Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 115  Street: Red Bird Name: Solomon Moore House
Family: Blang Owner Info: Y
Built: circa 1830 Sec: 29 Sub: Baysore Meadows Lot: 18, 19
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 2F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
1956 - the west wing was added during the original remodeling.  1969/70 - north wing added: 2 story addition for a family room and bedroom (Frank D. Watkins, Jr.).  2005 permit for England to add & remodel - number of bedrooms not increased.  Arcanum, architect.  Fletcher Home, contractor.  
Current Owner: Joy R. Blang Date Fr: 2012 Date To: 
Original Owner: Solomon Moore  - Salina Stabler (see census records 1820-1930) Date Fr: 1855 & earlier Date To: 
Owner 1: Charles L. Baysore (still Moore family - see deeds) Date Fr 1: 1930 Date To 1: 1953
Owner 2: Jack H. Fuller - Montauk Builders Date Fr 2: 1953 Date To 2: 
Owner 3: Strathman (see deeds) Date Fr 3: Date To 3: 
Owner 4: John H. Garber (for rental) (see deeds) Date Fr 4: Date To 4:
Owner 5Frank C. Jr. & Janet W. Watkins Date Fr 51969 Date To 42005
Owner 6: John S. & Barbara J. England Date Fr 62005 Date To 52012
Owner 7 Date Fr 7 Date To 6: 
Owner 8 Date Fr 8 Date To 7
Owner 9 Date Fr 9:  Date To 8
Owner 10: Date Fr 10:  
1975 Owner:  Frank D. Jr. & Janet W. Watkins.  Lot 18 Baysore Meadows. (Lot 19 was later bought by the Watkins from the Halley's at 114 Red Bird)
Description: 2 story brick & siding American Farmhouse, gable roof.
Story 1: "Samuel Moore and his wife journeyed from West Virginia and built the 2 story brick house at the lower end of Given Road, opposite the Fresh Air Farm.  There they lived with their 6 children.  After the death of Mrs. Moore (Rebecca), Samuel married Mary Ferris Bickley, a widow with 6 children." They had 3 children which made a total of 15 children. (From "Hither and Yon on Indian Hill" - but some things in here appear to be wrong:  It's Solomon rather than Samuel and Ann rather than Mary, 2nd wife.)
  There are Moore grave markers in the St. Thomas Columbarium from the Old Indian Hill Cemetery at the foot of Old Indian Hill Road: Solomon Moore. Died June 30, 1855. Aged 58 yrs. 9 m. 8 d.  Catherine W. Daughter of Solomon & Rebecca Moore.  Died May 8, 1831. Ae 2 yrs. 6 mos, 12 ds.  Solomon Moore's 2nd wife, Ann Ferris Moore is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Milford although the cemetery has no records about her.  She is Jean Morrison's 4ggmother.  Jean Morrison in 2006 lives in Anderson Township and has a lot of information about her family.  
Other family members who were originally in the Old Indian Hill Cemetery are:
     Margaret Moore died 21 Jan 1846, aged 83 y 10 m 8 d.  Wife of Anthony.
     Mary Amanda Moore died 25 May 1846.  Daughter of Solomon & Rebecca.
     Rebecca Moore 5 Aug 1783 - 4 Apr 1835. 
It is thought that the Old Indian Hill Cemetery burials were moved to Greenlawn Cemetery in Milford.
  Some of the Moore family members are buried in Section 15 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH. Michael Moore was born in what became Terrace Park, September 1824 and died 10 October 1894, aged 70 years.  William Roper Moore was born 22 February 1842 and died 4 August 1921, aged 79 years.  Mary Moore, probably William Roper's wife, was born 25 September 1842 and died 9 May 1923, aged 80 years.  Salina Stabler (a Moore daughter) was born 21 January 1840 and died 8 June 1920, aged 80 years.  Her son, Truman R. Stabler, was born 28 January 1871 and died 14 August 1924, aged 53 years. 
There are several people with the last name of Moore buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Miami Township OH but none of them appear so far to be part of this Moore family. 
  There is also a Ferris Cemetery in Mariemont.  "Ferris Cemetery - remains on the SE side of Cherry Street and SE of the intersection of Chestnut and Oak Street in Mariemont.  It was recorded Oct 1835 for one quarter of an acre and is maintained by the Village of Mariemont."  From a Hamilton County Genealogical Society publication: The Tracer, December 2001. 
  E-mail from Carolyn Rourke, a Moore descendant: "I am tracing the Moore family on their migration from Virginia to Ohio.  Solomon is not my direct ancestor, but rather the brother of my direct ancestor Maza Moore.  The patriarch of the family died in Virginia, but most of his children (and his widow) migrated to the Cincinnati environs ... Colunbia Township, Milford, Terrace Park.  The time frame of their moving to Ohio is roughly 1811 through 1820.  My direct ancestor, Maza Moore, married into the Ward family who are purported to have helped found Madisonville.  Thus, the Ward family, who originated in New Jersey, are also part of my investigation." 

