808 Poplar Avenue

General Information

No: 808
Street: Poplar
Name: N
Family: Sarran
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: 1985
Sec: 28
Sub: Eveland's 2nd
Lot: 56
Architect: Architects Plus (Koehler)
Cont/Build: Norval Julnes

Description: 2 story Contemporary, siding, gable roof.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details: 2001 - expand kitchen & informal dining room for Sarrans (Architects Plus & Keffer Construction).


Current Owner: Janet W. Sarran
Curr Date Fr: 1985
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: William & Janet Sarran
Date Fr: 1985
Date To: Date To:

1975 Owner: Harry H. Eveland (lot 56 - no #)


Story 1 : House designed for client.
Story 2 : The Terrace Park Ski Club was founded over 17 years ago (by Janet Sarran and Barbara Howland 308 Marietta) with the mission of providing a venue for families of all ages to ski together. Their most popular destination is the annual trip to Holiday Valley Ski Resort in Ellincottville, New York. This takes place over the President's Day weekend. (Information from an October 2009 e-mail)


198-2012 Directories:
William & Janet Sarran(Janet's parents once at 700 Franklin)