427 Terrace Place

General Information

No: 427
Street: Terrace Place
Name: N
Family: Findley
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: 1952
Sec: 23
Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot: 52-53
Architect: Findley/Greene ( for 1999 addition)
Cont/Build: John Heisler (for original house)

Description: Before 1999 addition - Cape Cod, brick and siding, gable roofs. Out of order on street. It's between 315 and 409. Now greatly expanded with 2 stories on the main part of the house.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details: 1961/65 - Northrops screened in the breezeway. 1984 - structural changes after Fays include: converted the garage to a family room and enclosed the existing screen porch; living room addition and remodeled the kitchen; erected a detached garage. 1999 - Pete & Chandi Findley added a 2nd story to the major portion of the house (Lees Remodeling). 2008 - permit to Pete Findley for an addition and remodel (Jane Yancey, architect, Telkamp Construction, contractor).2010 permit for Addition/Remodel by Combs Builders for Findley.


Current Owner: Peter M. & Chandi Findley
Curr Date Fr: 1996
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: Louis E. & Lyndal V. Eigher
Date Fr: 1952
Date To: 1956

Owner 1: Ivan G. & Margaret C. Bingham
Date Fr 1: 1956
Date To 1: 1960

Owner 2: Julie Brogan Northrop (& Ted)
Date Fr 2: 1960
Date To 2: 1966

Owner 3: William E. & Agnes P. Fay
Date Fr 3: 1966
Date To 3: 1979

Owner 4: Agnes P. Fay
Date Fr 4: 1979
Date To 4: 1984

Owner 5: Craig Lee & Julianne M. Fuller
Date Fr 5: 1984
Date To 5: 1986

Owner 6: James H. & Ruth M. Brossart
Date Fr 6: 1986
Date To 6: 1993

Owner 7: Bradford W. & Joan G. Keller
Date Fr 7: 1993
Date To 7: 1996

1953 & 1958 Owners: Lorin E. & Lyndal V. Eigher Jr. at this address in 1953. Ivan G. & Margaret C. Bingham owned lots 52-53 Sibley 1st in 1958.

1975 Owner: William E. & Agnes P. Fay. Ir 52-53 Sib 1


Story 1 : Always a residence but the Fays had their art studio in the basement where they sold paintings and gave lessons. Another owner was a composer and made the garage into a music room.
Story 2 : Craig Lee Fuller, owner 1984-1986 is one of the finest songwriter/performers to come from this area. He founded a band in the early '70s called Pure Prairie League, which reunited several years ago and is still performing today with many of the original members. Amie is certainly their best-known song, which Mr. Fuller both wrote and sang. I believe he now lives in North Carolina with his family, and his son has recently been making appearances onstage with his dad! The guy was and is a major talent in the musical world. Information in January 2008 from John Maggard.
Story 3 : Information from Ancestry of Edgar Augustus Fay (rootsweb) & Greenlawn Cemetery. William Erni Fay was born 17 June 1893 & died 28 October 1978, Terrace Park OH, aged 85 years, Craver-Hookom Funeral Home. He married Ida Hottendorf in 1919 in Cincinnati OH. Ida was born 1890, Cincinnati OH & died 1924 in Cincinnati OH. Their child was Dorothy Fay. William married Agnes Prizer in 1925 in Cincinnati OH. She was born 28 December 1896, St. Louis MO & died 20 January1990, Milford OH, aged 93 years Craver Funeral Home. They are both buried in Section 14 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH. Their children are: William L. Fay b 1926, Cincinnati OH and living on Long Island; Richard Fay, born 1929, Cincinnati OH and living Hiram OH; and Marcia Joanna (Joan) Fay, born 1934, Cincinnati OH and living in NJ.


1959 Directory:
Ivan & Margaret Bingham

1960 Directory:
(moved to 113 Wrenwood)

1962-64 Directories:
Ted & Julie Northrop

1965-66 Direct:
'' (moved to 601 Yale)

1967-80 Directories:
William E. & Agnes Fay

1984-86 Directories:
Craig & Julie Fuller

1988-93 Directories:
Jim & Ruth Bossart

1994-95 Direct:
Brad & Joan Keller (transferred to Chicago)

1996-2012 Directories:
Pete & Chandi Findley