Terrace Park, Ohio Building Survey

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No: 615  Street: Amherst Name: Lucius & Amanda Conkling House
Family: Crowley Owner Info: N
Built: 1892 Sec: 23 Sub: Sibley's 4th Lot: 5-6-7
Architect:  Cont/Build: J. B. Sibley
#Owners: 9F Original Use: Residential Current Use: Residential
CHANGES As Built: N Add To: Y Sub From: N Replace: N
1969 - Jim Gradolf put on a 22' x 20' 8" 2 story addition to the rear: family room and bedroom over it.  1990 side porch added.   2002 - permit for the Trollers to build a new detached garage and accessory building (H&L Construction, Jane Yancey, architect).  2006 - Sawyer permit for roof, windows, gutters, siding & trim (self).  2007 permit for David Sawyer to add second porch & alter interior floor plan (Susan Glaser Architects).  
Current Owner: Shawn P. Crowley Date Fr: 2012 Date To: 
Original Owner: Lucius W. & Amanda Conkling Date Fr: 1892 Date To: 
Owner 1: Amanda B. Conkling [261-262]  L. W. Conkling [263] ???? Date Fr 1: 1921 Date To 1: 1945
Owner 2: Joe L. & Midge Chapman (see dates Story 2) Date Fr 2: 1945 Date To 2: 1950
Owner 3: Bolton S. Drackett Date Fr 3: 1950 Date To 3: 1955
Owner 4: Charles Baird & Audrey B. Norris Date Fr 4: 1955 Date To 4: 1960
Owner 5: James V. & Cynthia S. Gradolf Date Fr 5: 1960 Date To 5: 1971
Owner 6: E. Castner & Elizabeth Russel Denton Date Fr 6: 1971 Date To 6: 1979
Owner 7: Nancy C. Harness (& Edward G.) Date Fr 7: 1979 Date To 7: 1986
Owner 8: John F. & Linda A. Shortridge Date Fr 8: 1986 Date To 8: 1994
Owner 9: David E. & Susan F. Troller Date Fr 9: 1994 Date To 9: 2006
Owner 10:  David & Dorothy "Dee" Sawyer Date Fr 10: 2006 Date To 10: 2012
1975 Owner:  E. Castner Denton. 5-6-7, Pt vac alley adj , Sib 1 (but must be 4th?)
Description: 2 story Victorian, siding, mostly gable roof. 
Story 1: One story says this was the 6th house built in Terrace Park.  Perhaps that means inside what was incorporated as Terrace Park in 1893  Many of the oldest homes were outside those boundaries.  
Story 2: This house was in the Conkling family a long time.  It was built by J. W. Sibley for the Conking family.  It was sold to Joe and Midge Chapman after Grandma Amanda Conkling died in 1944.  They sold it in 1950.   Joe Chapman was Sydney Conkling Chapman's son.  1891 building date is from Mary Chapman (m James L. Chapman Jr. 618 Yale).  1892 building date is from Lillie Conkling Roberts, youngest child of Lucius Walden  & Amanda Baxter Conkling.  Thus I conclude it was started in 1891 and finished in 1892.  (The auditor's site says 1892 or later 1894.)  

Lucius W. Conkling was born 28 September 1857 and died 12 October 1920, aged 63 years, buried in Section 15 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH. 

Story 3:

The Conkling Family (information from the 2008 House Tour)
           Abraham Conkling, an expert glass blower, was the first of the family to come west from Morristown, New Jersey.  He settled on 640 acres on Indian Hill, where the Camargo County Club is now.  There were 10 children, one of whom, Lindley, built the mansion on Given Road, which is now the administration building for Stepping Stones Center.  Another, Richard, had thirteen children by 3 different wives.  One of these children was Lucius Walden Conkling for whom 615 Amherst Avenue was built.  He was the first to run the Terrace Market and later became postmaster as well. 

The Lucius and Amanda Conkling House
          This house was built by James W. Sibley for Lucius and Amanda Conkling, 1891-2.  Stella Galloway Boone lists it as one of the 17 so-called “Railroad” Houses Sibley had built.  Most of the “Railroad Houses” are built in a cruciform pattern but this one is not.  However, many of the features are the same: very steep staircase in two parts just inside the door, front living room with bay window, dining room behind that either with or without a bay window.   Obviously one could make alterations in the original plan.  Amanda Conkling lived here until her death in 1944 but it stayed in the family until the early 1950s.  No changes were made in the house until a 2-story addition (family room with master suite above) was built to the rear in the late 1960s.  New garage built 2002.  David Sawyer, the present owner has done most of the later work: screened porch in 2006-7, exterior of home restored in 2006-7.  The interior is currently (2008) being renovated and remodeled.

Story 4: 

David Sawyer Renovation Details (from 2008 House Tour.  This house was to have been on the House Tour but was not due to damage caused in the wake of Hurricane Ike the Sunday before)
Exterior of the home restored 2006-07
         New windows, new Hardie Plank siding, new trim, new gutters, new roof
Family room remodeled 2006
          New mahogany floor, new 8’entrances, new fireplace
Screened-in porch added 2007
          Ipe flooring, grilling porch
Landscaping installed 2007
Kitchen remodeled 2008
          New Olde English tile flooring, changed floor plan, new stone counters
Added mud room/pantry
Dining room remodeled 2008
          New mahogany floor, removed 2 cased openings, expanded entry, converted half bath to butler’s pantry
Front hall/foyer area remodeled 2008
          Reconfigured to make more open, new mahogany floor, cased openings changed from 6’ to 8’
New half bath added 2008
Living room remodeled 2008
          New mahogany floor, removed (2) 6’8”cased openings, Added new 8’ cased openings
HVAC reducted
Electric baseboard heating removed
Heat pump added to service 2nd & 3rd floors
Aluminum wiring replaced

1939 Map: Conkling
1942 Map: Conkling
1951/3 Map: Bolton S. Drackett
1959-60 Directories: Charles & Audrey Norris
1962-70 Directories: James & Cinny Gradolf
1971-76 Directories: E. Castner & Betsy Denton (moved from 607 Yale)
1978 Directory: ''    (Betsy moved to 404 Stanton in 1979)
1980-84 Directories: Edward G. & Nancy Harness (moved from 407 Amherst)
1986-93 Directories: John & Linda Shortridge (Sold 1986)
1994-95 Directory: "    (Sold 1994)
1996-2003 Directories: David & Susan Troller (moved from 110 Michigan)
2004-05 Directory: "    (moved to 505 Miami)
2006-07 Directory:       (Sold 2006)
2008-012 Directories: David & Dee Sawyer  (Sold 2011 to Shawn Crowley - moved from 307 Amherst)