Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 702 (704 added 2008/9 phone book) Street: Indian Hill Name: School House
Family: Bat Properties of Terrace Park LLC Owner Info: Y
Built: 1853?  1865 see story 1 below Sec: 29 Sub: (Indian Hill Avenue) Lot: R2-T5-S29 SE
Architect:  Cont/Build: 
#Owners:  Original Use: Schoolhouse (later family home) and "Tourist Cottages" Current Use: Commercial 
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
1967 - 22' x 30' 1 story addition to existing building (Yankee Dollar).
Current Owner: Bat Properties of Terrace Park LLC Date Fr: 2015 Date To: 
Original Owner: Solomon Moore to Ann Moore (see Deeds) Date Fr: 1858 Date To: 
Owner 1: Joseph J. Kuntz Date Fr 1: 1924/6 Date To 1: 1943
Owner 2: Floyd Anderson Date Fr 2: 1943 Date To 2: 1943
Owner 3: Joseph J. & Caroline S. Kuntz Date Fr 3: 1943 Date To 3: 1946
Owner 4: Lawrence J. & Miriam Kuntz lived there in 1951 Date Fr. 4: 1946 Date To 4: 1955
Owner 5: Francis M. & Ethel S. Wolf Date Fr 5: 1955 Date To 5: 1967
Owner 6: Howard S. & Vera S. Andrews (Terrace Court Motel) Date Fr 6: 1967 Date To 6: 1979
Owner 7: Robert C. & Mary Jane Tritsch (Riverwilds LTD) Date Fr 7: 1979 Date To 7: 2015
Owner 8:  Date Fr 8:  Date To 7: 
Owner 9:  Date Fr 9:  Date To 9: 
Owner 10:  Date Fr 10:  Date To 10: 
1975 Owner:  Howard S. & Vera S. Andrews
Description: Originally 1 story Schoolhouse with gable roof.  Now 2 separate buildings - "Jean Kinmonth Interiors" (expanded schoolhouse) and "Yankee Dollar" (motel building)(2000).  The deeds given with this property may just apply to the schoolhouse and not the motel - or perhaps the Kuntz family were never owners but renters instead. 
Story 1: Other possible dates for the school seem to include 1832 or 1854.    The building was 32 ft. by 43 ft., part of Camden City, plotted in 1850.  This school was in use until 1872.  
Story 2: For District 9 Schoolhouse.  Lease August 7, 1853.  Recorded 12 April 12, 1853.  From Solomon Moore to Jps. Highlands et al (John McClelland and Amos Hill, Directors of School District No. 9).  
Story 3: The Kuntz family made their home in the converted schoolhouse.  Joseph J. Kuntz (1876-1962) moved here in 1924-26 (?) with his family from Arlington Heights OH.  He was married to Caroline Wachter (1878-1945).  They had three sons: Joseph A. Kuntz (1903-1983), J. Lowell Kuntz (1902-1972) [left home in 1928 to be married[ [father of J. Lowell Kuntz who gave us family information], and Stanley J. Kuntz (1905-1972) [left home in 1926 to be married].  Caroline Wachter Kuntz ran "Tourist Cottages" on the property.  Later these became the Yankee Dollar.  At least from the time of the 'Tourist Cottages" the side of the driveway facing Wooster Pike was lined with pink peonies from Given Road to the walk that ran up to the back door of the house".  These are still there in 2000!
  Joseph J. Kuntz probably owned or at least managed the Terrace Park Tavern across the street on Wooster Pike (see 701 Wooster Pike).
  Joseph A. Kuntz was married to Anna Agnes Ollberding (1897-1997).  They had a daughter Clare M. Kuntz Miller (1920-1992), a son Lawrence J. "Buster" Kuntz (1918-1967) and another son Galen P. "Jake" Kuntz (1928-1984).  Lawrence lived with his wife in the 702 Indian Hill home after his grandparents.  Lawrence's name can be found in the picture of the Honor Roll for World War II veterans in "A Place Called Terrace Park".  Galen attended Terrace Park High School and played on the varsity basketball team. 
