents on Red Bird Lane, Given Road and Old Indian Hill Road, now being served form Madeira, Cincinnati 43, have received notices to change their addresses to Terrace Park.
     There are 27 miles of mail route in Terrace Park.
     Patrons must supply their own mail boxes. But to take care of that problem, the PTA and the volunteer fire department have joined forces to sell boxes and house numbers.  Boxes of many styles will be offered for sale soon in the old Post Office Building between the present post office and the Terrace Market.  Mrs. Norval Julnes, first vice president of the PTA, is serving as chairman of the mail box sales.
     The PTA will use it share of the proceeds to fulfill its budget requirements for the year.  This is its main money-making project. 
     The fire department hopes to help finance a Life Squad with its share of the money."
This may be the end of that same article:  "Mrs. Jo Ann Washburn, president of the PTA, gave Bud Williams, one of the PTA fathers, credit for suggesting the sale as the year's project.  The group has been prepared to take over the promotion of mail box sales since last fall, but had to wait until confirmation came to begin plans for the sale.
     Mrs. Stanley Miller, Terrace Park postmaster, announced that anyone who wishes to keep his Post Office box may do so, but he cannot have both. "

This probably came out a little bit later in The MIiford Advertiser.
"Three Carriers Delivering Mail In Terrace Park
     Three mail carriers are now delivering the mail door-to-door in Terrace Park.
     They are Jim Hill, 134 Wrenwood Lane, Terrace Park; Tom Howell, Stratford Manor, and Paul Frazee, formerly of Terrace Park now living in Madisonville." 
     First estimates by the postal inspectors indicated that two carriers would be enough to cover the routes.  But actual practice revealed a need for a 3rd man. 

Story 3: Paul Wise, clerk in the Post Office, was found dead on Marian Lane delivering mail, March 4, 1976
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