Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 628  Street: Myrtle Name: 
Family: Doran Owner Info: Y
Built: 1940/1 Sec: 23 Sub: C. R Stuntz's Terrace Park Lot: Pt 1
Architect:  Cont/Build: Fritz Huber - 800 Elm
#Owners: 6F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
1962/5 - Michael & Dorothy Waller added 13' x 6'6" to the kitchen.  Description: large 2 story addition to the rear of the house - enlarged the kitchen, added a lavatory, large family room with fireplace and patio on the 1st floor; large master bedroom and bath on the 2nd floor (Norval Julnes, builder).  2006 - Borden permit to add & remodel but doubt it was ever done.  2008 - permit to John Doran for an addition and remodel (garage and kitchen) (Fletcher Homes, contractor).  
Current Owner: John & Cynthia Doran Date Fr: 2008 Date To: 
Original Owner: George & Clara Bourgraf  Date Fr: 1940 Date To: 1950
Owner 1: Dr. Stewart E. & Edith P. Halbauer DDS Date Fr: 1: 1950 Date To 1: 1958
Owner 2: Michael V. W. & Dorothy L. Waller  Date Fr 2: 1958 Date To 2: 1967
Owner 3: John C. & Helen S. Campbell Date Fr 3: 1967 Date To 3
Owner 4: Helen Campbell & Estate of John C. Campbell Date Fr 4 Date To 4: 1981
Owner 5: Peter A. & Louise W. Borden Date Fr 51981 Date To 52008
Owner 6:  Date Fr 6 Date To 6
Owner 7:  Date Fr 7 Date To 7
Owner 8:  Date Fr 8 Date To 8
Owner 9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9
Owner 10:  Date Fr 10 Date To 10
1975 Owner:  John C. & Helen S. Campbell
Description: 2 story colonial, siding, gable roof.   Addition to the rear: entry, living room, dining room, kitchen & family room, 4 bedrooms, 2 & 2 half baths with partially finished full  basement & attached 2 car garage.
Story 1: 20 February 2005 correspondence from Elroy E. Bourgraf,  (8000 Peregrine Lane, Cincinnati OH45243.  8665 Bay Colony Drive #2203, Naples FL 34108.)  He was the 1st owner of this house and sent the early pictures.  "Sorry it has taken so long to deliver on this promise.  The snowy picture reminded me of what a fun place Terrace Park was.  A great place to grow up.  I'm only in town for this week and then back to Florida.  Enjoy your 'Estate'."  signed El Bourgraf. 
Story 2:      Dr. Halbauer had his dental practice in his home - dental chair etc. in what was the dining room.
     Edith Halbauer was born 10 March 1906 and died 30 March 1954, aged 48 years.  Stewart Halbauer died 30 April 1958.  They are both buried in Section 19 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Monroe Funeral Home. 
Story 3: Information from Dr. Halbauer's daughter, Patricia J. (T P High School 1956)(m Michael Arnold - T P High School 1957).  2 brothers: Stewart R. Halbauer & Ronald G. Halbauer (T P High school 1951).  Pat lived at 628 Myrtle 6 years while she went to
T P High school 1950-1956.  "I went to T P School in the Old and New Colony Buildings, which were similar to army barracks.  Sounds weird but it was a lot of fun.  I was a football and basketball cheerleader so that is something you always remembers fondly.  The kids from T P were always a very close knit group.  All we had was each other.  We walked and rode our bikes everywhere.

     My best memory of Terrace Park was the day my family moved into our house - they were still carrying in furniture and I had about 5 girls pull into my front yard on bikes - introduce themselves and told me to go get my bike because they were going to take me all over the Park and introduce me to everyone (kids).  And they did and I was part of the group from then on.  All neighborhoods should do that.  I never forgot it.  (Lots of slumber parties.)
     We rode bikes everywhere.  Our "big deal" was to walk to Milford.  We knew just about everybody who lived in TP with the exception of about 20 houses and they were usually very old people who didn't go out much.  In the '50s there were a lot of P&G people who were pretty transit but we got to know them through babysitting.  I did a great deal of babysitting when I was in the 7th & 8th grades and most of it was with ... Susan Heil and her sister Lynn.  They lived next door (603 Marietta).  I earned enough after one entire summer to buy my mother a 2 piece pop up toaster for Christmas (25 cents an hour)." 
Story 4: John Carter Campbell was born 9 March 1924 and died 9 July 1978, aged 54 years.  Helen Sayles Campbell was born 13 May 1924 and died 25 August 2009, aged 85 years.  Their son, Bruce Sayles Campbell, was born 7 January 1957 and died 19 July 1967, aged 10 years.  They are all buried in Section 4, Niche 112. 
1942 Map: Bourgraf
1951/3 Map: Stewart E. Halbauer DDS
1959-66 Directories: Michael & Dorothy Waller
1967-76 Directories: John & Helen Campbell
1978 Directory: ''     (John had a stroke & died after several years illness)
1980 Directory: Mrs. John (Helen) Campbell/Salinette Prak (Helen Campbell moved to 108 Michigan
1982-2007 Directories: Pete A. & Leezie Borden
2008-09 Direct: "      (Sold 2008)
2011-12 Directories: John & Cynthia Doran