Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: Street: Kent Circle Name: 
Family: SOLD Owner Info: Y
Built: 1970 Sec: 29 Sub: Park View Hills Lot: 5
Architect: Pease Cont/Build: Thorman Bros.
#Owners: 3 Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
1976 - Betty Payne Kniffin added a detached tool shed in the north east rear corner.  1999 - James Moulton added a patio enclosure, sun room (by Patio Enclosures).
Current Owner: Date Fr: 2016 Date To: 
Original Owner: Joseph & Betty Kniffen Date Fr: 1970 Date To: 1974
Owner 1: Dwight E. & Diana Wages Date Fr 1: 1974 Date To 1: 1985
Owner 2: James & Barbara Moulton Date Fr 2: 1985 Date To 2: 2016
Owner 3:  Date Fr 3:  Date To 3: 
Owner 4:  Date Fr 4:  Date To 4: 
Owner 5:  Date Fr 5:  Date To 5: 
Owner 6:  Date Fr 6:  Date To 6: 
Owner 7:  Date Fr 7:  Date To 7: 
Owner 8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 8: 
Owner 9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
Owner 10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10: 
1975 Owner:  Betty Payne Kniffin. Irreg lot 5 Park View Hills Sub
Description: 1 story Pease brick Ranch, gable roof: 7 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, attached garage.  One outbuilding - age unknown.
Story 1: Kris Circle is named after Maerki daughter Christina.  Proposal to Terrace Park Council December 1969 for sub division of 6 lots just east of Wrenwood with exit to Wooster owned by Walter Maerki   (4 houses on street, 2 on Kent Circle).  Kent Circle is names for Maerki son in 1970.  
Story 2: Joseph D. Kniffin was born in 8 March 1908 and died 11 March 1981, aged 73, body donated to Medical Science.  4 October 1993 he was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Plot: Garden LN, Section 103, Lot 173, Space 1C376.  FAG# 78974776.  Betty Payne Kniffen was born 16 September 1911 and died 1 May 1990.  She is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Plot: Garden LN, Section 118, Lot 90, Space 11.  Fag# 78974775.  Daughter, Sally, was born 1 November 1953 and died 30 December 2005.  She was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Plot: Garden LN, Section 103, Lot 173, Space 11C369.  FAG# 78974777. 
Story 3: Dr. James Arnold Linfoot Moulton and his wife Barbara Jane Burnham Moulton moved from Mariemont to Terrace Park when they bought 2 Kent Circle in 1985.  He was a neurologist.  They had 3 children: James Michael (know as Michael), Deni (Jane D.) and Steven.  According to Jack Ganbetta, across the street, "they were great neighbors and friends."  Deni now lives alone in the house (2012).  She came there to take care of her mother when her father took ill in 2007.  Her mother "had Alzheimer's and a very high IQ."  It was difficult to "keep her safe" so her younger brother, Steven, "placed her in a wonderful assisted living unit especially for the memory impaired near him in Knoxville," TN where she died 10 May 2010. 
James Michael Moulton died 28 February 2007.  Dr. James Arnold Linfoot Moulton died 20 March 2007.  All three are buried in Armstrong Chapel Cemetery, Section 3, Row 68, Graves 7, 8 & ?.  James was a World War II veteran.  Michael was a Vietnam War veteran. 
Jane D. Moulton died Wednesday, 12 February 2014, age 64 years, Evans Funeral Home. 
1971-72 Direct: Joseph & Betty Kniffen (moved from 714 Yale)
1973-80 Directories: "      (Sold 1974)
1982 Directory: Dwight & Diane Wages (moved from 134 Wrenwood)
1984 Directory: ''      (Sold 1985)
1986-2012 Directories: James & Barbara Moulton