Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 903-1  Street: Miami Name: 
Family: Jansen/Moore Owner Info: N
Built: 1914 Sec: 22 Sub: Little Miami Road Lot: Ac Ir
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners:  Original Use: Edgewater Club House Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: Y? Add To: ? Sub From: Y Replace: Y
1964 - installed aluminum siding (Bernard Jansen).  1999 - Demolished house and garage.  Vacant lot for new construction (JFP Construction).
Current Owner: Date Fr:  Date To: 
Original Owner: Michael T. Leaf Date Fr: 1871 Date To: 1928
Owner 1: William A. McCallum Date Fr 1: 1928 Date To 1: 1947
Owner 2: William M. & B. S. Andrews Date Fr 2: 1947 Date To 2: 1948
Owner 3: Frances W. Williams ('til death - then relatives) Date Fr 3 1948 Date To 3:1993/4
Owner 4: Daniel & Nikki Utt (see 903-2)  Date Fr 4: 1994 Date To 4: 2003
1975 Owner:            Bernard 3/4 & Joanna 1/4 Jansen. Little Miami Road (also in 1983) (1990 Bernard & William Jansen) (also in 1964?) (There don't seem to be deeds as to Jansen's ownership.)
          The topic of deeds in the Edgewater area needs further investigation as there's a lot of confusion concerning land there.  Henry and later Michael Leaf owned that land for over 80 years, from 1846 until 1928, and are no doubt the ones who established summer cottages for rental and the Edgewater Club House there.
Description: 2 story Colonial(?), siding & stucco(?), hip & gable roof.  
Story 1: "There is some history involved down on Edgewater.  We grew up at 903 Miami Avenue.  It had a brass plaque in the wall from the flood in the '20s or '30s.  The house was said to have been the T. P. Club House.  Unfortunately it was demolished in the '90s to build 2 new homes.  There is a tunnel still open that was where during Prohibition they boated liquor to the tunnels. ... As for artist - one of the best nature artists was Mrs. Ward."   From a Facebook entry from Lewis Malott.  In fact the club house he refers to was the Edgewater Club House, probably involved with activities when there were many summer cottages in the Edgewater area of Terrace Park.  Mrs. Ward, the artist, was probably Roger Ward's 2nd wife, Mildred.  They lived at 825-1 Miami Avenue.  The Malotts evidently lived at 903 Miami from c1965-c1995 during the Williams' family ownership.  There seems to be no record of the Mallot's ownership of 903 Miami.  More research needs to be done about the whole Edgewater area.  903-1 Miami was still standing in 1998. 
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1960 Directory: Ben & Johanna Jansen
1962-63 Direct: '' & Lewis Scoggins & Mrs. Judy Williams
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1965-66 Direct: '' & George & Edna Lampton & Lewis & Hanna Mallott
1967-68 Direct: '' & Mrs. George & Edna Lampton ''
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1973-74 Direct: ''      & Donald & Lee Anne Craig & Lewis & Hanna Mallott
1975-76 Direct: ''      & Lewis (Hanna) Mallott
1978 Directory: Jansen & Mallott
1980 Directory: Jansen /Malott/Phil Vanlandingham
1982 Directory: Jansen/Malott
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1986 Directory: Jansen/Mallott
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1996-97 Direct: Ben & Johanna Jansen & E. S. Moore
1998-99 Direct: Ben Jansen
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