411-1 Terrace Place

General Information

No: 411-1
Street: Terrace Place
Name: N
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: Y
Sec: 23
Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot: 112
Cont/Build: J. W. Sibley

Original Use: Residential
Current Use: torn down and replaced

Add To: N
Sub From: Y
Replace: Y

Changes Details: Torn down and replaced in 1990.


Current Owner: John G. Jones (Graduate Services)
Curr Date Fr: 1988
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: 1891 J. W. Sibley to R. E. Werner (owned 34 lots) sold #112
Date Fr: 1891
Date To: 1891

Owner 1: Harriet M. Gegner (& Charles)
Date Fr 1: 1891
Date To 1: 1921

Owner 2: Lulu Tarvin
Date Fr 2: 1921
Date To 2: 1925

Owner 3: Mrs. Lillian M. Droescher (still in 1953)
Date Fr 3: 1925

Owner 4: Howard & Jennie Droescher
Date To 4: 1972

Owner 5: Clarence Boots H. Duesing (original building)
Date Fr 5: 1972
Date To 5: 1988

1975 Owner: Clarence H. Duesing Jr. Ir 112 Sib 1


Story 1 : The first building on the lot was a 3 bedroom frame house believed by a descendent of Sibley to be one of the 1st houses he built in Terrace Park c1886. The 1892 map shows only this building in the 400 block of Terrace Place. By 1891 it was owned and occupied by H. W. Gegner when Harriet was appointed postmaster which she combined with storekeeping. In 1895 Village Council voted to meet on Gegner's second floor. Council stayed here only a short time before moving to the second floor of 415 Terrace Place. In 1903 the post office also moved down the street to 415 Terrace Place with Lucius Conkling and his wife (Lillian 1920) as successive postmasters. Briefly their daughter was postmaster next in a little building across Harvard on what is now the Village Green. The post office returned to the first floor of 411 in 1921 with Lulu Tarvin as postmaster with her two sons as helpers. They continued to operate the store. Next Lillian Droescher ran the combined post office and store from 1925 for the next 25 years. She lived at the rear of the 1st floor, had the post office in front and rented the upstairs to the Terrace Park Building and Loan Association. (see story 1, 409 Terrace Place)
Story 2 : April 14, 1966 Eastern Hamilton County Messenger says Trackside Treasures was opening here but was it here or next door at 413 Terrace Place? See story at 413.
Story 3 : See story 6 at 415 Terrace Place for more information.


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Mrs. Lillian Droescher

1951/3 Map:
Lillian Droescher

1959 Directory:
Mrs. Lillian M. Droescher

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1971-72 Direct:
(Lillian died at 92 years, July 13, 1971 in Mariemont. Her husband, George, died July 4, 1921 in Terrace Park) (Sold 1972)

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Graduate Services

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