719 Park Avenue

General Information

No: 719
Street: Park
Name: N
Family: Bracken
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: Y
Built: 1928? 1921? (see Story 2)
Sec: 29
Sub: George W. Corey
Lot: 30-31
Cont/Build: Evelands

Description: 2 story Bungalow (Bieser). The original building materials were cedar shingles and redwood clapboard. Rick Bieser continued the same use of these materials on the addition, hip & gable roofs. John Rice, son of Jack & Ginny Rice, says when they lived there the house was identical to the Martin's house at 743 Park.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From:
Replace: Bolands - minor remodeling downstairs. Mid 1960s - converted an upstairs closet to a second bathroom. 1973 - storage building. 1975 - built detached garage. (three by John F. Rice) 1986 - addition of family room, master bedroom and bath, remodeled kitchen. (See story 4) 2000 permit for Roberts to remodel kitchen and powder room. H. Glasgow Construction contractors and architects.

Changes Details:


Current Owner: Doug & Amie Bracken
Curr Date Fr: 2015
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: Mary Lewis Boland (& other family members (dates from survey map book #1)
Date Fr: 1924
Date To: Date To:

Owner 1: Techla Clara Wherele in 1953 - see story 3

Owner 2: Earl L Sr. & Barbara Boland
Date To 2: 1961

Owner 3: John F. & Virginia L. Rice
Date Fr 3: 1961
Date To 3: 1982

Owner 4: Richard C. & Elizabeth T. Bieser
Date Fr 4: 1982
Date To 4: 1994

Owner 5: Elsworth M. Jr. & Dana W. Roberts
Date Fr 5: 1994
Date To 5: 2012
Date Fr 6: 2012
Date To 6: 2015

1975 Owner: John F. & Virginia L. Rice


Story 1 : John Rice told us in 2003 that Robert Corey (715 Park) remembered the foundation of this house being dug by mules dragging a huge iron shovel back and forth across the yard. John also told us, The Terrace Park Lumber Company was in operation when I was a kid and once a week a train would push a car load of coal up the old side track to the conveyor to load it into the old trucks for delivery. In fact, the Bolands had just transferred the furnace over to fuel oil when my parents bought the house. We were never able to get the coal dust completely out of the basement. When my parents stripped off the old wall paper where the stairs go up to the second floor, we discovered hand painted oil drawings on the original walls. Old and faded but still visible.
Story 2 : John Rice (in 2003) told us he was somewhat surprised by the date listed for construction on that house as 1928. I was only 5 when we moved there, but I remember the Bolands telling us the house was 'over 40 years old' - which, if he was correct, in 1961 would have put the construction date at around 1921. On the wall in the old garage, there was an old car license plate that was from the year 1925. My Dad always thought that was the date the house was built but I don't think we ever confirmed it.
Story 3 : Tecla Clara Wherle at this address in 1953.
Story 4 : During 1987 and 1988 the Biesers added 1000 ft. to the side of the house. They reworked the porch and gutters. Mim Nordloh was the architect for this addition.
Story 5 : Mrs. Earl Boland - president TP Garden Club 1933-34


1939 Map:

1942 Map:
Earl Boland

1951/3 Map:

1959-60 Directories:
Earl & Barbara Boland

1962-80 Directories:
John & Virginia Ginny Rice

1982-93 Directories
Richard & Elizabeth Bieser

1994-95 Direct:
(moved to 716 Park) (Sold 1994)

1996-2012 Directories:
Worth & Dana Roberts