Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 306-1  Street: Stanton Name: 
Family: Tiara Properties Llc.   Owner Info: Y
Built: 1909 Sec: 22 Sub: Sibley's 2nd BL 7 Lot: 33-34, 58-63 (64?)
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 3F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: Y Replace: Y
1932 - plans drawn for 3 bedrooms by Robert Critchell (Edward Schreiber, builder).  Changed from frame to stucco.  1993 - porch built by Dennis Elliott from kitchen steps to garage.  2003 - new roof.  2004 - permit for fire department to burn & demolish existing home & build new.
Current Owner: Tiara Properties Llc.   Date Fr: 2004 Date To: 
Original Owner: Harry H. & B. H. Fuller (1st residents) Date Fr: 1907-8 Date To: 1920
Owner 1: Anna M. & John H. Ferris family Date Fr 1: 1920 Date To 1: 1921
Owner 2: Janet J. Clancey  (Estate in 1965) Date Fr 2: 1921 Date To 2: 1965
Owner 3: Elizabeth "Libby" B. Clancey Date Fr 3: 1965 Date To 3: 2004
Owner 4:  Date Fr 4:  Date To 4: 
1975 Owner:  Elizabeth B. Clancey. Lots 33-34, 58-60 & 64.
Description: 1/12 story stucco (originally frame) with gable roof.  2004 (when sold & demolished) - living room with brick fireplace (entry), dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms & bath off back hall, unfinished 2nd floor, attached garage & basement.  
Story 1: "Harrison Beasley Clancey and Janet Johnson Clancey, married in 1918, met Granville and Margaret "Aunt Dick" Gooder at the Ft. Mitchell Country Club.  The Gooders, having moved to Terrace Park in the early summer of 1919, encouraged the Clanceys to make Terrace Park their home, which they did with their daughter, Elizabeth "Libby", in 1921.  Harrison, in the brokerage business prior to the war, made his living thereafter in insurance and reading meters in Indian Hill and Terrace Park.  He also made battery radios and sold them, thereby acquiring the nickname 'radio'" (From an article by Linda Naylor, March 1993, Eastern Hills Journal.)  The Clanceys bought property next to the Gooders (725 Yale).
Story 2: "Records show the house was built in 1909.  I do not know by whom. "
  My Dad and Mother were friends of Margaret Lesser of Milford.  They would come out to Milford on a weekend.  Mother would say that many dates she had with Dad, they would end up in Milford.
  After World War I, 1920, the Gooders married and bought Mr. Alvin Norris' house at 725 Yale.
  Dad and Mother wanted a house with a yard.  Dad had grown up with a small yard, green house, barn for horses and gardens.  A gardener cared for all.  The Clanceys bought this house in January of 1921.  Mrs. John C. Ferris allowed Mother to bring furniture to the front room.  Dad, Mother and I spent our weekends here, but the Ferrises didn't move out until the summer and the chickens were eaten.  Mother spent her days pulling rocks out of the yard.  I was 1 and 2 years old.  I sat while she pulled rocks out of the yard so Dad could cut the grass.  They designed the flower garden in back with fish pond and pergola that Dad built.  Brother Harrison Jr. came along in June of 1923.
  There were only 2 bedrooms.  I was put up on the second floor with my dolls and toys.  Harrison would be in the 2nd bedroom on the first floor."  (Written by Esther Power from notes of Libby Clancey.)      (Libby and Harrison Jr. are children of Janet J. and Harrison Clancey Sr.)
Story 3: Picture of Clancey home in the spring of 1923 shows Mother, Aunt Margarite, Cousin Vi, Grandmother Clancey, Uncle Power with "Libby", Father and another cousin.
Story 4: Family and school pictures, 1938 TP High School Yearbook, 1929 Kindergarten notebook in archives.  Bought for the TP Historical Society for $5 at house auction, March 27, 2004.  TP Historical Society at the same time managed to get the plans for the 1932 addition to the house from the lawyer.  Now there's a Clancey family notebook in the archives with information and pictures.  
Story 5: Elizabeth "Libby" Clancey was born 7 January 1919 and died 20 March 2007, aged 88 years, buried in St. Thomas Columbarium, Section 7, Niche 210. 
1939 Map: Clancey
1942 Map: Clancey
1951/3 Map: H. B. Clancey
1959 Directory: H. B. & Janet Clancey
1960 Directory: ''
1962-63 Direct: Mrs. H. B. (Janet) Clancey & Elizabeth B. Clancey
1963-64 Direct: ''
1965-66 Direct: Elizabeth B. "Libby" Clancey
1967-2001 Directories: ''
2002-03 Direct: "        (2004 - Libby moved to St. Theresa's in Mariemont)
2004-05 Direct:           (Sold 2004)  Demolished 2004
2006-07 Direct: Libby died March 20, 2007.