823 Miami Avenue

General Information

No: 823
Street: Miami
Name: N
Family: SOLD
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: Y
Built: 1964
Sec: 22
Sub: Sibley's 2nd BL 12
Lot: 20 - 23
Architect: Home Graph Co.
Cont/Build: Ader Inc. (Bud Ader, Tom's Dad)

Description: 1 story Brick & clapboard contemporary Cape Cod(?), gable roof: 3 bed rooms, 2 baths, full basement.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: N
Sub From: N
Replace: Y

Changes Details: Replaces summer cottage


Current Owner:
Curr Date Fr: 2016
Curr Date To:

Original Owner:
Date Fr: 1964
Date To: 1966

Owner 1: Roger T. & Patricia F. Beglen
Date Fr 1: 1966
Date To 1: 1974

Owner 2: Patricia Farr Beglen
Date Fr 2: 1974
Date To 2: 2015

Owner 3: Chasen Drackett
Date Fr 3: 2015
Date To 3: 2016

1975 Owner: Patricia Farr Beglen. 20-21-22-23-24-25 Sib 2


Story 1 : In 1913 Michael Leaf sold 3.214 acres to Mary B. & Elyn B. Andrew for a summer cottage. The deed reserved for Michael a fifteen-foot roadway for access to and from his Edgewater camp and other premises. That restriction remains in subsequent deeds. (From November 2007 Village Views article by Esther Power)
Story 2 : There was a summer home at the rear of the property many years ago owned by the Andrew sisters. They traveled by electric carriage (was this probably car) from Hyde Park. The cottage was burned in 1955 (owned by F. A. Klenk on East McMillan).
Story 3 : The summer cottage here was owned by the Andrew sisters. They are the ones for whom Caroline Burger (731 & 801 Miami Avenue) worked as a child for 25 cents an hour, doing household chores. Their brother was a large stockholder in the Newport Steel Mills. The sisters were there when the Stoecklins moved to 816 Miami in 1941. The Andrew sisters had a garage in the middle of their yard for their electric car. There was much more land behind the house to the river than there is now. Mary & Elyn Andrew owned the land at 810 Miami Avenue from 1922-1942.
Story 4 : Stan Miller Scrapbooks 1960-80. Fire at 823 Miami - 5 room house, home of Leo Zeigler & Harold Oiler (no date). (Did Zeigler, Oiler & Dolwig rent from Klenk?)


1942 Map:
Klenk (summer cottage)

1951/3 Map:
M. S. Dolwig

1967-74 Directories:
Roger & Pat Beglen

1975-76 Direct:
Gregg & Geoff Beglen

1978 Directory:
Pat Patty Beglen

1980 Directory:

1982-2009 Directories:

2011-12 Directories:
Patty Beglan