2 Oxford Avenue

General Information

No: 2
Street: Oxford
Name: N
Family: Cinquina
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: Y
Built: 1974
Sec: 23
Sub: Pattison & Iuen
Lot: 61, pt 62, pt vacant street
Architect: Larry Norris
Cont/Build: Norval Julnes

Description: Originally built as a 1 story Contemporary Ranch with brick and vertical cedar siding, gable roof, based on Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style (Zoe Moore). Present house is mostly new (see above 2007 permit), 2 stories, with extensive porches.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: ?
Replace: Y

Changes Details: 1978 - William D. Howard addition. 2001 - Add & remodel for Lowry/McMullen (Architects Plus, Drackett & Harth).2007 permit for Cinquina to remove existing 1st floors/roof; add 2nd floor level (to new 1st) (Fletcher Homes).


Current Owner: Melissa (& Mark) Cinquina
Curr Date Fr: 2006
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: Carl Hettrick (land, part of #1 Oxford)
Date Fr: 1942
Date To: 1972

Owner 1: William & Libby Howard (land then house)
Date Fr 1: 1972
Date To 1: 1983

Owner 2: John & Zoe Moore
Date Fr 2: 1983
Date To 2: 2000

Owner 3: Peter H. Lowry
Date Fr 3: 2000
Date To 3: 2006

1975 Owner: William D. & Libby T. Howard


Story 1 : This land was once a part of the Terrace Park Country Club before it moved across the river.
Story 2 : This home of Mr. & Mrs. (Libby) William Howard was on the December 12, 1976 TP Garden Club Christmas House Tour. A striking contemporary with a panoramic view of the Little Miami River; notice the handsome kitchen and unusual dining table. It was a Sunday, advance tickets were $1.50 but $2 on the day and the homes were open from 2-4 & 7-9 PM. Proceeds were to be used for beautification of the village. The Community House was open for Refreshments, Tree Decorations and Bake Sale.
Story 3 : William D. Howard was born 1 July 1925 and died 11 May 1988. He is buried in Nashville. Tennessee. Libby Howard was born 17 April 1930 and died 10 May 2009.
Story 4 : Ginger Howard & James Redmond were married in the living room of this house, 24 October 1976.


1975-82 Directories:
William & Libby Howard (1962-64 & 1967-72 at 211 Oxford but owned it 1962-72)

1984-97 Directories:
Dr. John & Zoe Moore (moved from 708 Franklin)

1998-99 Direct:
(Sold 2000)

2000-01 Direct:
(Moores moved to Miami Woods in Milford & then to Florida) (Lowrys moved from 726 Park)

2002-05 Directories:
Peter & Tracy McMullen Lowry

2006-07 Direct:
Peter Lowry (Sold 2006)

2011-12 Directories:
Mark & Melissa Cinquina