Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 607  Street: Myrtle Name: 
Family: Routt Owner Info: Y
Built: 1935 & 1995 Sec: 23 Sub: C. R Stuntz's Terrace Park Lot: 13-14
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 9F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built:  Add To: Y Sub From:  Replace: 
After the home was built a 2 car garage was added next to the NE corner of the home, just touching the home.  1950s - screened porch was taken down and a room added in its place (bedroom with small full bath).  Later closets in the room were removed and the ceiling was raised (cathedral) adding a fan and track lighting.    [Eastern Journal June 20, 1994:  Variance Request Village of Terrace Park.  The Zoning Board of Appeals Commission of the Village of Terrace Park, Ohio will meet at 7:30 PM Wednesday, July 20, 1994 in the Community Building, 428 Elm Avenue, Terrace Park to consider a request for variance at 607 Myrtle.]   Dec. 1994/Oct. 1995 - extensive remodeling and addition.  The 2 car garage on the NE corner was knocked down.  The full bath in the south addition was removed and replaced with a half bath.  The double hung window on the south wall of the same room was replaced with 2 double hung windows with an arch window above.  The addition included a basement in an L shape around the east and north sides of the house.  The first floor addition included a new living room, kitchen and laundry room.  The second floor addition included 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a sitting room and a 2nd staircase.  The front of the house has both a covered and a screened porch.  There is a deck in the rear and a 2 car garage on the north east corner of the lot.  The original wood siding on the house was covered with vinyl.  1994 permit, J. Robert Rout owner - 2 story addition to garage (Randal Hershey, architect; Addison Homes Construction, builders).  2000 permit for Robert Routt to finish the basement.  Addison Home Construction.  Randall Hershey architect.  
Current Owner:  Mary Jane Routt (later Yates Tr.) Date Fr: 1998 Date To: 
Original Owner: William K. Rawlings Date Fr: 1935 Date To: 1943
Owner 1: George C. & Grace Kipp Date Fr 1: 1943 Date To 1: 1957
Owner 2: Randall L. & Gladys Gomien      (Gomien Supply Co. Inc.) Date Fr 2: 1957 Date To 2: 1978
Owner 3: Thomas E. & Theresa B. Dean Date Fr 3: 1978 Date To 3: 1979
Owner 4: Dale L. & Nancy N. Stoddard Date Fr 4: 1979 Date To 4: 1983
Owner 5: Thomas & Cynthia Leksan Date Fr 5: 1983 Date To 5: 1988
Owner 6: Jeffrey & Margaret Parkhurst Date Fr 6: 1988 Date To 6: 1991
Owner 7:  Daniel P.  & Janet W. Dever  Date Fr 7: 1991 Date To 7: 1994
Owner 8: J. Robert & Mary Jane Routt Date Fr 8: 1994 Date To 8: 1998
Owner 9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
Owner 10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10: 
1975 Owner:  Randall L. Gomien
Description: Originally a 1 12/ story Cape Cod with wood siding: living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs, 2 bedrooms and 1 full bath upstairs.  Full basement.  Used to be heated with oil.  Probably had a screened porch on the south side next to the living room at first (Routts think that because the basement extends to the south beyond the south wall of the living room).   Now a greatly expanded Cape Cod, 2 stories, vinyl siding, gable roof with dormers.
Story 1: An elderly neighbor told the Routts that P&G once owned the house and that several of their employees lived there for short periods of time but that does not show in the deeds. 
Story 2: Randall Gomien died in Florida December 5, 1981, aged 82.
1939 Map: Rawlings
1942 Map: Rawlings
1951/3 Map: George C. Kipp
1959-64 Directories: Randall & Velma Gomien
1965-74 Directories: Randall Gomien
1975-78 Directories: Randall & Gladys Gomien
1980 Directory: Dale L. Stoddard
1982 Directory: "    (Sold 1983)
1984-86 Directories: Thomas "Tom" & Cynthia Leksan
1988 Directory: ----  (Sold 1988)
1990-91 Directories: Jeff & Maggie Parkhurst (Sold 1991)
1992-93 Directories: ----
1994-95 Directories: Robby & Janie Routt
1996-2005 Directories: Robert & Janie Routt
2006-07 Directories: Janie Routt (Robert moved to 719 Lexington)
2008-12 Directories: Janie Yates & Routt Children
2015 Directory: Janie Yates