313 Oxford Avenue

General Information

No: 313
Street: Oxford
Name: A Railroad House (moved from Rugby Avenue circa 1925)
Family: Fisher
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: N
Sec: 23
Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot: 5-6
Cont/Build: J. W. Sibley?

Description: 2 story expanded Victorian, siding, gable roof. Railroad houses were built in the 1890s from blueprints sold by a Cincinnati architect for $25. All are in Sibley subdivisions.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N but moved

Changes Details: 1896 (next to 306 Rugby, later moved) 1949 - redecorating as in the Cincinnati Post March 4 article (copy inTP Historical Society house notebook). 1974 - Paul Kennedy Jr. addition. Another later addition by Fisher? Pictures in house notebook of the house in 3 different periods: shows 2 different additions.


Current Owner: Branden M. & Tamyra J. Fisher
Curr Date Fr: 1989
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: Robert E. & Florence M. Havemann (1st residents in this location?)
Date Fr:
Date To: 1956

Owner 1: Joyce I. & J. Dunnington
Date Fr 1: 1956
Date To 1: 1958

Owner 2: Thurston B. O. Holt
Date Fr 2: 1958
Date To 2: 1974

Owner 3: Joanne M. Kennedy
Date Fr 3: 1974
Date To 3: 1977

Owner 4: Jay L. & A. Avner (Guy M. Hild TRS)
Date Fr 4: 1977

Owner 5: J. L. & Judy Avner
Date To 5: 1989

1975 Owner: Joanne M. Kennedy % Paul L Kennedy Jr. 5-6 Sib 1


Story1 : This home was originally immediately east of 306 Rugby. There's a picture in the TP Historical Society archives showing both houses standing next to each other on Rugby Avenue prior to 1920. Dan Startsman Sr. remembers them moving the house across the alley with mule teams and a steam jenny.Allen Lloyd also remembers the move about 1925. When Will & Evelyn Lloyd remodeled their 306 Rugby house they had the one next door moved to 313 Oxford (info from Allen Lloyd)
Story 2 : Joanne Kennedy reports that at the present location the house has a poured basement, not a cellar. When she was rehabbing the home she found bills of lading from the railroad, paintings and baby shoes (were these for good luck?) in the loft. There was also on the 3rd floor a large copper vat to provide running water to the upstairs.
Story 3 : We've been told that B. J. Calvert's family were the original owners of both 313 Oxford and 306 Rugby (?). (This needs further research to see if it's correct.) B. J. Calvert (303 Oxford) is a Havemann daughter.
Story 4 : Mary Louise Irwin and her husband, William T. Irwin, are in the census for 1910 & 1920 living downtown on 4th Street with her parents. Did they ever actually live in Terrace Park or were they just major landowners? Did they own 313 Oxford and rent it out or did they live there part time? summers? Probably not since they had a large summer home in Milford. Her father was a physician. William T. Irwin is listed as a Broker in steel. Mary Louise Irwin was born in 1866 and died in 1922. Janet Churchill Irwin was born in 1896 and died in 1912. She's a daughter. All these dates are according to memorial windows at St. Thomas Church.
Story 5 : Possible dates we have for this house include 1886, 1896 and 1900. The 1896 date looks most probable from looking at the deeds when the house was in its original location next to 306 Rugby - Lot 38.
Story 6 : Robert Havemann died 7 January 1974. Florence May Havemann died 4 May 1982, aged 93 years, buried Laurel Cemetery.


1939 Map:
Havemann (house moved from Rugby)

1942 Map:

1951/3 Map:
Robert Havemann (moved to 715 Franklin)

1959-60 Directories:
Thurston & Betty Holt

1962-63 Direct:
Mrs. Betty Holt

1963-72 Directories:
Thurston Holt

1973-74 Direct:
'' (Sold 1973)

1975-76 Direct:
Paul & Joanne Kennedy (moved from 600 Myrtle)

1978-80 Directories:
Jay & Ailene Avner

1982-86 Directories:
Jay & Judy Avner/Beck children

1988 Directory:
'' (Sold 1989)

1990-2012 Directories:
Brandon M. & Tamyra Fisher