504-1 Miami Avenue

General Information

No: 504-1
Street: Miami
Name: N
Historic Plaque: N

Owner Info: N
Built: N
Sec: 23
Sub: Sibley's Lots 3 & 4 of Camden City
Lot: 151 & 152

Description: 2 story Dutch summer house, siding, gambrel roof.
Original Use: Summer home
Current Use: Residential

Add To: Y
Sub From: N
Replace: N

Changes Details: 1982 - Brandon Fisher remodeled the interior including adding a new bath. 2006 - Dziedzic permits for new residence & garage (Drackett-Harth, contractors; Thomas Cole Wilcox, architect).Actually the house pretty much fell down as they were gutting it so a new house was built but they kept the original chimney.


Current Owner: Joseph W. & Beverly Dziedzic
Curr Date Fr: 2006
Curr Date To:

Original Owner: James W. Sibley (probably just land)
Date Fr:
Date To: 1886

Owner 1: Cronimus (Margaret & Matilda & heirs)
Date Fr 1: 1886
Date To 1: 1907

Owner 2: Samuel A. West
Date Fr 2: 1907
Date To 2: 1907

Owner 3: John K. & A. G. Scudder
Date Fr 3: 1907
Date To 3: 1917

Owner 4: Richard Redwood Deupree
Date To 4: 1919

Owner 5: Conduce B. Gatch
Date Fr 5: 1919
Date To5: 1931

Owner 6: Mabel W. Gatch
Date Fr 6: 1931
Date To 6: 1955

Owner 7: John G. & Phyllis W. Smale
Date Fr 7: 1955
Date To 7: 1961

Owner 8: Jack B. & Lois C. Henderson
Date Fr8: 1961
Date To 8: 1963

Owner 9: John E. & Nancy C. Ike
Date Fr 9: 1963
Date To 9: 1970

Owner 10: Michael C. Fletcher (1974 NinaCheryl Fletcher)
Date Fr 10: 1970
Date To10: 1980

Owner 11: Brandon M. & Tamyra Tammy Fisher
Date Fr 11: 1980
Date To 11: 1990

Owner 12: Christina & Eric W. Burnheimer
Date Fr 12: 1990
Date To 12: 2006

1975 Owner: Nina C. Fletcher. 151 & 152 Sib 1 (probably originally had 149, 150 & 151 - as Gatch had 1 acre)


Story 1 : We see from the Deeds to this property that it passed quickly in 1907 from the Cronimus family through Samuel A. West, who lived at the corner of Marietta and Miami Avenues, to Dr. John K. Scudder. Thus there are probably three candidates for who had the house built. Certainly in 1911 Dr. Scudder lived there as TPHS has a picture of the house labeled with him as the owner. After that it went to Richard Deupree, Conduce Gatch and John Smale in that order. Information from the deeds does not always line up with stories of how long people lived there or owned the property. See stories below. Did the Deuprees or the Gatches start the Wildflower Garden?
Story 2 : House had a screened porch across the front (later enclosed) and 5 small bedrooms upstairs. The Deuprees came out from Clifton for summers. They rented to the Gatch family 2 summers. (Deupree acreage Drury Farm & Park - house later cut in two for 2 families.) Then sold to Gatch with one stipulation - blue spruce planted by Deupree was to be moved to their place on Indian Hill but it was too large and couldn't be moved (they'd waited too long). The two big conifers on either side of the garage were planted by Deupree. The wildflower garden had in it 101 different wildflowers from their travels. It was a 1 acre lot - the whole block. - beautifully landscaped.
Story 3 : Once a summer home for Richard Redwood Deupree who was eventually Chairman and CEO of Proctor and Gamble. He sold the property to a Gatch family (Conduce Gatch) and it was known then as the Gatch House. The house was winterized (basement and furnace) by the Gatch family. They developed a wildflowergarden at the back of their property, used by both Boy and Girl Scouts to earn wildflower badges. They sold to John Smale who was also eventually Chairman and CEO of Proctor and Gamble like Mr. Deupree. (Information from John & Nancy Ike)
Story 4 : Con B. Gatch's wife's name was Mabel. They had 2 daughters, Peggy Ann & Mary Con.Con B. Gatch was born 12 February 1889 and died 16 October 1953, aged 64 years, buried in Section 4 of Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH, Craver Funeral Home.
Story 5 : The Gatch daughter, Mary Con Gatch, married Bob Miller in Terrace Park in 1952, a year after they met on a blind date. They live in Winter Park, Florida. Bob came there in 1939 from Pennsylvania. Mary Con came there after graduating from college in 1950. (From an article in the February 2011 Winter Park Magazine given by Bunny Proctor 21 March 2011. It's now at the Terrace Park Historical Society with other Gatch materials and contains more information.)
Story 6 : Other notes - Gatch father(?) changed the garage from 1 to 2 cars. There was a john out there. Albert Cross from Milford (did he work for them?). Evelyn Lloyd Scallan Gatch, Aunt Lil - judged flower shows.


1939 Map:

1942 Map:
C. Gatch

1951/3 Map:
Conduce Gatch (died in the 1950s)

1959 Directory:
John & Phyllis Smale

1960 Directory:
'' (moved to 108 Miami)

1962-63 Direct:
Jack & Lois Henderson

1963-64 Direct:
John & Nancy Ike

1965-70 Directories:

1971-72 Direct:
Michael & Nina Fletcher

1973-74 Direct:

1975-76 Direct:
Nina Fletcher

1978 Directory:
Timothy C. & Nina Hall

1980 Directory:
N. F. Hall

1982 Directory:
Brandon M. & Tamyra Fisher

1984-86 Directories:

1988 Directory:
'' (moved to 313 Oxford)

1990-91 Direct:
---- (Sold 1990)

1992-93 Direct:
Eric & Chris Burnheimer

1994-2005 Directories:

2006-07 Direct:
(Sold 2006)