Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 214  Street: Harvard Name: John Moarn or Moran House
Family: Wilson/Roll Owner Info: N
Built: c1890 Sec: 23 Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City Lot: 86-87
Architect:  Cont/Build: J. W. Sibley?  Said to have been same as 202 Harvard (Mary Beth Tarkington)
#Owners: 8F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
1960 - Stewart Tarkington built the pool.  1962 - Stewart Tarkington added a bed room and extended the living room & added a fireplace.   Also added a mud room & utility room behind the kitchen.  Prior to 1962 the only bathroom was downstairs and the staircase opened up into the kitchen.  In 1962 the downstairs bathroom became a half bath and the staircase opening was walled up and a new opening was created in the living room.  Upstairs additions included a hallway lined with closets, a full bathroom and a 4th bedroom.  Outside, the front porch became 2 story with a big lantern.  On the back of the house a serpentine patio across the entire width of the house was built.  (Information from Mary Beth Tarkington who lived there from c. 1956-1973) 1975 - Gerald Hudson erected a tool shed.  1978 - William Bahl erected a 2 car garage.  1997 permit for the Manceras to put on a very large addition, possibly doubling the house area (RWA Architects).  2006 Mancera permit to replace pool house & expand garage/storage (Jane Yancey).  2011 Permit for Cris & Monica Wilson: alteration (Classic Kit Design; Bruckner Dev. Inc.)
Current Owner: Monica B. Roll Date Fr: 2010 Date To: 
Original Owner: James W. Sibley Date Fr:  Date To: 1886
Owner 1: John Andrew & Mary E. Moarn (Moran) Date Fr 1: 1886 Date To 1: 1939 
Owner 2: Ray & Edith M. Stoddard (James Leonard Grace's in-laws - see story 1 below) Date Fr 21939 Date To 21946
Owner 3John & Betty McKee Date Fr 31946 Date To 31956
Owner 4Stewart W. & Sara M. Tarkington  Date Fr 41956 Date To 4: 1973
Owner 5Gerald L. & Beverly Hudson Date Fr 51973 Date To 51978
Owner 6William F. & Katherine G. Bahl Date Fr 61978 Date To 61985
Owner 7Debra C. & Richard Oliver Date Fr 71985 Date To 71995
Owner 8Monica Donath Kohnen  Date Fr 81995 Date To 81995
Owner 9Rafael J. & Katherine Fitton Mancera Date Fr 91995 Date To 92010
Owner 10: Date Fr 10: Date To 10:
Owner 11: Date Fr 11: Date To 11:
Owner 12: Date Fr 12: Date To 12:
1975 Owner:  Gerald L. & Beverly Hudson. 86-87 Sib 1
Description: This was built as a frame farmhouse.  When it was for sale in 1960 it had downstairs a living room 16x13, and dining room 15x14, a kitchen 14x12 (modern), and a bath.  Upstairs there were 3 bedrooms: 13.9x12.5, 15x13.3 and 15.8x13.4.  (see photo)  It's since had many additions and remodelings. 
Story 1:      John Moarn (or Moran)  is listed as one of the Founding Fathers of Terrace Park.  They petitioned for incorporation of the village in June 1892.  (see 202 Harvard & 429 Elm for other family members.)  There's also more information about the Moran and Grace families in the Terrace Park Historical Society People File - burials in St. Andrew Cemetery in Milford.  
     John Moran was grandfather to James Leonard Grace on his mother's side.
Story 2: Mary Beth Tarkington's other grandparents, Joseph and Madeleine Tarkington, lived on Wooster Pike "in a big old brick house on the hill.  Their house had a music room, parlor, two dining rooms, two kitchens, two staircases and a foyer that seemed bigger than my whole house! ..... The house had a tower that I was told they used to look out for Indians and a wrap-around porch.  There was also a carriage house.  My grandfather died in 1965 and in the early 1970s my grandmother had it torn down and they built apartments.  As I look back on it, they missed the bed and breakfast era by about 10 years.  Fixed up, it would have been a great B&B."  (Mary Beth Tarkington)
Story 3: Mary Beth Tarkington who grew up here enjoyed the openness of Terrace Park.  Now she sees most back yards are fenced in.  She remembers, "On my block, we could see up the alley and across the alley to see who was outside playing in their back yard.  Our parents would stroll across the back yards and talk, compare tomato plants.  Now everything is fenced in and it seems less friendly."  She is "dismayed to see the smaller houses torn down and replaced with 'McMansions'".
Story 4 Debbie Oliver - president T P Garden Club 1994-95
1939 Map: Grace
1942 Map: Leonard Grace
1951/3 Map: McKee (moved to Knoxville c. 1956 & either sold or gave the house to the Tarkingtons, their daughter & family)
1959-72 Directories: Stewart & Sally Tarkington (relatives of the Spanglers 411 Washington & 304 Miami)
1973-74 Direct: ''    (Sold 1973 & moved to San Francisco Bay Area, later retired to San Diego.  Both now dead.)
1975-78 Directories: Gerald & Beverly Hudson
1980-82 Directories: William F. & Kathy Bahl
1984 Directory: ''    (Sold 1985)
1986-95 Directories: Rich & Debbie Oliver
1996-97 Direct: Rafael Mancera
1998-2007 Directories: Rafael & Kate Mancera
2008-09 Direct: "    (Sold 2010)
2011-12 Directory: Monica Roll & Christopher Wilson