Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 303  Street: Oxford Name: 
Family: Pidcock Owner Info: N
Built: 1896/7 Sec: 23 Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City Lot: 10-11, pt 9
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners:10? Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
This home was originally planned to be used as a one story home with all its quite small rooms on the ground floor and a center hallway from the front to the back of the house for air circulation.  To the left of the center hallway were a living room, dining room, kitchen (bathroom added  in one corner with doors to porch, hallway and kitchen so it was a very busy place) and an open back porch.   There were fireplaces back to back in the living and dining rooms.  Stairs to the unfinished 2nd floor went up from the kitchen.  To the right of that hallway were 3 bedrooms.  After World War II a major renovation combined some of the downstairs rooms into larger rooms and made use of the upstairs for 3 bedrooms.  An open staircase was also added since the former entrance to the attic was hidden in the wall.  (Information and plans by Helen Barnett in the Oxford house folder.)  1999 - Scott Santi made a 2 story addition for a family room, bedroom and bath (Architect: Bruce Goetzman).  This was the first change to the original footprint of the house.  
Current Owner: John B. & Maria L. Pidcock Date Fr: 2003 Date To: 
Original Owner: L. H. Gerhold (land only?) Date Fr Date To: 1884
Owner 1: Louise H.  & Mary Gerhold (Lot 9) Date Fr 1: 1886 Date To 1: 1912
Owner 2: Samuel F. & Aramita E. Baker (Lots 10 & 11)(Probably 1st resident) Date Fr 2: 1894 Date To 2: 1906
Owner 3: Eskiom Phillips (Lots 10 & 11) Date Fr 3: 1906 Date To 3: 1909
Owner 4: Frank & Helen Rothenhoefer (Lots 10 & 11) Date Fr 4: 1909 Date To 4: 1922
Owner 5: Frank & Helen Rothenhoefer (Lot 9) Date Fr 5: 1912 Date To 5: 1922
Owner 6: Harry C. King (& Mary Ellis King) Date Fr 6: 1922 Date To 6: 1925
Owner 7: Franklin W. Wood Date Fr 7: 1925 Date To 7: 1926
Owner 8: Ruth Halvorson Date Fr 8: 1926 Date To 8: 1943
Owner 9: Elmo T. & B. J. Calvert Date Fr 9: 1943 Date To 9: 1976
Owner 10: Mary M. Harrison Date Fr 10: 1976 Date To 10: 1995
Owner 11: Ernest Scott & Nancy S. Santi Date Fr 11: 1995 Date To 11: 2003
Owner 12: Sirva Relocation Llc. Date Fr 12: 2003 Date To 12: 2003
Owner 13: Date Fr 13: Date To 13:
Owner 14: Date Fr 14: Date To 14:
1975 Owner:  Elmo T. Calvert. 10-11 pt 9 Sib 1
Description: 1 1/2 story remodeled Victorian cottage, siding, gable roof.  (See Changes.)
Story 1: 1909 Williams' Hamilton County Directory:  S. F. Baker (Minta E.) listed as clerk.  Thus the Bakers must have been living here still in 1909 although the deeds would indicate something different. 
Story 2: Mrs. King taught piano and was the music teacher at Terrace Park School for 18 years.  More information about the family at 614 Floral.  
Story 3: Mrs. Halvorson was the 1st Home Economics teacher at Terrace Park School.  She had two children, a boy and a girl "Dotty".  Dotty was a red head like her father. 
Story 4: Helen Barnett's mother remembers going to a dance in the open 2nd floor of this house.  
Story 5:      Buck & B. J. Calvert lived here briefly before Buck left to serve in the Army in the 1940s.  During that period Helen Muldoon and her husband lived there. Helen had been a TPHS student and resident of Mariemont.  After the war B. J. & Buck returned to the house and had the remodeling of the 1940s done.  They stayed there over 30 years.  Their children were Tim & Cindy.  B. J. Calvert was a long time friend and class mate of Helen Barnett's and actually introduced Helen to her husband-to-be Lowell Barnett.  
Elmo "Buck" T. Calvert was born 6 June 1910 and died 13 October 1996, aged 86 years.  Betty Jane Calvert was born 4 October 1916 and died 6 May 1983, aged 67 years.  Her body was donated to Medical Science.  Both are buried in St. Thomas Columbarium Section 6, Niche 171. 
Story 6: This home was on the 2002 Heritage House Tour.
Story 7:      C. L. "Lingy" Harrison and Mary "Molly" Maish Harrison 1976-1995.  Brother and sister of "Lingy" Harrison = brother R. S. "Dick" Harrison (wife Ann) and sister Pris Harrison Connell (831 Indian Hill Road).  "Molly" Harrison's brother was Jerry Maish (wife Lucy) (735 Park).  Harrison article in the TP Historical Society archives.  
Charles "Lingy" Harrison died 15 November 1995. 
1939 Map: Halvorson
1942 Map: MacEwen
1951/3 Map: E. T. Calvert (Mrs. E. T. Calvert:  one of the Havemann daughters at 313 Oxford)
1959-64 Directories: E. T. "Buck" & B. J. Calvert
1965-74 Directories: ''   (Helen Muldoon Borne sometime in the 1940s, probably a renter)
1975-76 Direct: ''   (Sold 1976)
1978-95 Directories: C. L III & Molly Harrison
1996-2001 Directories: Scott & Nancy Santi
2002-03 Direct: "   (sold 2003)
2004-12 Directories: John & Maria Pidcock