See Roger B. Ward at 825-1 Miami Avenue, "descendant of Uzziel Ward, an early pioneer of Madisonville who came here in 1795 as a surveyor." 
Again from Carolyn Rourke: "I have a fourth great grandfather, Uziel Ward.  He was born in Chatham NJ in 1765, married Mary Squire there and moved with his family to Ohio in the 1790s,  don't know the exact date.  At some point (1815ish) Uzziel and a lot of his family moved north to Liberty, Indiana."
Story 2: The original front of the house was on the east, now a window.  This entrance was across the creek from Given Road.  One can still see the remnants of the old gravel driveway.  Jan Watkins in 2002 tells us, "The fireplace, mantle and side cabinets in the living room are original as is the smaller fireplace and mantle in the bedroom above".  
  Originally 425 acres were purchased by Solomon Moore in 182_ (no early deed available recently).  He had a son, a grandson and a great grandson, John Walter Moore (408 Miami) and a great great granddaughter Mrs. Harold (Mary) Wiley (daughter of John Walter Moore) who lived at 9310 Indian Hill Road (later 750 Indian Hill Road).  
Story 3: John Garber, realtor, bought the original farm house and surrounding acreage from the Baysores.  He remodeled the farm house which had no plumbing or modern heating system. The remodeling plans were drawn by G. E. Porter, architect.  In the mid 1950s he put it on the market at a fairly high price so it didn't sell.  It was rented until the Watkins bought it in 1969.  The surrounding acreage was used to develop Red Bird Lane.  The street was named Baysore Lane but realtor Max Palm who lived at #109 didn't like the name and was instrumental in getting it changed to Red Bird Lane.  115 Red Bird was originally part of Indian Hill so the mail carrier was from Indian Hill.
  At the time when the Watkins bought the house this is what was in the paper (from Stan Millers 1969 scrapbook).  "Ziccardi Realty.  115 Red Bird Lane.  By it flows Red Bird Creek which gives its name to this street, a beautiful street, new and neat.  All is new here except this old, old house.  Built by a member of the Ferris family in 1840 (probably earlier).  Anything they did was well done, well loved and not out of the family until 1956 (1953) when this house was bought by a group of architects and thoroughly remodeled, keeping its old colonial charm.   Winnie was planning to buy it and build a marvelous garden around it.  The recent tornado culled and pruned most of its old, old trees.  This pruning will be carefully carried on by an expert tree man.  Perhaps you would like to be the next occupant and inherit all that has been done through the decades.  3 bedrooms, 2 baths, center hall, a lavatory and a screened porch.  Quotation $45,000.  If interested call Mr. Garber."  (Solomon Moore's 2nd wife was a Ferris) (Probably "Winnie" is Mrs. Harry Bucher, a renter from Garber? - see below)
  Jan Watkins writes, "When we first moved to Red Bird Lane in 1958 it was then called Baysore Lane and later changed to Red Bird.  We lived at #110 from 1958-1970, then at #115 from 1970-2004.  There is much history involved there".  
Story 4:      Baysore Meadows Subdivision was owned by Jack Fuller (or perhaps it's more accurate to say Montauk Builders.  According to information in the Deeds Index, Montauk builders was a partnership between Jack H. Fuller, George E. Porter, Jr. and G. F. Strathman).  He put in the street: Baysore Lane.  It was dedicated in 1956 (source unknown but in Esther Power's handwriting).  
     Baysore Meadows subdivision - Book 521, Plat 9, Parcel 11 - see plat book 66 - pgs 9 & 10 (also in Esther Power's writing)
Story 5: Jan Watkins writes, "I worked with Pat [Henley], and others, in the early 70s to 'preserve' the land that became known as the Wilderness Preserve [later Miami Grove Nature Preserve], and later on as a volunteer at Cincinnati Nature Center where I was a staff member."  
Story 6: This house is on the 17 October 2010 TP Historical Society House Tour, "The White House Tour".  "Barbara Jane and John England - 115 Red Bird Lane.  This American Farm House, circa 1830, was originally part of a 425-acre parcel in Indian Hill.  Early entrance to the homestead was gained from Given Road by crossing a creek.  Access was simplified in the 1950s when Red Bird Lane was constructed.  Over the centuries, the modest home that is said to have once housed 15 children has been transformed into an elegant dwelling." 
Story 7: Frank Daniel Watkins was born January 23, 1928 and died September 26, 2010 Craver Riggs Funeral Home. 
1939 Map: Baysore
1942 Map: Baysore
1951/3 Map: Mrs. Margaret Baysore (on Given Road)
1959-60 Directories:  
1962-64 Directories: Harry Page & Winnie Bucher (renters?)
1965-66 Direct: "      (Harry P. Bucher died December 5, 1966)
1967-70 Directories: Mrs. Harry (Winnie) Bucher 
1971-2003 Directories: Dan & Jan Watkins
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