Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 622  Street: Myrtle Name: Stuntz Carriage House
Family: Ecker Owner Info: N
Built: 1890 Sec: 23 Sub: C. R Stuntz's Terrace Park Lot: Pt 1
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 8? Original Use: Barn or carriage house to Stuntz' house (625 Elm). Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
According to Nancy Thomsen Cook - Jerry Morgan did the original remodeling to the carriage house to make it into a home.  The Thomsens did the major work.  1965 - Carl Thompson made a 15' x 6' addition to the rear.  1966 - added a 22'6" x 19'  living room to the side of the building (John Heisler, contractor).  1979 - Paul Weston added a family room and enlarged the kitchen and bath.
Current Owner: James "Buz" P. & Anne B. "Betsy" Ecker Date Fr: 1987 Date To: 
Original Owner: Chauncey R. Stuntz, ("Suukee" (cow) - carriage house to 625 Elm Date Fr: 1886 Date To: 1919
Owner 1: Edgar P. Mundy Date Fr 1: 1919 Date To 1: 1940
Owner 2: John H. Garber Date Fr 2: 1940 Date To 2: 1940
Owner 3: Mildred L. Glaser Date Fr 3: 1940 Date To 3: 1943
Owner 4: Joseph V. Schott Date Fr 4: 1943 Date To 4: 1945
Owner 5: Evelyn J. Kotte Date Fr 5: 1945 Date To 5: 1945
Owner 6: Marian F. Kramer Date Fr 6: 1945 Date To 6: 1946
Owner 7: Harriett J. Morgan (probably 1st residents) Date Fr 7: 1946 Date To 7: 1954
Owner 8:  Martha E. Constandse Date Fr 8: 1954 Date To 8: 1956
Owner 9: Sarah D. Resor Date Fr 9: 1956 Date To 9: 1959
Owner 10: John B. & Joy S. Trethaway Date Fr 10: 1959 Date To 10: 1965
Owner 11: Carl L. & Alice J. Thomson Date Fr 11: 1965 Date To 11: 1969
Owner 12: Robert L & Sue C. Whittaker Date Fr 12: 1969 Date To 12: 1978
Owner 13: Paul J. Weston Date Fr 13:1978 Date To 13: 1987
Owner 14:  Date Fr 14:  Date To 14: 
1975 Owner:  Robert L. & Sue C. Whittaker
Description: 1 story, siding , gable roof.  Originally a carriage house or barn for 625 Elm, the "Stuntz House" (See story 2).  People also remember horses in this area.  Jack Baxter's probably about 5 year old daughter from next door (603 Home) once watched a calf being born .  
Story 1: The Morgans were the ones who converted this carriage house for the Stuntz property (625 Elm Avenue) into a home.  The family consisted of the parents, Jerome G. & Harriet J. Morgan (also called "Jerry"), and their 2 sons, Doug & Jerry.  The mother, also called "Jerry", was very big in real estate, according to Linda Busken Jergens, "one of the first women to be successful".  The father worked for a zipper factory, which explains why young Jerry was sometime called "Zip". 
Story 2: 1978 Whittaker to Weston lots 119, 120, 1/2 111(?)
Story 3: After 1945 Carl and Alice Mitchell (see 624 Yale for Mitchell) Thomsen made more extensive changes to the house.  The Robinson Circus elephant house was also underground for heat in the winter and cool in the summer.   
Story 4: Alice Thomsen died 8 August 2007.
From Undated Newspaper article: "THOMSEN.  Carl L. Thomsen, 88, of Englewood died Wednesday February 18, 2009 at Charlotte Harbor HealthCare in Port Charlotte.  Born on February 7, 1921 in Adams County, CO to Otto and Hannah C. (Hansen) Thomsen and grew up in Mariemont, OH where he was a member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church of Terrace Park.  During World War II, he served in the Army Air Corp from September 1942 until September 1945.  He was stationed at Doepham Green, England and was a navigator on a B-17.  He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with 3 Oak Clusters during his service in the Normandy, Northern France and the Rhineland air offensive leaving the service after the war as a 1st Lt.  Carl graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering in 1946.  He worked at A. M. Kinney, Inc. Consulting Engineers for 30 years as a Vice President and opened the Denver office of A. M. Kinney, Inc. in 1969.  In 1978 Carl moved to Lake Worth, FL where he worked for Gee & Jenson Engineering until retirement in 1987.  Survivors include two daughters, Nancy L. Thomsen Cook of Englewood FL and Martha Thomsen-Hayes of North Port, FL, two grand children: Robert Tuttle of Englewood, FL and Amy Haynes of North Port FL.  Englewood Community Femoral Home & Cremation Service has been selected to handle arrangements.  Condolences may be made on line at www.englewoodfh.com.  
Story 5: Buz Ecker's mother, Margaret Pyne Ecker, died 19 May 2015 at 91 years.  She was a graduate of Highlands High School and UC School of Nursing. 
1951/3 Map: Morgan, Jerome G.
1959-64 Directories: John & Joy Trethaway
1965-66 Direct:  
1967-68 Direct: Carl & Alice Thomsen (moved from 607 Floral)   
1969-74 Directories: Robert & Sue Whittaker (moved from 407 Amherst)
1975-76 Direct: ''      (moved to Colorado)
1978 Directory: Robert & Sue Whittaker 
1980-84 Directories: Paul J. & Linda Weston
1986 Directory: ''      (moved to 621 Miami)
1988-12 Directories: Buz & Betsy Ecker