Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 610  Street: Lexington Name: 
Family: McCoy Owner Info: Y
Built: 1940 Sec: 23 Sub: Sibley's 3rd BL 16 Lot: 41-42
Architect: Prefab-Gunnison  Cont/Build: unknown
#Owners: 2F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: Y Add To: N Sub From: N Replace: N
1964 - Paul Stewart installed aluminum siding.  1994 permit for Gertrude Stewart to rebuild the front porch (Keffer, contractor).
Current Owner: Robert R. & Mindy J. McCoy Date Fr: 2010 Date To: 
Original Owner: Helen S. Stewart Date Fr: 1941 Date To: 1971
Owner 1Paul R. Stewart Date Fr 11971 Date To 11990
Owner 2Gertrude Stewart Date Fr 21990 Date To 2: 2010
Owner 3Eugene R. & Cynthia S. Wilson Date Fr 32010 Date To 32010
Owner 4 Date Fr 4 Date To 4
Owner 5 Date Fr 5 Date To 5
Owner 6 Date Fr 6 Date To 6
Owner 7 Date Fr 7 Date To 7
Owner 8 Date Fr 8 Date To 8
Owner 9: Date Fr 9: Date To 9:
Owner 10: Date Fr 10: Date Fr 10:
1975 Owner:  Paul R. Stewart (lots 41-2, and 33, 34, 37, 38 later sold off for 614 Lexington)
Description: 1 story Gunnison Ranch, siding, gable roof. 
Story 1: In Village Views article December 1985: "Dealing with a 50-foot lot problem in reverse, the commission held that there was nothing to prevent Paul Stewart from selling a 100-foot lot adjoining his home site at 610 Lexington Ave.  Stewart bought and built upon a 50-foot lot in 1941, and bought the 100-foot lot adjoining in 1944."
Story 2: Mrs. Anna Hattaway, widow of Guy E. Hattaway is listed as living here in an obit.  The Hattaway home was 618 Lexington.  Did she ever live at 610?
Story 3: Paul Stewart was married to Helen.  They had a son Bob whose 2nd wife was Gertrude. They had a daughter Shari who may have at least some ownership in the home.  
Story 4: Helen Stewart - president Terrace Park Garden Club 1947-49
1942 Map: Paul Stewart
1951/3 Map: Paul R. Stewart
1959-64 Directories: Paul R. & Helen Stewart
1965-70 Directories: ''    & Mrs. Gertrude Stewart
1971-72 Direct: Paul R. & Helen Stewart (Helen died February 22, 1970)
1973-95 Directories: Paul R. Stewart & Gertrude Stewart
1996-2012 Directories: Gertrude Stewart