Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 101  Street: Michigan Name: 
Family: Drackett Owner Info: Y
Built: 1981/2 Sec: 23 Sub: Nordloh's 2nd Lot: 11, 12 & 13
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 1 Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
1997 - permit for the  Dracketts to add a family room and bedroom and remodel the kitchen.  According to the Terrace Park Garden Club Home Tour ticket booklet "a 2 story expansion was added to the north end of the home.  A brick fireplace and Bluestone terrace were also added.   In 1998 the carriage house was built on the property for visiting family members, guests, and clients of Drackett Harth Construction.   (Architects Plus; Drackett & Harth, builders)   
Current Owner: William H. & Mary R. Drackett Date Fr: 1980 Date To: 
Original Owner: William H. & Mary R. Drackett Date Fr: 1980 Date To: 
Owner 1:  Date Fr 1:  Date To 1: 
Owner 2:  Date Fr 2:  Date To 2: 
Owner 3:  Date Fr 3:  Date To 3: 
Owner 4:  Date Fr 4:  Date To 4: 
Owner 5:  Date Fr 5:  Date To 5: 
Owner 6:  Date Fr 6:  Date To 6: 
Owner 7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
Owner 8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
Description: 2 story Transitional, siding, gable roof. 
Story 1: According to the Dracketts the original site of Covalt Station was at the bend in the Little Miami River known as Montauk Point about where Red Bird Hollow Creek joins the Little Miami River.  (Others also believe the site was nearer to the river than where St. Thomas is now.)  They also say that "in the rear corner was also the site of the original Church building that grew to become St. Thomas."  (see story in the Terrace Park Historical Society house file.)
Story 2:

Bill Drackett bought 103 London from Marjorie Allen in 1996 and later 5 Sycamore to demolish and add to 101 Michigan.

Story 3: The Bill and Mamie Drackett home and carriage house were on the 2000 Sunday December 3 Terrace Park Garden Club Home Tour.  Homes were open 1-5 PM.  The Community House was open from 12-5 PM for Holiday Fair. refreshments, ticket sales and restrooms.  Proceeds were used to continue the beautification of our village.  
1982-84 Directories: Drackett
1986-2012 Directories: William & Mamie Drackett