Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 732  Street: Miami Name: 
Family: Pitstick Plaque: 2008 Owner Info: Y
Built: 1910 ? (Krusling owned land by 1906) Sec: 22 Sub: Sibley's 2nd BL 9 Lot: 63-68
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 8F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
The original 8' wide open porches on 3 sides are now enclosed with 13 big picture windows.  1965 - the Gallaghers finished the upstairs for 2 enlarged bedrooms.  1972 - Elizabeth Gallagher built an exterior garage and tool shed on the north west corner of the lot.  1985 - replaced the  windows.  2001 - new drive from Miami to 732.  Add street parking space.  2008 permit to Si Pitstick for alterations (Dean Forster, architect, JA Smith Construction, contractor).    
Current Owner: Si A. & Laura H. Pitstick Date Fr: 2007 Date To: 
Original Owner: Krusling family  (see deeds throughout) Date Fr: 1906 Date To: 1920
Owner 1: Florence G. Kidney (1st husband) Date Fr 1: 1920 Date To 1: 
Owner 2: Stephen & Florence Gooder Gerard (2nd husband) Date Fr 2:  Date To 2: 1928
Owner 3: Gallagher family Date Fr 3: 1928 Date To 3: 1984
Owner 4D. Ann Runyon McKibben Date Fr 41984 Date To 41989
Owner 5Margaret "Mogie" S. Harrison (& Henry) Date Fr 51989 Date To 51999
Owner 6: Dennis & Luigina Doris Vecchione-Curran Date Fr 61999 Date To 62001
Owner 7Jeffrey & Angela Lemay Date Fr 72001 Date To 72007
Owner 8 Date Fr 8 Date To 8
Owner 9: Date Fr 9: Date To 9:
Owner 10: Date Fr 10: Date To 10:
1975 Owner:  Elizabeth B. Gallagher. 63 to 68 Sib 2
Description: 2 story, shingle, hip & gable roof.  (Originally had open porches - now enclosed.)  In 2003 - 5 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths - light open spaces, high ceilings, large windows.
Story 1: Esther Power had a conversation with the Reverend Janes Krusling at Sem Haven in May, 1992.  He must have lived here as a boy.  He told Esther that the Meurers lived across the street and another artist (Traxel) also lived on Miami.  R. K. Le Blond lived nearby.  James Krusling walked to church in Milford with 10 pennies in his pocket for the collection plate.  The Grocery Store would give him a piece of candy if he bought something.  The Terrace Park School let the children out to lead Robinson Circus ponies and horses off the railroad car.  James did it for 2 years.  He also watched Circus rehearsals. 
Story 2: According to folklore the Robinson Circus acrobats practiced on the open wide porches.   
Story 3:      The Gerards with their 2 daughters Mary and Nancy moved from here to the Cleveland OH area.  He (Stephen Gerard) was with Champion Paper. The mother was Grenville Gooder's (725 Yale) older sister Florence.
     As children the Gerard girls attended Chipawa Trail Camp on Elk Lake in Michigan.  Their mother was a counselor there and perhaps eventually assistant director. 
Story 4: Estella Gallagher was born 29 March 1873 and died 7 February 1968, aged 94 years.  Hugh Gallagher was born 20 October 1904 and died 1 July 1965, aged 60 years.  Both are buried in Section 22 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Monroe-Copher Funeral Home.  Elizabeth Gallagher died March 23, 1982.
1939 Map: Mimick
1942 Map: Gallagher 
1951/3 Map: Hugh Gallagher? (also shown as 200 Stanton)
1959-60 Directories: Hugh & Estelle Gallagher (must be son & mother?)
1962-66 Directories: Hugh & Elizabeth Gallagher
1967-80 Directories: Mrs. Hugh (Elizabeth) Gallagher
1982 Directory: -----
1984-86 Directories: Earl & DeAnn Silva
1988 Directory: ''      & D. R. McKibben (Sold 1989)
1990-91 Direct: ----
1992-95 Directories: Henry & Mogie Harrison
1996-97 Direct: ''      (moved to 3 Given Lane)
1998-99 Direct: ----   (Sold 1999)
2000-01 Direct: Sean & Gina Curran  (Sold 2001)
2002-03 Direct: Jeff & Angela Lemay (moved to 707 Floral)
2004-05 Direct: Scott Bailey
2006-07 Direct: Fabrice Quested & Tina Malm           (Sold 2007)
2008-12 Directories: Si & Laura Pitstick