Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 111  Street: Terrace Place Name: Brown/Diether House
Family: Sheridan Owner Info: Y
Built: circa 1890 (between 1886 and 1892)  (see story 1) (1881 auditor's date) Sec: 23 Sub: Pattison & Iuen Lot: 36, 39, 40
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 9F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
Added front porch and barn/garage c1914.  Probably at the same time added 2 bathrooms and a kitchen at the back of the house.  1976-7 - removed a 2 room 15' x 10' outbuilding (summer kitchen?) and converted the barn (with a 3 seater outhouse) to a garage, greenhouse and artist's studio.  Added a large rear screen porch. 2004 permit for Chapmans to add & remodel - large addition to east side of house (Michaelson Homes. Sean Keith, designer).  
Current Owner: Brendan P. & Katherine C. Sheridan Date Fr: 2011 Date To: 
Original Owner: Mary Cowen to John M. Pattison for Pattison & Iuen Subdivision Date Fr: 1885 Date To: 1892
Owner 1: Carl Floto (1st resident) Date Fr 1: 1892 Date To 1: 1898
Owner 2: John B. Iuen Date Fr 2: 1898 Date To 2: 1900
Owner 3: Mary Beyreiss Date Fr 3: 1900 Date To 3: 1909
Owner 4: John Diether Date Fr:1909 Date To: 1940
Owner 5: Sophia Diether 1/2, Emma D. Brown 1/2 Date Fr: 1940 Date To: 1:941
Owner 6: Sophia Diether Date Fr: 1941 Date To: 1942
Owner 7: Emma D. Brown Date Fr: 1942 Date To: 1971
Owner 8: William A. Brown (grandson, inherited the house) Date Fr: 1971 Date To: 1973
Owner 9: Fredrick W. & Barbara Leick  Date Fr: 1973 Date To: 1974
Owner 10: Wade D. & Lynne B. Carden (Douglas) Date Fr: 1974 Date To: 1998
Owner 11Karen Oney TR & Timothy Griffin TR Date Fr: 1998 Date To: 1998
Owner 12: John A. Jr. & Pamela C. Honneyer Date Fr: 1998 Date To: 1999
Owner 13: Jeffrey S. & Marilynne Chapman Date Fr: 1999 Date To: 2011
Owner 14:    
1975 Owner:  Wade & Lynn B. Carden % W. Douglas & Lynn H. Carden. Ir 36-39-40 PI
Description:      "Asymmetrical frame residence marked by 3 story square tower, stickwork gabled ends, and shingle wall treatment on the tower and second floor.  The west facade is marked by projecting pavilion, bay window, and brackets under pavilion.  The east facade is basically a flat plane except for a slight bellcast projection at point where shingle and clapboard wall treatment meet.  The tower has a bracketed cornice and four sided cap culminating into a point.  Facade exhibits wrap around porch (probably later) and 2 beveled glass entrances with sidelights.  A 2 story shiplap carriage house with swept roof and small bays is on the lot.  #36.  Addition off the rear.   
     Good example of Victorian architecture that is well suited to the corner lot.  Pattison & Iuen's Sub. of Camden City.  (7-18-19)  Located in residential area comprised mostly of twentieth century buildings".  (Ohio Historic Inventory 5/1978)  
     3 story Victorian shingle farmhouse with 5 bedrooms, carriage house (garage, studio, and spa), front and rear porches and stone terrace. Could this be called Queen Anne Victorian?  It does have a squared off tower.  (see Ellis Rawnsley's Village Views article. 8/83)
Story 1: The Hamilton County Auditor's site gives an 1881 date for the building of this house.   However, according to the deeds, it makes much more sense for the house to have been built sometime between 1886 & 1892.  On November 10, 1885 Mary A. Cowen sold John M. Pattison 38.60 acres of land.  That must be at least part, if not all, of the land that Pattison & Iuen used for their subdivision, established May 27, 1886.  In an ad for Pattison & Iuen's Subdivision of Terrace Park we read: "A number of fine houses are now built."  (The 4 houses built before 1892 were 101 Miami, 111 Terrace Place, 222 & 302 Oxford.)  On May 2, 1892 Pattison & Iuen sold lots 36, 39 & 40 of their subdivision to Carl Floto. His house shows there on the 1892 map of Terrace Park (Territory of Proposed Corporation of Terrace Park).  Terrace Park was incorporated in 1893 and Carl Floto became its 1st mayor, from 1893-98.  He sold his land and home on May 5, 1898 back to John B. Iuen.