       Kuntz "family lore says that when the schoolhouse was converted to a residence, an unopened quart bottle of Fleischman's Gin and a Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper from 1865 were found behind the stone stairs to the main entrance on Indian Hill Road.  The bottle and newspaper were passed from Joseph J. Kuntz to his son J. Lowell Kuntz Sr. and to his son J. Lowell Kuntz Jr., the present owner.  The newspaper announces the surrender of Lee to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse to end the Civil War.  The gin is still unopened" in 1998.  (There is more information on the Kuntz family in the T. P. Historical Society people file from J. Lowell Kuntz.  3188 Red Brick Court, Mainville, OH 45039-9528. 1998.)  
     Is there a relationship between this Kuntz family and Walter Kuntz of several mining operations in the 1960s & 70s?
  Information from Jean Kinmonth (who knew the Andrews and the property since 1963) in 2000:  "A granddaughter of the Kuntz who managed the tavern stopped in a few years ago to say she had been five years old and lived here with her mother for a year or so and remembered her grandfather built the stone wall which wraps around the property numbered 702 Indian Hill Road.  Said her grandmother made soup for the tavern.  Told her I'd like to know more - she said she would stop back sometime.  Might have been Claire who is listed as a granddaughter to tavern managers."
Story 4: More information in the T. P. Historical Society file (2001) from correspondence between Joseph A. Kuntz, Ellis Rawnsley & Stanley L. Miller in 1975 & 1976
Story 5: F. W.  "Bud" Buschmeier of 753 Wooster Pike says his father, Frank J. Buschmeier, was born in his father's residence where the Yankee Dollar now is.
Story 6: Miller Scrapbook - Opening of Yankee Dollar in 1967 (moved from 205 Main Street, Milford).  Interior and exterior photos. (Built 1966c)
Story 7: 1978 - Ferd Critchell (4 Stoney Creek) sold 25' x 183' on Given Road to Howard and Vera Andrews.  Probably added to 702 Indian Hill Road property - Yankee Dollar.
Story 8: Some of the area behind what is now the Yankee Dollar was once a "borrow pit" for the Cincinnati Columbus Railroad, more often called the Swingline (owned at one time by 4 men named Swing).  This line went between Cincinnati and Hillsboro.   It never reached Columbus.  Gravel was taken from this pit for ballast underneath where the rails were laid.  Land behind the Yankee Dollar including the gravel pit was given by Stewart Proctor and Ferd "Bro" Critchell to the Village of Terrace Park.
Story 9: In the 1950s the Motor Court was owned and operated by Francis & Ethel Wolfe.  It was $4 a night.  Ted Annett (once at 901 Princeton, moved to Indian Hill and then to 3 Stoney Creek) was Weston Instruments rep in Ohio.  When his supervisor came out he always stayed at this Motor Court since it was so inexpensive, especially compared to New York prices.  Then he had breakfast at Annetts on Indian Hill.
1939 Map: Joseph J. Kuntz 
1942 Map: Joseph J. Kuntz
1951/3 Map: Lawrence J.  Kuntz (grandson of Joseph J.  Kuntz))
1959 Directory: Francis M. & Ethel Wolf (see 410 Elm)
1960 Directory: ''
1962-66 Directories: ''
1967-68 Direct: Howard & Vera Andrews (lived in the Schoolhouse)
1969-70 Direct: "
1971-78 Directories: "
1980 Directory: Doll Cottage, Sewing Room, Yankee Dollar
1982 Directory: Doll Cottage, Yankee Dollar
1984 Directory: Jean Kinmonth (occupied Schoolhouse from 1984), Yankee Dollar
1986 Directory: Kinmonth Interiors, Yankee Dollar
1988 Directory: ''                                     "
1990-2003 Directories: ''                                     "
2004-05 Direct: "
2006-07 Direct: Fiberge
2008-09 Direct: nothing listed at 702 (motel).  704 (school house) - School House Rhythm
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