619 Miami Avenue

General Information

No: 619
Street: Miami
Name: N
Family: Dronsfield
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: Y
Built: 1929
Sec: 23
Sub: Sibley's 3rd BL 18
Lot: pt 10 & 11-14
Architect: Robert McGrew Critchell
Cont/Build: Paul Cook

Description: 2 story Colonial, siding, gable roof.
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details: 1984 - general repair, new kitchen and new bath.


Current Owner: Steven M. & Jennifer Anne (Kipp) Dronsfield
Curr Date Fr: 2005
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: John R. & Bonita Ford Gehrig
Date Fr: 1929
Date To: 1984

Owner 1: George C. Jr. & Mary Maureen (Gehrig) Kipp
Date Fr 1: 1984
Date To 1: 2005

1975 Owner: Mary Bonita Gehrig. 1 1 to 14 , pt 10 Sib 3 &(7-8-9, pt 10 Sib 3 later sold off & became 621Miami)


Story 1 : John R. Gehrig was solicitor of Terrace Park for about 15 years or so until his death, 24 November 1967. John (attorney) & Bonita Gehrig had 4 children: John A. (attorney, b 1937), twin daughters Ann & Mary (married George Kipp) and a son Michael (attorney). Mary Gehrig Kipp also has twin daughters, a son George and others. Mary is moving to Milford and is selling the house to her daughter Jennifer and husband Steve Dronsfield. (information from John A. Gehrig who lives in Winter Park FL 2005). Mary Bonita Gehrig was born 3 November 1906 & died 27 December 1983 (aged 77 years), buried 30 December, 1983 in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati OH
Story 2 : John Gehrig (attorney) built the house. He and his wife Bonita had four children: sons John and Michael (also attorneys) and twin daughters Mary and Anne. John Gehrig was the solicitor for Terrace Park for over 20 years, from 1946 until his death in 1967. He helped to procure the World War II cannons that remain on the Village Green today. Mary and her husband George C. Kipp, Jr. bought the house in 1984 following Bonita's death in December 1983. They had five children: sons George and Jeffrey and daughters, Jennifer and twins Susan and Sarah (who were born on their mother's and aunt's birthday, November 22nd). In July of 2005 George and Mary's daughter Jennifer and her husband Steven Dronsfield bought the house and moved in with their daughter, Rachael. (information from Mary Kipp) She also adds how very proud they are that the house has remained in the same family since its building in 1929 and also virtually intact because they love it and Terrace Park as much as we have.
Story 3 : Featured on page 1 of the Cincinnati Enquirer, April 27, 1930, when the house was new. It remains in the family (2005). (copy and more material in the house notebook)


1939 Map:

1942 Map:

1951/3 Map:
John R. Gehrig

1959-68 Directories:
John & Bonita Gehrig

1969-82 Directories:
Mrs. John (Bonita) Gehrig

1984 Directory:
---- (Sold 1984 to daughter Mary - other 3 children sold her their interests)

1986-2003 Directories:
George & Mary Gehrig Kipp

2004-05 Direct:
(Sold 2005)

2006-12 Directories:
Steve & Jennifer Dronsfield