Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 800  Street: Indian Hill Name: 
Family: Marquett Owner Info: Y
Built: 1954 Sec: 29 Sub: Columbia Lot: Ir R2-T5-S29 SE
Architect: Richard Iuen & Wilbur Futte (?) Cont/Build: Walter Gingrich
#Owners: 1 Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: Y Add To: N Sub From: N Replace: N
Current Owner: Virginia Cook Marquett Date Fr: 1954 Date To: 
Original Owner: Virginia Cook Marquett Date Fr: 1954 Date To: 
Owner 1:  Date Fr 1:  Date To 1: 
Owner 2:  Date Fr 2:  Date To 2: 
Owner 3:  Date Fr 3:  Date To 3: 
Owner 4:  Date Fr 4:  Date To 4: 
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1975 Owner:  Virginia A. Marquett. Indian Hill Road
Description: 1 story brick Ranch, gable roof. Originally in Columbia Township before area was annexed by Terrace Park.
Story 1: Property consisting of 2 1/2 acres was originally part of the James Iuen Dairy Farm. This acreage was purchased by his daughter Elizabeth Iuen Cook about 1940 and purchased by Virginia Cook Marquette in 1953.
  From Village Views May 1998 article. "Virginia Marquette lives in an old potato patch at the lower confluence of Indian Hill and Old Indian Hill Roads; at least that's what it was when her grandfather, James Iuen, farmed it nearly a century ago.  Iuen held 75 acres of prime land which encompassed the area up to Indian Ridge and 25 additional acres down at Drackett Field.  He ran a business too - the Walnut Creek Dairy, which had cows scattered over surrounding hills until dawn, when Virginia's mother Edith would have the job of rounding them up for their morning's milking.  ...  Dairy employees and deliverymen often lived in cottages on what is now Fieldstone Drive.  They would convey their horse and wagons to area homes, delivering milk, which was dipped out of huge containers for the housewives."
  "As a child, Virginia lived in the 'house on the hill' at the point of Old Indian Hill and Indian Hill Roads, built by her grandfather in 1900."  She attended Terrace Park Elementary and High School.
Story 2: The original Iuen came from Austria to France and from there on the Dido to New York City in 1838 bringing 3 sons and daughters.  From there they came all by water to the Cincinnati area: up the Hudson River to Albany, Erie Canal to Buffalo, Lake Erie to Cleveland, Ohio Erie Canal to Portsmouth, Ohio River to Cincinnati.  This took 3 weeks at 4 miles an hour.  They rested 2 days and then went to New Boston (now Owensville) where they bought farms.  (More information in the TP Historical Society file)
Story 3: Paul and Virginia Marquett had one daughter, Carol Ann Marquett Glover, born August 16, 1951, died January 30, 2006.  (more info in March/April Newsletter of the Greater Milford Area Historical Society)  Paul Marquett died in 1984.
Story 4: When the Iuen house had a fire in January 1924, they rented the schoolhouse and lived there until repairs could be made.  (see more in the TPHS archives)
Story 5: Information by Carol Cronk Cole about Virginia Iuen Marquett from Volume 7, Number 1 of the Tracker.
Virginia Ann Iuen Marquett is another Terrace Park resident who has lived here almost all of her life.  She is part of the Iuen family who came to this country from France in 1838 and later settled in what became Terrace Park  It was Joseph Iuen who built a two-story inn of hand-fired bricks at the southwest corner of Elm Avenue and Wooster Pike.  His son, James, built a barn across the street where traveling animals stayed overnight on their way to markets and slaughterhouses in Cincinnati.  This barn was on the farm that the Iuen family maintained for many years.  That's where Virginia's mother, Edith, grew up with her many brothers and sisters.  The youngest sister, Evelyn, is still living at100 years old.  She's the family storyteller and has written in great detail about what it was like growing up on that farm and what all their activities were. 
     Edith Elizabeth Iuen met Matthew Edward Cook probably when she was out horseback riding.  He lived on an Indian Hill farm next to the Franklin School on Shawnee Run.  The married in 1919.  Virginia was their only child, born when they were renting a small house beyond the Cook farm on Shawnee Run.  In 1924 they built their home at 603 Wooster Pike but went to Florida in 1925 for Edith's health and didn't return until 1929.  Matt Cook started out with a painting and decorating business and worked on many Indian Hill homes.  His police work started as a hobby, working as a volunteer with the Indian Hill Rangers.  Later he became Police Chief for Terrace Park, a job that he held for 18 years, retiring in 1969.  Matt Cook was "Uncle Matt" to children in Terrace Park and helped a great many of them get safely through their growing up years. 
     Virginia went through all 12 grades at Terrace Park school, graduating in 1941.  Her mother graduated from Terrace Park School, graduating in 1941.  Her mother graduated from Terrace Park school in 1913.  Her home during her high school and college years was her grandparent's home on the hill across from where she now lives on Indian Hill Road.   Virginia went to Western College in Oxford and married Paul Marquett on December 16, 1944.  Paul was a career Navy man, which accounted for their moving around in their early married life.  He must have been away some during the was since Virginia came back to Terrace Park to live and started teaching Home Economics at Milford High School in January of 1946.  Their only child, Carol, was born in August 1951 and went through the first seven grades at Terrace Park School.  Carol graduated from Mariemont High School in 1969 and went to Duke University.
     When Paul and Virginia came back to Terrace Park they looked for homes and property and finally built a home on 2 1/2 acres at 800 Indian Hill Road, across from the old Iuen homestead.  This was property that Edith had bought from her father and that originally was Joseph Iuen's property.  They moved in in August 1954.  Virginia taught one year in Newtown but then returned to Milford in 1955 and stayed another 31 years until 1986.  Paul died in October 1984.  Virginia and Carol have been interested in genealogy for years and have written the Christian Iuen and Henry Ruslow family histories.
     Virginia is a marvelous source of Terrace Park history since her family has been here so long and since her Aunt Evelyn has written so much about what their life was like.  She's also probably the best source there is concerning the old Terrace Park School  She's the one with all the old Year Books and keeps information on as many graduates as possible. 
1959-97 Directories: Paul & Virginia Marquett
1998-2012 Directories: Mrs. Paul (Virginia) Marquette