Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 505  Street: Miami Name:  Paul Scudder or "Rooster House"
Family: Troller Plaque: 2008 Owner Info: N
Built: circa 1910 Sec: 23 Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City Lot: Pt 153
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners: 11F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: ? Replace: N
1962 - alteration by Bruce Forster.  1963 - carport by Bruce Forster).  1989 - large unspecified addition by the Linette Bolinger to the north of the original house.  2008 - permit for Dave Troller - Apex Reconstruction - kitchen alterations after fire.  
Current Owner: David E. & Susan Ferrell Troller Date Fr: 2004 Date To: 
Original Owner: Dr. R. Paul Scudder Date Fr: 1903 Date To: 1913
Owner 1: Oscar D. & M. E. Coldeway Date Fr 1: 1913 Date To 1: 1920
Owner 2: Aline H. & Joseph Garretson Sr. (Jr. in 1938) Date Fr 21920 Date To 21942
Owner 3: Walter H. & Kathryn Daw Date Fr 31942 Date To 31962
Owner 4: Bruce M. & Mary T. Forster Date Fr 41962 Date To 4: 1966
Owner 5: William "Carter" & Elizabeth "Betty" Henry Jones Date Fr 5: 1966 Date To 51968
Owner 6William & Carla R. Sprague Date Fr 61968 Date To 61973
Owner 7: Raymond L. & F. Eileen Burklow Date Fr 71973 Date To 71981
Owner 8Anthony Russell Woodward Date Fr 81981 Date To 81989
Owner 9Linette L. Bolinger Date Fr 91989 Date To 92004
Owner 10:  Date Fr 10 Date To 10
1975 Owner:  Raymond L. & F. Eileen Burklow. Pt 153 Sib 3 (50x180 & 100x120)
Description: 2 story stucco & siding, gable roof. 
Story 1: On a descriptive page concerning 505 Miami it states the house was built in 1910.  It may have been built as early as 1905 since R. Paul Scudder bought from Gustav A. Worz in 1903 & 1904.  (See pictures of the Dr. Paul Scudder house in 1911 and 1913.)  He sold it to Oscar J. Coldeway in September 1913, the month after the picture was taken.  Coldeway sold to Joseph Garetson in August 1920.  It was originally a 1 story house.  It's not known when the 2nd story was added.  R. Paul Scudder also owned 408 Marietta from 1919-22. 
Story 2: Originally built as a one story house but not by Joe Garretson Sr. who was a Cincinnati Enquirer columnist.  Stones from the Little Miami were used in the front garden wall and in the fireplace.  English gardens once surrounded the house and a  terraced lawn was on the river side.
Story 3: ? P. Garretson listed this as his address when he signed the Initiative Petition for Terrace Park Recreation Club in July 1940.
Story 4 Owner Walter H. Daw  was Mayor of Terrace Park 1952-55.  Rumor has it that people used to come from far and wide to buy eggs at the "Rooster House".
Story 5: The Bollinger home was on the 1992 Sunday December 6 "An Historic Walk Through Terrace Park" TP Garden Club House Tour .  Homes were open from 1-5 PM.  Proceeds were used for village beautification. 
Story 6: According to Bill Hogan in the 1920s or early 30s this house was lived in by Kathleen Jones, sister of Mary Finch, next door at 505 Miami.  Was it a one story house at the time? 
Story 7: Tony Woodward was a surveyor and worked with Lee Nordloh for several years, surveying both in Terrace Park and elsewhere. 
Story 8: There was a fire in the house in 2008 after which the Trollers had to move next door (501 Miami) until repairs were made.  
1939 Map: Garretson
1942 Map: no name
1951/3 Map: W. H. Daw
1959-63 Directories: W. H. & Kathryn Daw
1963-66 Directories: Bruce & Mary Forster
1967-68 Directory: Carter "Buck" & Betty Jones
1969-72 Directories: William & Carla Sprague
1973-80 Directories: Ray & Eileen Burklow (moved from Milford)  
1982-86 Directories: Anthony Woodward
1988 Directory: ''    (Sold 1989)
1990-2003 Directories: Linette L. Bollinger
2004-05 Directory:   (Troller moved from 615 Amherst) (Sold 2004)
2006-12 Directories: David & Susan Troller