Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 727-1  Street: Park Name: 
Family: Owner Info: 
Built: before 1886 Sec: 29 Sub: George W. Corey Lot: 34
Architect:  Cont/Build: George W. Corey
#Owners:  Original Use: Residential Current Use: Replaced in 1987-8
CHANGES As Built:  Add To:  Sub From: Y Replace: Y
Owner: Miles F. & Harry H. Eveland Date Fr: 1936 Date To: 1948 
1975 Owner:  Harry H. Eveland
Description: Original house probably looked like 729 Park.  Was it destroyed by fire in the 1930s? 
Story 1: A residence (727-1) was on this site previously.  It was later in such bad condition that it was taken down.  The old foundation was found during excavation for the 1987-8 house.  An old Chapman Dairy (see 614 Floral) bottle was also found (an Indian Hill dairy).
  Liza Brown and Patty Fehl both say the original 727 Park looked like 729 Park, so it was another Corey house.  It was empty in the early 1940s so Patty Fehl and her teen age friends thought of renting it for their club house. 
  According to Liza Brown the original house was built in the 1890s or was lived in since the 1890s by a family named Saap.   Ruth Clayton also remembers the Saap family here.  Ruth also says it looked like 729 Park so was a Corey house of cement construction.  
Ruth Clayton tells us that Clyde and Rose Saap lived here in her childhood.  It was Rose Saap who kept a cow and walked it daily over the RR bridge and to three empty lots on Harvard (319, 323 & 327) to graze for the day and walked it back home at night.  Clyde & Rose are aunt and uncle of Bud Buschmeier (753 Wooster)
Story 2: Henry W. Gruenemeier was caretaker and in charge of maintenance for the Fresh Air Farm (later Stepping Stones) from 1912 until his retirement, probably in 1970.  His wife was Anna L. Gruenemeier.  
     Henry Gruenemeier.  Services for Henry W. Gruenemeier, 92, formerly of Indian Hill, were today at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Maple and Lind Streets, Reading.  Mr. Gruenemeier is a former resident of 5650 Given Road, Indian Hill.  From October 1912 until his retirement about eight years ago, he was the caretaker at the Fresh Air Farm in Indian Hill.  He leaves three daughters, Marguerite Wise, Antoinette Hoff and Anna Mae Radcliffe; three sons, George, Edward and William Gruenemeier; three sisters, Laura and Martha Gruenemeier and Rose Wullenweber; 21 grandchildren and 33 great grandchildren.  
     Death Notice. GRUENEMEIER  Henry W. beloved husband of the late Anna L. Gruenemeier, devoted father of Mrs. Marguerite Wise, Mrs. Antoinette Hoff, Mrs. Anna May Radcliffe, George, Edward and William Gruenemeier, brother of Laura and Martha Gruenemeier and Mrs. Rose Wullenweber, also survived by 21 grandchildren and 33 great grandchildren.  Former resident of 5650 Given Road, Indian Hill.  Friends may call at the Thomas Memorial, 7500 Montgomery Road, Kenwood, Thursday from 6 to 9 p. m.  Funeral services at St. Paul Lutheran Church Maple and Lind     SMS 1978
1939 Map:    (House here but empty)
1942 Map: Henry Gruenemeier (moved from Given?) (He died Jan 11, 1978 aged 92 years)
1951/3 Map: T. Wirley
1959 Directory: