504-2 Miami Avenue

General Information

No: 504-2
Street: Miami
Name: N
Family: Fitzgibbons
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: 2006-7
Sec: 23
Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot: 151 & 152
Architect: Thomas Cole Wilcox
Cont/Build: Drackett & Harth

Description: 2 story stone & shingle siding, gable roof (no longer Dutch gambrel roof as in 504-1)
Original Use: Residential
Current Use: Residential

Add To: N
Sub From: N
Replace: Y

Changes Details: 2006 - Dziedzic permits for new residence & garage.Actually the house pretty much fell down as they were gutting it so a new house was built but they kept the original fireplace.


Current Owner: Michael & Amy Fitzgibbons
Curr Date Fr: 2012
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: Joseph W. & Beverly K. Dziedzic
Date Fr: 2006
Date To: 2012



2006-07 Direct:
Eric & Chris Burnheimer (Sold 2006)

2008-12 Directories:
Joseph & Beverly Dziedzic

2015 Directory
Michael & Amy Fitzgibbons