Village Views Article (November 2010) By Carol C. Cole and Esther H. M. Power entitled Difficulties Determining When a Terrace Park House Was Built
Story 2: Victorian farmhouse originally heated by 4 fireplaces (1 with Rookwood tiles).  It is believed that cooking and laundry were done in the outbuilding.  The stained glass window on the stairs was previously in St. Thomas Church.  One stair to the 3rd floor is removable.  The story is that this was to hide liquor during prohibition.
Story 3: 1892 Cincinnati City Directory lists Floto, C., with his residence in Terrace Park (Bacon, F. & Co.).  His son, Julius, a traveling salesman, lives with him.
1870 Census: no Flotos found living in Ohio. 
1880 Census: Carl Floto is widowed,  book keeper, born in Germany, lives in Cincinnati, Slack Street, 2nd Ward, Precinct B,  lives with 2 daughters, Julia (22 yrs.) and Minnie (18 yrs.), son Julius (14 yrs.) and Henry Fischer (Boarder, Stove Business, 52 yrs., born in Germany). 
1900 Census: Carl Floto lives in Brown, Darke, OH; 72 years; lives with daughter, Julia Leaf (42), her husband, Henry Leaf (44) and Eric Leaf (5). 
Story 4: One source say John Diether bought the house c 1909.  (The 1909 date agrees with the deeds.)  Emma, his daughter married Albert Brown.  Bill Brown, Emma's grandson, grew up here living with his grandmother.  As an adult he lives in Mariemont.  We know of no relationship between this Brown family and the 4 Brown Sisters, one of whom started 2 forerunners of the Terrace Park Woman's Club in 1903 & 1906.  According to the census, the John & Sophia Diether family was living in Clermont County, Miami Township in 1900. He was a saloon keeper.  They had 2 daughters, Emma and Edith (who must have died between 1900 & 1910).  Emma and Albert also owned 217 Cambridge. 
Story 5: John Diether died 25 July 1940, Monroe (Evans) Funeral Home.  Sophia Diether died 11 March 1942, John Craver Funeral Home.   Albert Brown was born 11 July 1894 and died 30 April 1942, John Craver Funeral Home.  Emma Brown died 7 October 1970, Copher Funeral Home.  They are all buried in section 21 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH. 
Story 6: Lynn Carden is a well known artist especially of watercolors.  She was president of the TP Garden Club 1980-82.
Story 7: This home of Mr. & Mrs. (Lynne) W. Douglas Cardin was on the 1978 December 10 "Christmas in the Village" TP Garden Club House Tour.  It was a Sunday, tickets were $2 and the homes were open from 3-7 PM.  Proceeds used for beautification of the village.  The Community House was open for refreshments and a Raffle Drawing at 6:30 PM. 
Story 8: The Carden home was on the 1992 Sunday December 6 "An Historic Walk Through Terrace Park" TP Garden Club House Tour .  Homes were open from 1-5 PM.  Proceeds were used for village beautification. 
1939 Map: Brown/Diether
1942 Map: Brown
1951/3 Map: Mrs. Albert Brown
1959-63 Directories: Albert & Emma Brown
1963-70 Directories: Mrs. Albert (Emma) Brown
1971-72 Direct: Bill Brown
1973-74 Direct: Fred & Barbara Leick
1975-97 Directories W. Douglas & Lynn Carden
1998-99 Direct: John & Pam Hommeyer     (Sold 1998)         (Sold 1999) 
2000-09 Directories: Jeff & Marilynne Chapman  (Chapmans moved from 314 Rugby)
2011-12 Direct: